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The Savannah River Terminal Company, hereinafter called the carrier, owns 0.564 mile of standard-gage, steam-railroad tracks, located within the corporate limits of the city of Augusta, Ga., and extending from Bay and McIntosh Streets to Bay and Elbert Streets. The company also owns 0.248 mile of second main track and 0.605 mile of yard tracks and sidings. Its road thus embraces 1.417 miles of all tracks owned. The carrier is controlled by the Georgia Railroad, Lessee Organization; Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company; and the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway Company, hereinafter referred to as the controlling companies. The carrier does not operate its property. Its tracks serve as an industrial terminal, and are used jointly, for freight traffic, by the controlling companies.


The carrier was incorporated July 5, 1916, under general laws of Georgia to construct and operate a railroad from a point west of McIntosh Street to the east side of East Boundary Street in Augusta, Ga., together with three branch lines. The date of its organization was July 7, 1916.


The road, all owned, 0.564 mile, extending from a connection with the Charleston & Western Carolina Railway Company at Bay and McIntosh Streets to Bay and Elbert Streets in Augusta, Ga., was acquired by construction during the period from April 1916 to December 1917. The construction work was by, or under the supervision of, the Georgia Railroad, Lessee Organization.