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The carrier was incorporated March 6, 1896, under the general laws of the State of Georgia, for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad to extend northerly from Quitman, Ga., to some point on the line of the Georgia,[sic] Southern and Florida Railroad Company. On August 21, 1900, the charter of the carrier was amended authorizing the construction of the road from Quitman, Ga., southwardly to the Georgia-Florida State line and to some point in or near Tampa, Fla.


The owned mileage of the carrier, 50.590 miles, was all acquired by construction. The years when the various portions of the line were constructed are indicated in the following statement.

Portion constructed:
Quitman to Heart Pine, Ga., 1896-1900 28.00
Quitman, Ga., to Greenville, Fla., 1900 22.60
Greggs to Adel, Ga., 1903 6.00
Total 56.60
[abandoned] 6.00
Net total 50.60
[difference] .010