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The railroad of the Tidewater Southern Railway Company, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track, standard-gage railroad, located in the central part of the State of California. The main line extends southeasterly from Ortega to Hilmar, a distance of about 48 miles, with branch lines projecting from Manteca Junction to Manteca, about 7 miles, and from Hatch to Turlock, about 6.5 miles, aggregating 61.384 miles. The carrier also owns 20.395 miles of yard tracks and sidings. Its road thus embraces 81.779 miles of all tracks owned and used.

The carrier has trackage rights over the road of The Western Pacific Railroad Company from Ortega to Stockton, Calif., a distance of about 2.75 miles. It also has joint use of the freight and passenger facilities at Stockton, Calif., owned by the Stockton Electric Railroad Company, interchange track at Turlock, Calif., owned by the Central Pacific Railway Company (Southern Pacific Company, lessee), and about 1 mile of tracks at Modesto, Calif., owned by the Modesto and Empire Traction Company.

The carrier leases certain rail and track material from The Western Pacific Railroad Company.

From Stockton to Modesto the road is electrically operated, the poles and electric distribution system being owned by the carrier, and used for passenger service. Freight traffic is handled over the entire line by steam locomotives. The electric power is purchased from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. The entire property has been set up in this report under the electric classification of accounts.

The carrier is controlled by The Western Pacific Railroad Company and provides an important feeder line for the latter's system.


The carrier was incorporated March 11, 1912, under general laws of California as a consolidation of The Tidewater and Southern Railroad Company and The Tidewater and Southern Transit Company, the former having been incorporated October 4, 1910, and the latter February 10, 1912. The date of its organization was March 11, 1912.


The road, all owned, consists of 61.384 miles, was acquired by construction. The record, however, does not indicate by whom the construction work was done. In the consolidation of March 1912, the carrier acquired certain right-of-way, about 9 miles of graded roadbed with steel laid on about 4 miles, between Turlock and Modesto, Calif., formerly owned by The Tidewater and Southern Railroad Company; and certain graded roadbed near Merced River, Calif., formerly owned by The Tidewater and Southern Transit Company. Details with respect to the construction of the property are given in the accounting report.