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Location and general description of property.—The railroad of The Toledo, Angola & Western Railway Company, hereinafter called the carrier is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad, located in northwestern Ohio. The main line extends from Vulcan to Centennial, a distance of 10.235 miles. The carrier also owns 3.277 miles of yard tracks and sidings.


The carrier was incorporated July 11, 1902, under the general laws of the State of Ohio, for the purpose of owning and operating a railroad extending from the City of Toledo, Ohio, to the boundary line between the States of Ohio and Indiana. Pursuant to the above purpose, the carrier constructed a railroad from Vulcan to Silica, Ohio. On January 2, 1913, the carrier purchased the property of The Silica Northern Railway Company, which company was incorporated on February 23, 1912, under the general laws of the State of Ohio.


The owned mileage of the carrier amounting to 10.235 miles, was acquired by construction and purchase. The line between Vulcan and Silica, about 8 miles, was constructed during the period from July 11 to September 26, 1902, under contract with The Toledo Angola & Western Railway Construction Company. The line between Silica and Centennial, about 2 miles, was acquired by purchase from The Silica Northern Railway Company on January 2, 1913. This line was built during the period from February to December, 1912, under contract, by W. D. Robison and The Toledo Stone and Glass Sand Company. The carrier, The Toledo, Angola & Western Railway Construction Company, and The Toledo Stone and Glass Sand Company were all controlled by W. F. Robison.