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The Portal task force is involved in updating and maintaining Portal:Trains.


  1. Slambo (talk · contribs) - lead editor
  2. Hirohisat (talk · contribs) - nominations and Japanese articles
  3. Bluegoblin7 - Can help updating anything

Related WikiProjects[edit]

To do[edit]


  • Tag all of the portal pages with {{TrainsWikiProject|class=NA|Portal=yes}}

Selected content[edit]

  • Move all of the remaining past "Featured article" and "Featured picture" pages to "Selected article" and "Selected picture" pages; update links to avoid the redirects and then speedy delete the redirects.
  • Ensure that all the content pages use "Selected" instead of "Featured"


  • Translate anniversary events from the French (index), German (index) and Japanese (index) Wikis.
  • Expand the anniversaries listed to include more non-US events.
  • Find free images for the anniversary pages that lack images.




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Trains news sources[edit]

Links are listed in alphabetical order and are to the pages in English unless otherwise noted:

Railway regulatory agency news websites:

Lists of links with more rail news sites:

  • ERRAC (European Rail Research Advisory Council)