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This mini-project on branch lines in Bavaria is part of the Rail transport in Germany task force within WikiProject Trains. Branch lines were especially numerous in Bavaria and it is a popular subject because of the beautiful backdrops which many of the pass through, from the foothills of the Alps in the south to the rolling hills, crags, castles and lush valleys of Franconia in the north.

If you have an interest in this area, please feel free to help in any way you can. The aim is to create a range of articles on this subject, monitor progress and encourage coherence and consistency.



The Kingdom of Bavaria, in what is now southern Germany, had established a comprehensive network of Bavarian branch lines by the end of the 19th century. From Nordhalben in the north to Schliersee in the south many such railways appeared, each one legally classed as a Lokalbahn (local line), Sekundärbahn (secondary line) or Vizinalbahn(neighbourhood line); later all to be grouped by the Deutsche Reichsbahn as Nebenbahnen. This project aims to coordinate and optimise the portrayal of branch lines in the Bavarian provinces of Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia, Swabia, Upper Palatinate, Upper and Lower Bavaria as well as the Palatinate which formerly belonged to Bavaria.

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Railway companies[edit]

Museum railways[edit]

See also: Category:Railway museums in Bavaria

Locomotives and railbuses[edit]

98 507 (ex Bavarian D XI)
70 083 (ex bayer. Pt 2/3)
212 052-5

Royal Bavarian State Railways[edit]

LAG - Lokalbahn Aktien Gesellschaft[edit]

TAG - Tegernseebahn[edit]

Deutsche Reichsbahn[edit]

Deutsche Bundesbahn 1960[edit]

Deutsche Bundesbahn 1980[edit]

Deutsche Bahn/Private Operators[edit]

Preserved locomotives and railcars[edit]

  • Pt 2/3 – 70 083, Bavarian Lokalbahn Society, Bw Landhut
  • GtL 4/4 – 98 886, Stadt Schweinfurt / Freilandmuseum Fladungen, Rhönzügle
  • TAG 7, Bavarian Lokalbahn Society, Bw Landhut
not working[edit]
  • D XI – 98 507, Denkmal Ingolstadt Hbf
  • LAG 61-67 – 99 253, Denkmal Regensburg, Donauschleuse


Railway divisions[edit]

List of branch lines[edit]

The following list contains all Bavarian branch lines, grouped by province. In each line, the name of the line is given, followed by other information. If the start and end points of the line are not immediately deducible from the name, they are given separately.

Upper Franconia (Red XN)[edit]

(The routes broadly start in the southwest and run clockwise.)

Middle Franconia (Red XN)[edit]

(''The routes broadly start in the northwest and run clockwise.)

Lower Franconia (Red XN)[edit]

Upper Palatinate (Red XN)[edit]

('The routes are listed broadly from north to south.)

Swabia (Red XN)[edit]

Upper Bavaria (Red XN)[edit]

Lower Bavaria (Red XN)[edit]

Thuringia (Green tickY)[edit]

Possible future structure for Bavarian branch lines[edit]

(Vehicle development woven into route histories)

First plans (1870-1880)[edit]

First routes (1880-1890)[edit]

Construction boom (1890-1910)[edit]

Expansion of the network (1920-1930)[edit]

Projects not realised[edit]

The golden years (1930–1960)[edit]

First closures (1960–1970)[edit]

Competition from car and bus (1970–1980)[edit]

From branch line to S-Bahn[edit]

The branch line as a goods line (1980–1990)[edit]

Renaissance of the branch line (ab 1990)[edit]

Passenger trains instead of goods traffic[edit]



Branch lines in the transport union[edit]

Narrow gauge, rack and mountain railways[edit]

Typical track layouts[edit]

Halt (Haltepunkt)[edit]

Minor station (Haltestelle)[edit]

Intermediate station (Unterwegsbahnhof)[edit]

Terminus (Endbahnhof)[edit]

Typical buildings[edit]

Station buildings[edit]

Goods sheds[edit]

Minor station buildings[edit]


Locomotive sheds[edit]



List of routes[edit]

List of stations[edit]


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