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These articles have not yet been started, or if they have, they were started with different article titles (in which case a redirect needs to be created).

This list was assembled by looking at existing railroad and railway articles on Wikipedia for "red links" within the text of the articles. These are topics that other authors have felt deserve articles of their own, so in a way, they have been requested (although exceptionally few of them show up on the Wikipedia:Requested articles list)

By region[edit]

Africa -
Asia -
Europe -
North America -
South America -


Note that no distinction is made here between operating railroads, fallen flags (defunct railroads) or tourist railroads. Write the article and tell us about it.

A -
B -
C -
D -
E -
F -
G -
H -
I -
J -
K -
L -
M -
N -
O -
P -
Q -
R -
S -
T -
U -
V -
W -
Y -

Railfanning and railroad locations[edit]

H - Hanguguan Tunnel
I - Iwateichinohe Tunnel
K - Kirton in Lindsey Railway Tunnel
L - Labbacka railway tunnel, Lion Rock Tunnel (East Wst Line)
M - Mount Airy Planes (B&O)
Q - Qindong Tunnel
S - Sand Patch (B&O)
Z - Zhangmao Tunnel

Railroad stations[edit]

B - Bath (Maine Eastern Railroad station) - Boston Marine Industrial Park (MBTA station)
C - Cleveland Union Passenger Depot
E - East Los Angeles (UP station) (example on Flickr)
F - Frostburg (Western Maryland station) (part of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad)
G - Guiyang Southern Station
L - Ladbroke Grove Junction
N - Newark Transfer (CNJ station) (or redirect, if an existing New Jersey Transit station uses it today) - Newcastle (Maine Eastern Railroad station) - Northern Avenue at Harbor Street (MBTA station)
S - Superior Avenue Station (Cleveland)
W - Waverly Transfer (PRR station) - Wiscasset (Maine Eastern Railroad station) - World's Columbian Exposition Terminal Station (Chicago, Illinois)
X - Xianyang West Railway Station

Rail equipment leasing companies[edit]


B - Broker (train) (PRR)
C - Continental Limited
G - Gold Coast Limited
K - King Coal (passenger train) (RDG)
M - Missouri Routes - Moccasin (passenger train)
R - Rainbow Special - Red Arrow (PRR)
S - Scenic Limited - Southern Crescent
Y - Yamabiko (Shinkansen)


Equipment on the National Register of Historic Places[edit]

The following railroad equipment is listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. NRHP name is first, other names, if any, follow:

  • Central Texas Gravel Locomotive #210
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Steam Locomotive No. 710 -- CB&Q 710
  • East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad Locomotive No. 12 -- Tweetsie 12
  • Florida East Coast Railway Locomotive #153 -- Florida East Coast 153
  • Kansas City Southern Railway Locomotive #73D and Caboose #385
  • L & N Steam Locomotive No. 152 -- Louisville and Nashville 152
  • Mikado Locomotive No. 4501 -- Southern 4501
  • Nahma and Northern Railway Locomotive #5
  • Shay Locomotive -- Cass Street, Cadillac, Michigan
  • Simpson Logging Company Locomotive No. 7 and Peninsular Railway Caboose No. 700 -- Simpson Logging 7
  • St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt Route) Steam Locomotive #336
  • St. Louis Southwestern Railway Steam Locomotive #819 -- Cotton Belt 819
  • Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway Steam Locomotive #101
  • United States Air Force Locomotive #1246
  • United States Army Steam Locomotive No. 4039
  • Waialua Agricultural Company Engine No. 6 -- Waialua Agricultural Company 6

and, not their NRHP names, some of which have paragraphs and NRHP infoboxes in their class articles:

  • PRR 94
  • PRR 520
  • PRR 1187
  • PRR 1187
  • PRR 1223
  • PRR 1670
  • PRR 2846
  • PRR 5741
  • PRR 5741
  • PRR 6755
  • PRR 7002
  • PRR 7688

Generic equipment[edit]

Locomotives and powered rolling stock[edit]

Burro crane
Canadian Pacific 2860 - Central Railroad of New Jersey 1000
Green Goat (currently redirects to RailPower Technologies)
Karrier Ro-Railer - mentioned in Road-rail vehicles and Nicky Line
PRR MP41 - predecessor to the PRR MP54 EMU
Reading 2100 - Weekend excursions through Oct. 1, 2006 Featuring the Reading 2100.
Road locomotive (currently a disambig page)
S-102 (currently redirects to Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15) - Southern Pacific 2252
Union Pacific Challenger (currently redirects to Union Pacific 3985)

Unpowered rolling stock[edit]

DOT-111 / TC-111 / 111-class, oilcar involved in the Lac-Mégantic derailment, as requested by an IP hereSkytop Lounge - Steam generator car (currently redirects to Steam generator (railroad), but may be worthy of removal anyhow.)

Equipment parts[edit]

ALCO 244 - Crank axle - Fire arch - High voltage cabinet

Named equipment[edit]

Consolidation (locomotive) - Launceston Castle (locomotive) - Nunney Castle (locomotive) - Old Ironsides (locomotive) (currently redirects to Matthias W. Baldwin) - Susquehanna (locomotive) - Treganna Castle (locomotive) - William R. Smith (locomotive) - Yonah (locomotive)


A - Amey Rail - Atkins Rail
B - Belpaire - Besco Engineering and Services - Birse Rail
D - Dunkirk Engineering Company
E - Eastwick and Harrison
H - Heisler Locomotive Works (currently redirects to Heisler locomotive)
J - Julien's Patent Electric Traction (or Julien electric traction car, or whatever the accurate name of the company is) US patent 384447 US patent 384580
L - Locks and Canals Machine Shop
M - Minerva Car Works - Missouri Car and Foundry Company - MotivePower Industries (currently redirects to Wabtec) - Murray, Dougal and Company
N - National Locomotive Works - Newcastle Manufacturing Company - Niagara Car Wheel Company
O - Ohio Falls Car Company
S - Santa Fe Vagoes - Stearns Manufacturing Company - Swinburne, Smith & Company - Swiss Locomotive Works
T - Taunton Locomotive and Manufacturing Company - Terre Haute Car and Manufacturing Company
U - Union Car Company
W - Wells and French Company


A - Edgar Alcock (Hunslet) - Emil B. Anderson
B - O. W. Bayley - Arthur W. Bell - Charles O. Birney (Birney) - John Brandt - Timothy Burstall
C - Ernest F. Cambier (1844-1909, first Congo railway) - Henry R. Campbell - Oliver Charlick (LIRR) - Daniel F. Child - Doug Christy (IAIS) - Francis H. Clergue (AC) - Joel Coffin - Eugene Colonese (ConnDOT) - Thomas Conway, Jr. - T. Jefferson Coolidge (ATSF) - Paul Côté (VIA) - Patrick E. Crowley (NYC)
D - Charles Danforth - Richard K. Davidson (UP) - Albert Dean (Budd) - James J. Dermody (LIRR) - Richard M. Dilworth (EMD) - Thomas Downs (Amtrak) - Isaac Dripps (C&A)
E - William D. Ellis (Schenectady) - Edward Engel (ATSF)
F - Alan Furth (SP)
G - Richard C. Grayson (BN obit reprinted from BNSF Today) - Charles Green (TCRT) - Chester E. Gunderson
H - Mian Shamim Haider (Pakistan Railway Minister) - H. L. Hamilton (Winton) - Richard Hamlin - Charles Hayes (SP) (SP) - Charles L. Heisler - Valentine Hicks (LIRR) - Holmes Hinkley - Thomas Hogg ([1] - Chief engineer of the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad, the first railroad in Ohio. obit) - William S. Hudson
I - Masataka Ide (JR West)
J - Mile Janakievski
K - Takeshi Kakiuchi (JR West) - John Kennedy (Rainhill Trials judge) - Raymond P. Kenny (LIRR) - Paul Kiefer (NYC) - Leland Knickerbocker (EMD, designed ATSF's warbonnet livery) - Julius Kruttschnitt (SP) - Simbei Kunisawa (South Manchuria Railway)
L - John P. Laird - Vyacheslav Lemeshko (Kuibyshev Railway) - Horace Lowry
M - J. C. McIntyre (DME) - Denman McNear (SP) - James McRea (PRR, currently being redirected to James McCrae (footballer), a Scottish soccer player) - Armand Mercier (SP, currently being redirected to a former Mayor of Lowell, Massachusetts) - Dennis H. Miller (IAIS) - E. Spencer Miller (MEC) - Harry A. Mitchell (WP) - Jolene Molitoris (FRA) - Charles Wickliffe Moorman IV (NS) - Oscar G. Murray (B&O)
N - Yujiro Nakamura (South Manchuria Railway)
O - Emile Ouosso
P - Albert J. Pitkin (Alco) - William F. Potter (LIRR) - Pavol Prokopovič (Hungarian Transport Minister)
R - Walter Rich (NYSW, CNYK; obit) - Jon R. Roy (IAIS) - Donald Russell (SP) (SP)
S - Kevin V. Schieffer (DME) - Arthur Shoener (KCS) - Matthew S. Sloan (MKT) - John Y. Smith - William Sproule (SP) - James A. Squires (NS) - George W. Stevens - Alpheas Beede Stickney - D. J. Strouse - W. John Swartz (President of Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway; bio [2] - see User:W John Swartz)
T - Sir Henry Thornton (CN) - Percy R. Todd (BAR) - George Muirson Totten ([3], Panama Railway - Surveyed the route of the Panama Canal and built the first railroad from Caracas to La Guayra.) - James Towley - Walter J. Tuohy (C&O)
W - Hays T. Watkins, Jr. - Reuben Wells (Currently redirects to the locomotive) - Reginald N. Whitman (MKT) - Helena Williams (LIRR; Currently redirects to List of Neighbours characters (2011)) - Jarvis Williams (entrepreneur) (Hinkley) - John H. Williams (NWP) - John Willison (SA3) - Bill Wimmer (UP) - Nicholas Wood - John E. Wootten
Y - Masao Yamazaki (JR West)


N - Newtown Square Railroad Museum
O - Oyster Bay Railroad Museum (currently redirects to Oyster Bay Long Island Rail Road Turntable)
R - Railroad Museum of South Florida (Not to be confused with the South Florida Railway Museum in Deerfield Beach. This one is in Fort Meyers. Here's a link.) - Reading Signal Works


A - Al-Ghanim & Sons Group - All India Railwaymen’s Union - American Financial Enterprises - Articulated (currently redirects to Articulated locomotive) - Association Francaise des Amis des Chemins de Fer - Association of Suburban Passenger Companies
B - Baltic Rail Service - Berkshire Partners - Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes (note, spelling is correct [4])
C - Canadian Railway War Board (currently redirects to Railway Association of Canada) - Cedar American Rail Holdings - Clamdigger (Amtrak) - Congo-Malaysia-Korea Consortium - Corridor VIII (Macedonia)
F - Fair of the Iron Horse - Farecard - Federal Possession and Control Act - Florida Railroad Commission (currently redirects to Florida Public Service Commission)- Freight rail system
G - Greenbriar Equity Group
H - Harbeson, Hough, Livingston and Larson - Harvey Girls (currently redirects to Fred Harvey Company) - Heartland Rail Corporation - Hempstead Branch (Ohio) (PRR) (currently redirects to Cincinnati, Lebanon and Northern Railway) - Holban Yard (currently redirects to a chapter at Hillside Facility, but could be expanded from there)
I - Iowa Railway Finance Authority
J - James River and Kanawha Canal Company
L - List of Lehigh Valley Railroad precursors - Locos-Symphonie - Lion Rock Tunnel (East West Line)
M - Metropolitan Transit Development Board (San Diego) - Michigan State Trust for Railway Preservation (currently redirects to Steam Railroading Institute) - Military Railway Service - military train (see also Train (military) and Military Train) - Minister of Transport and Communications (Macedonia), Modalohr
N - National Federation of Indian Railwaymen - National Railway Appliance Exhibition - National Transcontinental Railway Act - Northeast Rail Service Act of 1981 - Northern Railway Mazdoor Union
O - Official Railway Equipment Register
R - Rail Traffic Control (IAIS subsidiary) - Railroad Control Act - Railroad Labor Board (redirects to Esch–Cummins Act) - Railway and Locomotive Historical Society - Reduction gearing (redirect) - Rio Grande Pacific
S - Safety Assurance Compliance Process - Shovelnose (currently a disambig page) - Strap rail
T - Treaty of Boston
W - Wagon Label - Western Railway Mazdoor Sangh
Y - Yorkville Tunnel (at least as a chapter in the Park Avenue Tunnel (railroad) article)

Model railroading[edit]

Prominent model railroaders[edit]

Many of these are members of the MRIA Hall Of Fame (see [5])

A - Edwin P. Alexander - Alan Armitage (redirects to an English Cricket player) - Irvin R. Athearn - Thomas Ayres (redirects to a 19th Century South African ornithologist)
B - Louis Barnett - Lee L. Blyler - Bill Bowser
C - Leo Campbell
D - Howell Day
E - Dale Edwards - Keith Edwards (Micro-Trains) - Lewis English, Sr.
G - Fred Gates - Roy Gelber - Cliff Grandt - Max Gray
H - Bobbye Hall (model builder) - PD Hancock - George Hook
K - Yuji Kato - Carmen Webster Kelly - August Kniff - Sol Kramer
L - Russ Larson - Robert Lindsay (model builder) - Rollin Lobaugh - Bob Lunde - Lynn Lunde
M - Clarence Menteer
O - Gordon Odegard - David Osment
P - Bernard Paul (redirects to a French film director) - Charles A. Penn - Nathan Polk
R - Robert Rands - Eberhard Richter - Wolfgang Richter - H. Lee Riley - Harold Rosenlund - William Ryan (PFM)
S - Stephen Schaffen, Jr. - Hugh Stephens - George Stock
T - Mike Trost (redirects to a former player for the St. Louis Browns) - John Tyler (Mantua)
U - Charles Ulrich
V - Gordon Varney
W - Bruce Walthers - William K. Walthers

Prominent model railroads[edit]

Modular standards[edit]

Lists with red links[edit]