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Midosuji Line: Momoyama-dai Station, Ryokuchi-koen Station, Esaka Station, Higashi-Mikuni Station, Nishitanabe Station, Kita-Hanada Station,
Tanimachi Line: Dainichi Station, Moriguchi Station (Osaka), Taishibashi-Imaichi Station,Sembayashi-Omiya Station, Sekime-Takadono Station, Noe-Uchindai Station, Tanabe Station, Komagawa-Nakano Station, Hirano Station (Osaka Municipal Subway), Kire-Uriwari Station, Deto Station, Nagahara Station (Osaka), Yaominami Station
Nankō Port Town Line: Trade Center-mae Station.
I have lots of photos of train stations from my recent trip to Japan, will upload when I can. Please check for accuracy and contribute, most are just skeletons --Dex1337 06:49, 16 August 2007 (UTC)