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Wikipedia:WikiProject Trinidad and Tobago/Style guide

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This is a summary of current styles and conventions on Wikipedia for Trinidad and Tobago-related articles, as determined by application of Wikipedia policies, existing practice and current consensus among the users of Wikipedia:Trinidad and Tobago Wikipedians' notice board.

This document may be added to as needed. However, if you believe that a guideline listed here should be changed, then please solicit consensus at Wikipedia talk:Trinidad and Tobago Wikipedians' notice board rather than changing the guideline unilaterally.

Trinidadian English[edit]

Trinidadian English dialect and spelling should be used in newly created articles. Talk pages of Trinidad and Tobago topic based articles may be tagged with {{Trinidadian English}} to indicate this fact. An article on a topic that has strong ties to a particular English-speaking nation uses the English of that nation.

Article or redirect?[edit]

Articles are always subject to WP:RS, WP:NPOV and WP:V, regardless of the topic, and the concept of "inherent notability" for geographic locations on Wikipedia is not an exemption from these content policies. While any named community is valid as a potential topic for a properly referenced article, a community is not automatically entitled to a poor-quality, unreferenced independent article solely on the basis that it exists.

Incorporated municipalities can always be referenced at least to census data, and accordingly these should always have independent articles. A neighbourhood or community within an incorporated municipality, however, should only have an article independent of its parent municipality when an article can be written that meets the core content policies and guidelines. A community whose article does not meet that threshold (e.g. an unreferenced three or four line stub) should be redirected to its municipality or to an appropriate subpage of the municipality, such as a borough or an omnibus "Neighbourhoods in City" subarticle, until a properly referenced article can be written about the neighbourhood as an independent topic.


For currency values in articles on Trinidad and Tobago topics, the Trinidad and Tobago dollar is considered the default currency where an unprefixed dollar sign is used e.g. $123.45. However, the currency should be identified with the first appearance of a dollar amount for benefit of international readers. This can be specified as $123.45 (TTD) or some other statement indicating that dollar amounts are Trinidad and Tobago. Currencies of other nations in Trinidad and Tobago articles should always be identified, especially the United States dollar, to avoid confusion (e.g. US$45.67).

For Wikipedia articles not specifically on Trinidad and Tobago subjects, the Trinidad and Tobago dollar should be identified in ISO 4217 format e.g. TT$123.45. Avoid use of other available prefixes such as TT$ since there is no consensus for these. Do not use the abbreviation TTD$ as TTD in the ISO 4217 standard already means "Trinidad and Tobago dollar". TTD$ would be redundant since that would mean "Trinidad and Tobago dollar dollar".

The {{TTD}} template may be used to format Trinidad and Tobago dollar amounts in ISO 4217 format and provide a link to the Trinidad and Tobago dollar article for reference.