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Number 12, January 10, 2008

The Hurricane Herald

This is the monthly newsletter of WikiProject Tropical Cyclones. The Hurricane Herald aims to give a summary, both of the activities of the WikiProject and global tropical cyclone activity. If you wish to change how you receive this newsletter, or no longer wish to receive it, please add your username to the appropriate section on the mailing list. This edition of the newsletter, after an extended hiatus, covers December 2007 and the first ten days of January 2008.

Please visit this page and bookmark any suggestions of interest to you. This will help improve monitoring of the WikiProject's articles.

Storm of the month

Tropical Storm OlgaTropical Storm Olga (2007).PNG

Tropical Storm Olga was a rare Atlantic December tropical cyclone. The fifteenth named storm of the season, it developed near Puerto Rico on December 11, and quickly struck the Dominican Republic. There, it brought heavy rainfall and severe damage, and caused more than 40 deaths. Casualties were also reported in Puerto Rico and Haiti. The storm greatly weakened as it crossed Hispaniola, degenerating into a remnant low pressure area in the Caribbean Sea on December 13. The remnants of Olga passed near the Yucatán Peninsula before turning northward and bringing rainfall to Florida.

Other tropical cyclone activity

Member of the month

Cyclone barnstar

The December member of the month is Mitchazenia. Mitchazenia has been a project member since 2006. He has created several tropical cyclone related articles, including the good article Subtropical Storm One (1982). Mitchazenia significantly contributed to 1983 Atlantic hurricane season, which is currently a featured article candidate.

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Storm article statistics

Grade Sep Oct Nov Dec
Featured article FA 30 30 31 33
A-Class article A 4 9 8 9
GA 105 106 109 112
B 80 78 82 86
Start 213 212 211 208
Stub 6 5 6 6
Total 438 440 447 454
Less than B
50.0 49.3 48.5 47.1

Categories and more The project has gone under somewhat of a revamping. We have a new, more realistic goal. The members list has been dropped from 89 to 34. This newsletter is to inform users of a change in policy with categories. Previously, an Atlantic and Pacific storm article would have both Category:Atlantic hurricanes and Category:Category 3 tropical cyclones. However, the two were combined, resulting in Category:Category 3 Atlantic hurricanes. The same is done with Pacific hurricanes. Tropical storm articles are dealt with either Category:Eastern Pacific tropical storms or Category:Atlantic tropical storms.