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Welcome to the Nevada Roads task force of the U.S. Roads WikiProject! If you would like to help, please jump in and start adding or editing.


This task force concentrates on creating quality articles pertaining to roads and highways in Nevada. Articles within the scope of this task force include:


  • Create an article for every state-maintained highway and significant roadway in Nevada.
  • Improve the quality of all articles in the project.

Recognized content[edit]

Featured article Featured articles
Good article Good articles
Main page featured articles
Did You Know? Did you know? articles





Media related to Nevada State Route shields at Wikimedia Commons
Media related to Roads in Nevada at Wikimedia Commons

  • Images in the "Roads in Nevada" Commons category generally follow the category scheme used above.


The following is a short list of web references and links which may help in the creation and expansion of articles:

These are links to internal pages of editing notes/resources:

Structure of articles[edit]

Nevada highway articles follow the layout and conventions outlined in the WikiProject U.S. Roads Article Standards. Please consult that document first, as the guidelines detailed here supplement the USRD standards.

Naming conventions[edit]

  • Articles about numbered highways shall follow the appropriate naming conventions established at WP:USSH.
  • Other articles within the scope of this project should use a commonly recognized name, following the guidelines of WP:NAME.


{{Infobox road}} is the standard template used to create the information box on Nevada roads articles. See the template documentation for full a complete list of parameters and usage instructions.

Below is the basic syntax necessary to generate an infobox with the parameters most commonly used on Nevada articles, along with Nevada-specific parameter notes.

Junction lists[edit]

All Nevada road articles about an active numbered highway shall have a junction table created in compliance with MOS:RJL. Tabular road junction lists shall be created using the {{jctint}} family of templates, using {{NVint}} for each row entry and enclosing the table between {{jcttop}} and {{jctbtm}} tags. Use of background colors is encouraged (subject to MOS:RJL provisions).


If you are interested in editing Nevada road articles, add your username and info to the centralized U.S. Roads participants list. (The old Nevada Roads participants list, which can be found here, is being phased out.)

Task force members can show their participation by adding one of these userboxes to their user page.

This user edits articles about Nevada State Routes.
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Nevada/Userbox}}
This user edits articles about Nevada State Routes.
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Nevada/Userbox|1}}
Where "1" can be replaced with the number of your favorite Nevada route shield on Commons.

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