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New York State routes Newsletter
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Welcome to the newsroom of the NYSR newsletter, where every issue of the monthly newsletter is organized.

To start a new issue, use {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject New York State routes/News/Newsroom/Template|issue=#|date=00/00/0000|monthday=Month 00}}.


  • Week 1: create space for the upcoming issue.
  • Week 2: create the issue page.
  • Week 4: all content should be in the newsletter.
  • Week 5: proofread and delivery (TwinsMetsFan with AWB).

Always in the newsletter[edit]

  • Intro - written by TwinsMetsFan
  • Featured story - a major story either in reality or on the Wiki
  • Project news
  • Member news
  • 2 news stories - news either in reality or on the Wiki
  • From the editor(s) - written jointly by all editors
  • Contributor listing - written jointly by all editors

Issue 2 (06/09/2008)[edit]

Publication deadline: 8 PM Eastern Savings Time on June 9.

Featured story 1[edit]

Topic: Saying goodbye to TwinsMetsFan, a longstanding editor of NYSR.
Editor: Mitchazenia, Juliancolton and comments from others.

TMF you were a great editor, a good admin and a friend. Wikipedia is a stressfu place and sometimes it just isn't worth it and i know from experiance. I hope that in your time away from wikipedia, that life goes on without stress. I wish you the best of luck in life and that you never forget you will be wlecome with open arms back to this project. Seddσn talk Editor Review 21:05, 9 June 2008 (UTC)

Featured story 2[edit]

Topic: The state of the Project: June 2008

Featured story 3[edit]

Topic: The project's first Featured list and what's to come.
Editor: Juliancolton Tropical Cyclone 20:12, 9 June 2008 (UTC)

Featured story 4[edit]

Topic: Bronx River Parkway Bike Sundays from first hand.
Editor: Mitchazenia

NYSDOT News story 1[edit]

Topic: NY 22 truncated in Clinton County to US 11 in Mooers.
Editor: Mitchazenia

NYSDOT News story 2[edit]

Topic: US 44 realigned onto its suffixed route after a year on hiatus.

Project news[edit]


Member news[edit]


Member of the Month[edit]

Member: Polaron