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To start a new issue, use {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Newsletter/Newsroom/Template|issue=1|date=Winter 2016|monthday=January15}}.

Always in the newsletter[edit]

  • Intro
  • Selected article / picture from portal
  • Leaderboard / stubs update
  • Featured stories, if anything important happened
  • Project news
    • State updates
  • From the editor

Issue 1 (Winter 2017)[edit]

Publication deadline: 12 PM Pacific-3 PM Eastern on TBD.

Please sign up for what you want to write. Have it done by the publication deadline.


Contributors: Philroc, Morriswa (copy-editing)

Welcome to the first issue of The Center Line since winter of 2015, which was over a year ago. Firstly, because 2016, the year we were so excited about in the last issue, has come and gone without a new issue, we hope 2016 was a good year for you. Secondly, since it is now 2017, happy belated New Year! We hope that this year will bring new improvement for USRD. We will focus on *Topic of Feature 1*, *Topic of Feature 2*, and *Topic of Feature 3* in this issue. We hope to publish another issue this spring, so please be patient. ❖Philroc

Commons and Wikidata revamp[edit]

Contributor: Rschen7754

2012 and 2013 were momentous years in the history of USRD: the consolidation of the state highway WikiProjects, the deployment of KML files, and a record-breaking number of featured articles and good articles. But behind the scenes, two initiatives on Wikimedia sister projects were started, and were only completed last year.

[to be continued]

Feature 2 (if needed)[edit]


Note: If you suggest a story then you are volunteering to write it, unless someone else decides to do so.

Feature 3 (if needed)[edit]


Note: If you suggest a story then you are volunteering to write it, unless someone else decides to do so.

Project news[edit]

Contributors: Philroc, Morriswa (copy-editing)
  • There is an ongoing discussion here about whether sets of articles about highways that travel through multiple states, have the same number, and are connected to each other should each be combined into one article, and how the articles that are made from this process should be named. Your input is needed, so, please voice your opinion at the above link. PhilrocMy contribs 13:56, 18 March 2017 (UTC)

Be sure to look through Article Alerts and WT:USRD.

State updates[edit]

Write the updates below. If signatures are present, remove them before adding to the newsletter.

Leaderboard and stub count[edit]

Contributor: Dough4872

Note: I will insert it right before we are ready to publish.

Selected article/picture from portal[edit]

US: Arizona State Route 67
MI: Interstate 196
Shenandoah SkylineDrive Milemarker103 FallColors.jpg
Skyline Drive at milepost 103 in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia in the fall

Recently selected: Arkansas Highway 7 • West Virginia Route 28/55 • Interstate 395 (District of Columbia–Virginia)

US: Interstate 81 in West Virginia
MI: M-67 (Michigan highway)
Amboy (California, USA), Hist. Route 66 -- 2012 -- 1.jpg
U.S. Route 66 near Amboy, California

Recently selected: Skyline Drive • Arkansas Highway 7 • West Virginia Route 28/55

US: U.S. Route 67 in Iowa
MI: Interstate 496
Tree canopy on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut.

Recently selected: U.S. Route 66 in California • Skyline Drive • Arkansas Highway 7

From the editors[edit]

While you read this issue of The Center Line, did you notice how it looked minimal and a bit bare? This is because not enough stories were suggested for this issue. If you would like to see more issues of The Center Line with more stories, please suggest some stories here. The next issue should be out this spring, and if more stories get suggested, it will look more normal than this issue.

Special thanks to Morriswa for copy-editing parts of this issue.