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User Status Work
RingtailedFox Active American highways around the Great Lakes.
Milktaco Active Creating redirects, helping out where I can
NASCAR Fan24 Semi-active I'll focus on Virginia roads; also may contribute to states listed above. I created Iowa Highway 212, as well as articles on Virginia State Highways 305, 348, 349, and 393. I also am knowledgeable about roads in northeast Ohio, as well as around Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Trenton, New Jersey.
Youngamerican Active I'll do what I can to help out, especially in terms of copyedits.
vbofficial Occasionally I've been taking pictures and adding them as well as helping editing articles, I might as well join the party.
Mapsax Active Don't know how much time I can devote, but feel free to confer with me!
Spongefan Semi-active Eighty articles and still counting, but I'm at Ohio State University so I have more important matters to tend to.
JonRidinger Active Most work done on projects of Ohio state routes, like Ohio State Route 59 and Interstate 480 (Ohio).
VidTheKid Intermittently Active Columbus-area quirks and photography
OHWiki Active Life-long Ohio resident (so far) Mansfield-area resident who likes to drive around and travel in Ohio alot. Would be glad to help!
Analogue Kid Active I like to take pictures of roads. I therefore get made fun of on a regular basis for my hobby. ;-) Happy to help with things in and around Central Ohio.
Mirage45331 Active I'm new to this, but I'd like to help. I've been obsessed with maps and roads since I was 4 years old. A few pages I've done: OH 118, OH 571. I'm most familiar with Western Ohio and Eastern Indiana.
KC8YNJ Semi-active Adding maps for Ohio route infoboxes.
bmpowell Active I'm primarily working on details for West Virginia highways, but also edit Ohio, Interstates and U.S. Routes as appropriate. I also created East Central States Road Guide, although I no longer actively maintain the site. I'd like to transition the exit lists content as appropriate from there into Wikipedia.
Aquamelli Semi-active Live in the Great Lakes region and at the crossroads of I-75 and I-80/90
DanTheMan474 Active My main goal is to help build WP:Ohio State Highways back up, bringing back pages that have been deleted as stubs, and enhancing pages up for existing routes, with SR 310 being one page I recently re-added.
goodguy007 Active eager to start helping out i have some info and many routes but in many cases not enough to make a page
Frank Anchor Active Not many major contributions yet but that is expected to change.
HighwayMaster Active Making new articles. Some examples: SR 158, SR 212, SR 236
Route11 Occasionally Creating New Articles. Ex:Ohio State Route 201. Also adding pictures to some articles.