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This is a list of toll roads in the United States.

Name State Agency Image URL/photo of shield Copyright status
Emerald Mountain Expressway AL
Foley Beach Express AL [1]
Joe Mallisham Parkway AL
Montgomery Expressway AL
Knik Arm Crossing AK
I-540 Bella Vista Bypass AR
17 Mile Drive CA
Eastern Toll Road CA
Foothill Toll Road CA
I-15 Value Pricing Lanes CA
Route 91 Express Lanes CA
San Joaquin Hills Toll Road CA
South Bay Expressway (Scheduled to open in 2007) CA
E-470 CO E470.svg UNK[1]
Northwest Parkway CO
Denver-Boulder Turnpike (Until 1967) CO
Connecticut Turnpike CT Conn Tpk.gif [2] (former)
Merritt Parkway CT Merritt Pkwy Shield.svg [3] (former)
Wilbur Cross Parkway CT [4]
Delaware Memorial Bridge DE [5]
Delaware Turnpike (I-95) DE Delaware Turnpike logo.png [6] (former)
Delaware Route 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) DE
Standardized Florida toll shield FL Designed by FDOT; used by several agencies Toll Florida 589.svg
17th Avenue[citation needed] FL
State Road 112 FL Toll Florida 112.svg
State Road 408 FL East-West Expressway logo.jpg (former) [7]
State Road 414 FL Toll Florida 414.svg
State Road 417 FL GreeneWay shield.jpg (former) [8]
State Road 429 FL Toll Florida 429.svg
State Road 528 FL Bee Line logo.jpg (former) [9]
State Road 568 FL Toll Florida 568.svg
State Road 589 FL Toll Florida 589.svg
State Road 836 FL Toll Florida 836.svg
State Road 869 FL Toll Florida 869.svg
State Road 874 FL Toll Florida 874.svg
State Road 878 FL Toll Florida 878.svg
State Road 924 FL Toll Florida 924.svg
Alligator Alley FL [10] (former)
Florida's Turnpike FL Florida's Turnpike shield.png [11] (former) PD
Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway FL New Selmon Expressway Shield.jpg and an older design
Osceola Parkway FL Osceola Parkway logo.png [12] [13]
Pinellas Bayway FL
State Road 570 FL Toll Florida 570.svg
Rickenbacker Causeway FL
Sanibel Causeway FL
Venetian Causeway FL
State Route 400 GA
Chicago Skyway IL Chicago Skyway logo.svg, but this shield is not used anywhere outside of the Skyway itself. [14]
Illinois Tollway IL [15] (old... generally for navigational uses) [16] for newer logo.
Jane Addams Memorial Tollway IL
Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway IL
Tri-State Tollway IL
Veterans Memorial Tollway IL
Indiana Toll Road IN Indiana Toll Road logo 1968.svg [17]
Kansas Turnpike KS Kansas Turnpike.svg [18] [19]
Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway KY Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway logo.png (former)
Cumberland Parkway KY Louie B Nunn Cumberland Parkway.png (former) [20]
Daniel Boone Parkway KY [21]
Edward T. Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway KY Edward T Breathitt Pennyrile Parkway Shield.png (former)
Hal Rogers Parkway KY Hal Rogers Parkway.png (former) [22] former
Julian M. Carroll Purchase Parkway KY Julian M Carroll Purchase Parkway Shield.png
Kentucky Turnpike KY Kentucky Turnpike shield.png [23]
Louie B. Nunn Parkway KY
Martha Layne Collins Blue Grass Parkway KY [24]
Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway KY
Audubon Parkway KY [25] former
William H. Natcher Parkway KY
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway LA [26]
Crescent City Connection LA
Maine Turnpike ME [27]
Harbor Tunnel Thruway MD
Intercounty Connector MD
Massachusetts Turnpike MA [28] [29]
I-394 (HOT lanes) MN
Standardized New Hampshire toll shield NH Designed by NHDOT Everett Turnpike.svg Spaulding Turnpike.svg Blue Star Turnpike.svg [30]
Atlantic City Expressway NJ Atlantic City Expressway.svg [31]
Garden State Parkway NJ GSPkwy Shield.svg [32] UNK[2]
New Jersey Turnpike NJ New Jersey Turnpike Shield.svg [33] TM[3]
Standardized Long Island parkway shields NY [34] [35]
Standardized non-Long Island parkway shields NY [36] [37] [38] [39] PD ineligible
New England Thruway NY Link to file
New York State Thruway NY NYS Thruway Sign.svg [40]
Berkshire Thruway NY
Palisades Interstate Parkway NY Palisades Interstate Pkwy.svg [41] [42]
Triangle Expressway NC
Ohio Turnpike OH Ohio Turnpike (1960).svg (former) OhioTurnpike.svg [43] [44] [45]
Standard Oklahoma turnpike shield OK [46] [47] [48]
Cherokee Turnpike OK Cherokee Turnpike.svg [49]
Chickasaw Turnpike OK Chickasaw Turnpike.svg
Cimarron Turnpike OK Cimarron Turnpike.svg
Creek Turnpike OK Creek Turnpike.svg
H.E. Bailey Turnpike OK H.E. Bailey Turnpike.svg
Indian Nation Turnpike OK Indian Nation Turnpike.svg
Kilpatrick Turnpike OK Kilpatrick Turnpike.svg [50]
Muskogee Turnpike OK Muskogee Turnpike.svg
Turner Turnpike OK Turner Turnpike.svg
Will Rogers Turnpike OK Will Rogers Turnpike.svg
Standardized Pennsylvania toll shields PA PTC Pennsylvania Turnpike logo.svg Turnpike-43.svg Turnpike-60.svg Turnpike-66.svg Turnpike-576.svg [51] [52] PD ineligible
Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass PA
Beaver Valley Expressway PA
Mon–Fayette Expressway PA
Pennsylvania Turnpike PA
Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeastern Extension PA
Southern Beltway PA
PR-20 PR
PR-22 (Autopista José de Diego) PR
PR-52 (Autopista Luis A. Ferré) PR
PR-53 (Autopista Dr. José Celso Barbosa) PR
PR-66 PR
Southern Connector SC [53]
Cross Island Parkway (Hilton Head Island) SC
Standardized Texas toll shield TX Toll Texas 1 new.svg Toll Texas Interstate Highway 10.svg Toll Texas Interstate Highway 35.svg Toll Texas 45 new.svg Toll Texas 49 new.svg Toll Texas 99 new.svg Toll Texas 114 new.svg Toll Texas 121 new.svg Toll Texas 130 new.svg Toll Texas 161 new.svg Toll Texas 183A.svg Toll Texas U.S. Highway 183.svg Toll Texas 249 new.svg Toll Texas 255 new.svg Toll Texas 289 new.svg Toll Texas 375 new.svg Toll Texas 550 new.svg Toll Texas Interstate Highway 820.svg PD
Addison Airport Toll Tunnel TX NTTA 50px [54]
Chisholm Trail Parkway (formerly Southwest Parkway) TX NTTA Toll Texas CTP new.svg PD, TM[4]
Dallas North Tollway TX NTTA Toll Texas DNT new.svg [55] PD, TM[5]
Dallas-Fort Worth Turnpike (former, now I-30) TX Texas Turnpike Authority 50px [56]
Fort Bend Toll Road TX HCTRA Fort Bend Toll Road.svg
Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road TX FBCTRA UNK[6]
Fort Bend Westpark Toll Road TX FBCTRA [57] UNK[6]
Hardy Toll Road TX HCTRA Hardy Toll Road.svg
International Parkway TX Texas Spur 97.svg
Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge TX NTTA 50px
Mountain Creek Lake Bridge TX NTTA 50px
President George Bush Turnpike TX NTTA Toll Texas PGBT new.svg
Sam Houston Tollway TX HCTRA Sam Houston Tollway.svg
Sam Rayburn Tollway TX NTTA Toll Texas SRT new.svg PD, TM[7]
State Highway 99 (Grand Parkway) TX Toll Texas 99 new.svg
Tomball Tollway TX HCTRA Tomball Tollway.svg
Trinity Parkway (proposed) TX NTTA
Westpark Tollway TX HCTRA Westpark Tollway.svg
71 toll road TX CTRMA [58] UNK[8]
183A toll road TX CTRMA Toll Texas 183A.svg [59] UNK[8]
290 toll road (proposed) TX CTRMA 290 Toll Road free.svg [60] UNK[8]
360 toll road TX CTRMA [61] UNK[8]
Adams Avenue Parkway UT
Chesapeake Expressway VA
Downtown Expressway VA [62] (former)
Dulles Greenway VA
Dulles Toll Road VA
Pocahontas Parkway VA
Powhite Parkway VA
West Virginia Turnpike WV [63][64] (former)