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A task force of the U.S. Roads and U.S. History WikiProjects
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Welcome to the U.S. Route 66 Task Force, a joint collaboration between the U.S. Roads and U.S. History WikiProjects. The goal is to create, improve and expand the content related to the Mother Road on Wikipedia.


U.S. Route 66 should cover not just the highway, but the mark it left on the country and the people who lived along it. For popular culture works, it should cover the work and not the people who wrote or performed it unless they're indelibly linked. For example, Route 66 (song) would fall under the scope, but Bobby Troup, who wrote the song, would not.


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To do[edit]

e·h·w·Stock post message.svg To-do:
  • Tag related articles.
  • Find editors who have shown interest in this subject and ask them to take a look here.
  • Identify articles for creation
  • Identify articles for improvement
  • Review importance and quality of existing articles


Tagging and assessment[edit]

Any road articles that are within the scope of this task force should be tagged with the U.S. Roads WikiProject banner, {{U.S. Roads WikiProject}}. Any other articles within the scope of this task force should be tagged with the task force banner, {{WikiProject U.S. Roads/U.S. Route 66}}. Either of these will automatically put the page in the appropriate categories.


Category:U.S. Route 66 articles


Main project templates
{{WikiProject U.S. Roads}} – for articles already under the scope of USRD, invoked as {{WikiProject U.S. Roads|type=US66}}
{{WikiProject U.S. Roads/U.S. Route 66}} – for all other articles
Userbox template
{{Wikipedia:WikiProject U.S. Roads/Userbox US 66}}
This user is helping Wikipedia get its kicks on Route 66.


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