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Hello and welcome to the participants list for the United Kingdom Geography WikiProject. If you wish to join our project then you are more than welcome to! Please simply paste this section of code:

<tr style="color:#000000;">
<td align="left" bgcolor="#6495ED">[[User:Wackslas|]]* ([[User talk:Wackslas|talk]])</td>
<td align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#CCCCFF"></td>
<td align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#CCCCFF">[[Trafford]] and [[Tameside]]</td>
<td align="left" valign="top" bgcolor="#CCCCFF"></td>

giving the details requested to the bottom of this page. Any problems with this please do not hesitate to ask one of the current members for assistance.

After joining you can also add the project's userbox to your user page by simply adding {{User WP UK geo}} to your page. This will generate the following:

Uk topo en.jpg This user is a member of
WikiProject UK geography

EverythingGeography (talk) Oxfordshire Anything related to UK Human Geography.
Jza84* (talk) Shaw and Crompton & Oldham In addition to the Greater Manchester Wikiproject, I'm interested in guidelines. WikiProject Greater Manchester
Ddstretch (talk) Stoke on Trent and Crewe and Nantwich Cheshire and all related articles. Also matters concerning parishes (civil and ecclesiastical) in the UK. WikiProject Cheshire and The Cheshire Portal.
Geoffb57* (talk) Colchester North-East Essex
Traveler100 (talk) - Photographs and images -
Rodw (talk) Chew Valley Bristol and Somerset, Rivers & hills, industrial & architectural heritage WikiProject Somerset and WikiProject Bristol
Chaosdruid* (talk) Norwich Norfolk Tameside, Greater Manchester, Geology, Maps and History interest me WikiProject Greater Manchester
Epbr123 (talk) Kent Kent towns and villages WikiProject Kent
Dbam (talk) Yorkshire North East England settlements, particularly around southeast Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle upon Tyne.
Hassocks5489 (talk) West Sussex Places in Sussex, especially Crawley, Brighton & Hove and the towns and villages of Mid Sussex; photographs; transport information; spoken versions of articles within this WikiProject. WikiProject Brighton and WikiProject Sussex
Rudget (talk) Greater Manchester Northern England related articles, i.e. Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds etc. WikiProject Greater Manchester & WikiProject Cities. More shown here
Bluegoblin7 (talk) Derbyshire Trams, Trains, Derbyshire WikiProject Derbyshire

Twinney12 (talk) Chester Chester Cheshire and all related articles. WikiProject Cheshire and The Cheshire Portal.
Yozzer66 (Talk) Stoke-on-Trent South-West Lancashire, Merseyside, North Staffordshire
Harkey Lodger (talk) Yorkshire Yorkshire and Natural Areas of England WikiProject Yorkshire
Tmol42 (talk) Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire specifically Chiltern Hills local and natural history and landscape
Seaserpent85 (talk) Berkshire WikiProject Berkshire
thedewster (talk) Barton Stacey, England Too many Barton Stacey and other surrounding villages including South Wonston.|
Orinoco999 (talk) Cornwall, England Local history, the GWR, politics, law and the UK constitution. WikiProject Cornwall and WikiProject England.

Peter Shearan* (talk) <Kent, England Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex civil parishes; history and geography; railways; rivers WikiProject Kent and others

Codwar (talk) Cleethorpes, England Grimsby and Cleethorpes. Prose, style grammar. History.

Aberdeen fc* (talk) Aberdeen, Scotland Roads in and around Aberdeen; areas and districts of Aberdeen Not involved in any but may join Transport in Scotland

Bltflyer123* (talk) Penzance, Cornwall
Senra* (talk) Little Thetford Little Thetford and surrounding Cambridgeshire area. Amateur photographer too! None yet. New to wikipedia but learning fast
Thomas888b (talk) Essex Essexarea. Mainly the Chelmsford Area Wikipedia:WikiProject Essex
TicketMan (talk) Midlands, Wales, Railways and Industrial history
Simply south* (talk) Various stuff Transport in Scotland and Hertfordshire. Involved in plenty of others
Charliedeacon* (talk) East Sussex East Sussex, the Barcombe and Lewes area and the countryside surrounding it. Public transport in this area. General knowledge of places around the UK as well.
Fifaworld07* (talk) Kettering Rothwell, Kettering and Northamptonshire in general.I can get some information of places around the UK from the internet FW07 (talk) .
Pterre* (talk) Winchester Mainly London and Hampshire, especially industrial history and geology. WikiProject London (also WikiProject Geology, though that's not a daughter)
ghmyrtle* (talk) Chepstow Monmouthshire, Welsh Marches, South West England (esp. Devon, Greater Bristol and Gloucestershire), Wirral and Liverpool - mainly interested (but not professionally) in history and archaeology
Snowy_1973* (talk) Surrey Mainly Wirral and Cheshire (particularly north west Cheshire), possibly also Liverpool, south-west Lancashire Wikipedia:WikiProject Cheshire
Asdfasdf1231234* (talk) Shrewsbury Shropshire and the wider West Midlands region. -
Jolly Janner* (talk) Devon The beautiful city of Plymouth and places around the county of Devon, as well as high-importantance national topics. I am also participating in the 2009 England taskforce WikiProject Devon
Crac4543* (talk) Greater Manchester Lancashire
TR001* (talk) Cardiff and Wales Special interest in rivers and beaches good for kayaking WikiProject Wales
Jellyman* (talk) Derby Derbyshire and various parts of Scotland, particularly East Renfrewshire WikiProject Derbyshire
Badgernet* (talk) Mid Wales and West Midlands Coastal areas, lakes and rivers. WikiProject Wales
--Madcow 93 Oxfordshire Tropical Cyclones, Rivers ,Oxfordshire and Wiltshire
Bogbumper* (talk) Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire and adjoining counties. I'm a web editor.
Winnie412ii* (talk) Harold Wood,(In Havering) Havering & surrounding area WikiProject England and WikiProject London
Jethrothompson* (talk) Wiltshire Wiltshire, historical geography, geographical theory
Gr8opinionater* (talk) Bootle, Sefton, Merseyside Merseyside geography, The Local government of Political Entities in the United kingdom
Al.Glitch|* (talk) Broughton Moor, Edinburgh Broughton Moor, it's surrounding region and Edinburgh
Nev1* (talk) Greater Manchester Mainly Greater Manchester, and to a lesser extent Cheshire WikiProject Greater Manchester and WikiProject Cheshire
Coldmachine (talk) - Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire WikiProject Cheshire
Dynamization* (talk) Wimbledon, London South London and South West England (Dorset...)
Pyrotec* (talk) - Transport in Scotland, UK Waterways, WikiProject UK Railways, WikiProject Bristol, WikiProject Somerset and WikiProject West Midlands
BulldozerD11* (talk) Derbyshire Sheffield, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and generally place around the country, Companies, Construction & Buildings, Engineering, Photographs of buildings and machines WikiProject Derbyshire, WikiProject Lincolnshire, WikiProject Sheffield and Wikipedia:WikiProject Yorkshire
Grunners* (talk) London, formerly of Hampshire & Staffordshire Towns and villages of south-east England, Staffordshire and London Wikipedia:WikiProject London and Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Waterways
Waggers* (talk) Hampshire Mainly Hampshire articles, plus Portal:South East England and all it's subportals (one for each county in the region) Wikipedia:WikiProject Hampshire
QuiteUnusual* (talk) Essex Mainly villages in Essex and the Dengie peninsula in particular.
Crossview* (talk) Cumbria Milburn village in Cumbria
2o-DeMoN-o8* (talk) Livingston, Scotland Interested in everything. Knows a lot about Livingston and it's surrounding area Wikipedia:WikiProject Scotland
Waltoncats* (talk) Cheshire in particular, but I've been to pretty much the whole of the UK.

DiverScout* (talk) Norfolk and East Anglia

Snowded* (talk) Lockeridge, Wiltshire Kennet Valley, Wiltshire and Wales
Agathoclea* (talk) Pembrokeshire WikiProject Wales
GrumpyGuts* (talk) Peterborough, United Kingdom Peterborough and Cambridgeshire WikiProject England
Tgaash* (talk) Bournemouth, Dorset Bournemouth, Dorset and South West England
HJ Mitchell* (talk) Great Torrington, Devon miscellaneous- place names and railways in particular
Motacilla* (talk) local history, parish churches, inland waterways, railways, breweries, Oxfordshire UK railways
Cryotronic* (talk) Horsham, West Sussex West Sussex and Cornwall
Cyberdemon007* (talk) Richmond, North Yorkshire North Yorkshire and Adding Infoboxes/Stub Creation WikiProject Yorkshire
Likelife* (talk) Sydenham, Greater London Northamptonshire, London, UK Railways WikiProject London
WP Northamptonshire
MOTORAL1987* Lincolnshire /td> WikiProject Lincolnshire
Jan1nad* (talk) Manchester Interested in the villages and parishes of Lichfield District. I notice there is currently no Staffordshire project.
Metrolink-Boy* (talk) Cross Houses, Shrewsbury Manchester, Birmingham The West Midlands and Shropshire
David* (talk) Shropshire Shropshire
Pondle* (talk) South Wales Wales, local & regional statistics, political geography, local history and placenames WikiProject Wales
User:ron519098* (talk) North Somerset Polar and Quaternary Geomorphology as well as changing land use and the historical landscape within Somerset and other areas WikiProject Somerset

Kudpung* (talk) Malvern, Midlands Mainly Worcestershire, plus Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, and Staffordshire WikiProject Worcestershire, WikiProject Northamptonshire, WikiProject Warwickshire
Bankhallbretherton* (talk) West Lancashire UK settlements, local history, historic buildings, roads and geographic features, and Lancashire / North West UK. Wikipedia:WikiProject Lancashire and Cumbria
sillybillypiggy* (talk) Maidstone Maidstone and Kent Wikipedia:WikiProject Kent
Andrewmc123* (talk) Dundee, Scotland Mainly Scottish settlements WikiProject Scotland
Matzoman4* (talk) Dudley, England West Midlands & the Black Country ---
Jaguar* (talk) Hampshire Mainly Hampshire and Surrey settlements.
Fly by Night (talk) North West Reservoirs and Dams in the United Kingdom WikiProject England
Lozleader* (talk) - Improving and developing locality articles as I come across them to conform to guidelines such as WP:UKCITIES, adding proper references, removing trivia and advertising. Historical development of local government units. WP:GM, WP:LANCS
AndrewvdBK* (talk) Peterborough Cambridgeshire, in particular Peterborough. I try to improve articles about my local area as best I can, as well as writing my own. I also provide some photographs.
Geopersona* (talk) Monmouthshire Cheshire and South Wales, geology WikiProject Cheshire (also WikiProject Geology, though that's not a daughter)
Kildwyke* (talk) The Pennines area of the West Riding of Yorkshire Terrain Geomorphology and Geology esp. of rural areas. Also the people of villages. WikiProject Yorkshire
Hpc1989* (talk) North Yorkshire and Darlington Villages and towns of North Yorkshire; esp. Streetlam, Danby Wiske and Northallerton, but many others as well. WikiProject Yorkshire
RobinLeicester (talk)* Leicester Particularly Charnwood Forest and Leicester. Is there interest in a WikiProject Leicestershire?
Fintan264* (talk) Newburn, Newcastle upon Tyne North East England, as well as UK power stations and Football in England WikiProject North East England, and non-daughter projects WikiProject Football and WikiProject Energy
Northumbrian* (talk) Arizona Most specifically, Yorkshire and the Humber; more generally, other areas in Northern England and Scotland. WikiProject Yorkshire
PaleCloudedWhite* (talk) London Mostly Dorset and northern Derbyshire. WikiProject Dorset
Pjward67* (talk) Berkshire Cumbria and Lancashire
Mark999 (talk) Bristol Transport, Bristol and Somerset WikiProject Bristol, Wikiproject Somerset and WikiProject UK Railways
Justgravy* (talk) Outer London Mainly Outer London and places on the boundary of London with Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire WikiProject London
Sjhnumber1* (talk) Suffolk
Meetthefeebles* (talk) Gateshead Mainly improving Gateshead articles, interested in other North East England articles I appear to be the last surviving member of Wikiproject North East England
Smasher72* (talk) Gloucestershire South West of England
Andy Mabbett, Pigsonthewing* (talk) Birmingham West Midlands; rivers; buildings, public art, coordinates, templates Many!
User:Matt r baker* (talk) Market Drayton I am interested in Shropshire, Cornwall, UK railway stations and loads more. WikiProject Shropshire; WikiProject UK Railways
Rcsprinter123* (talk) Derbyshire I'll see WikiProject Derbyshire; WikiProject East Anglia
Wackslas* (talk) United Kingdom I dunno lol WikiProject Yorkshire; WikiProject Hampshire
Griffp* (talk) Gloucestershire Gloucestershire. Amateur photographer. Taking photos for articles without images in my local area and areas I visit. WikiProject Gloucestershire
rossoh* (talk) Dorset, occasionally Bristol and Exeter Climatology, coastal geography, meteorology, metrology None (yet!)
Davey2010* (talk) Strood, Kent Towns in Medway & Kent
EP111* (talk) Wirral, Merseyside History and places of Wirral, UK railway photography WikiProject Merseyside
GibCat* (talk) Baile Átha Cliath, Éire Northern Ireland