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A project for Wikipedians using Unique Identifiers (UIDs) for article subjects; particulary where a more specific UID project does not already exist.


  1. To improve articles about UID schemes
  2. To standardise and encourage the use of UIDs in articles
  3. To formulate and deploy a policy for redirecting URLs for UIDs to articles (see UID interface to Wikipedia)
  4. To collaborate with Wikidata and DBpedia regarding the use of UIDs
  5. To develop MediaWiki feature requests relating to UIDs, if needed
  6. To liaise with external UID providers and consumers



User templates[edit]

Place this template on your user page:

It will appear like this:

This user is a member of
WikiProject Unique Identifiers.

Article talk page templates[edit]

Add this to the talk pages of articles about organisations that use QRpedia:

It will appear like this:

WikiProject Unique Identifiers
WikiProject Unique Identifiers is part of, or of interest to, WikiProject Unique Identifiers, which encourages the use of unique identifiers in Wikipedia, and documents them in the article space. If you would like to participate, visit the project page.

Article templates[edit]



Some of the UIDs in use on Wikipedia; this is not comprehensive list; we probably need a (hidden?) category, separate to the above, for those we actually use.