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This project is currently at a draft stage, please feel free to help develop the idea.

This is a photography contest to illustrate unillustrated Wikipedia articles in the UK. Wikipedia has many articles that geocode to the UK but don't yet have a picture. This contest seeks to reduce that number.

This is currently a draft based on a discussion at meta:Meetup/London/109. Official launch and finalisation of the rules will be at meta:Meetup/London/110 on the 11th September 2016.


During the months of October and November 2016, illustrate an unillustrated UK Wikipedia article with a suitable picture that you have created and which is on Wikimedia Commons.

Any article on this list is likely to be eligible - if you need to create an article in order to enter the competition the article needs to be in the UK or geolocate to the UK, to contain a reference to a reliable source and to still exist by the time of the winter solstice in December 2016. For the avoidance of doubt, User:Rich Farmbrough/temp138 is a list of articles that lack images but geocode to the UK. If you enter an article that isn't geocoded, then that entry is valid if the judges agree that the article is in the UK.

Once you have illustrated a Wikipedia article you may enter the competition by listing your name and the wikipedia article you have illustrated on Wikipedia:WikiProject United Kingdom/photography contest 2016/Entries

Prizes will be awarded by the judges with images rated on photographic quality and encyclopaedic value.

Multiple entries are very welcome.

Some articles are unillustrated because the subject is not open to the public or is otherwise difficult to access. A special prize, the Mitchell-Rockdrum award, may be allocated at the sole discretion of the judges to photographers who have safely and legally photographed an unusually inaccessible location such as a grade II* listed bank vault.

To also enter the Mitchell Rock drum award list your entry at Wikipedia:WikiProject United Kingdom/photography contest 2016/Mitchell-Rock drum

Marketing and Promotion[edit]

The contest will be promoted via targeted watchlist notices on English Wikipedia and Commons.

We can ask WMF to email an invitation to UK donors, perhaps under the new ED this sort of thing may now be possible.

Can WMUK email past participants of Wiki Loves Monuments UK?


For the main award, can we invite the award winners from Wiki Loves Monuments UK 2014?


For the Mitchell/Rockdrum award[edit]

@HJ Mitchell: @Rock drum: are you willing to judge this one?


Should we ask WMUK or WMF to put up a prize, or just create a virtual one?


Please sign below if you are willing to help organise this.