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This is the page to deal with discussion and nominations for the U.S. Collaboration of the Month (USCOTM), previously U.S. Collaboration of the Week (USCOTW). The USCOTM is a collaborative effort led by participants to improve different United States articles. In its initial incarnation (as USCOTW) from November 2005 until mid 2006, articles were selected every two weeks. From September 2006 until August 2007, articles were chosen on a more sporadic basis (around monthly) and saw a lot lower level of activity. The Collaboration became inactive at that time. As of January 2011, the Collaboration has been reactivated for a trial (after a slew of editors joined the wikiproject), to see if some articles might be improved collaboratively to good article or featured article level.

The idea is that new editors might work alongside more experienced editors and the overall coordination might result in some high profile or large articles being worked up that might have proven too arduous for one editor.

As of now, three previous collaborations, Washington, D.C., Statue of Liberty, Music of the United States are featured articles, while History of New Jersey, and Mount Rushmore were promoted and subsequently delisted. Three additional articles have received good article status, but have since been delisted; of these, one (George Washington) was again a collaboration and become a Good Article again.

How to vote[edit]

To vote, click on the [edit] link on the right-hand corner beside each of the articles listed below. To vote, please sign your votes by adding a pound and four tildes (# ~~~~) to the bottom of the list of voters for that article, which will generate your name and the current date! If you want to be nice, please update the vote tally in the heading. And yes, voting for more than one nomination is allowed.

If you wish to make a comment underneath about a nomination, please bullet (*) your comment underneath the Comments: , and sign your comment with ~~~~.


The next USCOTM will be picked on September 1st 2011, by the highest number of votes. The current time is 11:19, December 6, 2019.

Nominated articles remain active here as long as they continue to gain support, after which time they are archived. Failed nominations can be renominated any time. (Archived nominations) Past improvements and the results can be seen at Wikipedia:WikiProject United States/Collaboration/History.

In the event of a tie between two or more nominations, the nomination made first will be used.

How to nominate[edit]

  1. Select the United States-related topic that needs work and improvement. Generally, articles that would affect a greater range of editors are recommended over articles with a more regional focus. The article can be nonexistent, a stub, or a good article aiming for featured status. Articles that are ineligible for USCOTM include:
    • An article that is already featured (note that articles that have been FARCed can still be nominated)
    • An article that is the subject of content edit wars
  2. Add {{USnom}} to the top of the talk page of the article.
  3. Edit this page, and list the nomination at the bottom of the list of nominations, using the following template:
    {{USCOTMnom|Article name|~~~~~|Date in 1 month|~~~~|a short description explaining why the article should be the U.S. Collaboration of the Month}}
    Please replace "article name" with the actual name of the article, replace "Date in 1 month" with the actual date in 1 month, and add a rationale for the reason for the nomination.
  4. Please preview the change using the "Show preview" button to double check that all of the required information has been filled in and ensure that no mistakes were accidentally made.

{{subst:USCOTMnom|Example|~~~~~|July 4|~~~~|I believe [[Example]] should become the new USCOTM because it is an article that is important for many Americans. It could use some work in referencing and expansion.}} yields in:

Example (1 vote, stays until July 4)[edit]

Nominated 15:54, 4 June 2006 (UTC); needs 2 votes by July 4 (minimum 3 votes per month)


  1. TheNominator 15:54, 4 June 2006 (UTC)


  • I believe Example should become the new USCOTM because it is an article that is important for many Americans. It could use some work in referencing and expansion. TheNominator 15:54, 4 June 2006 (UTC)


Consider joining the U.S. collaborative efforts by signing in the participants list below with * ~~~ ,which will generate your name. {{User USCOTM}} is an userbox that may be placed on user pages.

Instructions for updating[edit]

  1. Locate the article with the most votes; in a tie, keep open for 24-48 hours for tiebreaker to find the new USCOTM.
  2. Adjust WP:WikiProject United States/COTM/current to the current USCOTM (keep the wikilink).
  3. Add {{UScur|date=December 2019}} to the new one. The old one should have the template left on, as it will automatically indicate it is no longer under the focus of the drive.
  4. Correct the new changing date located above at Nominations. Cut and paste the above nomination and move it to WP:USCOTWN
  5. Update the information on WP:USCOTWHIST, adding the information about the last USCOTM and the date, # of votes, article name, and # of words onto the top of the wikitable.


Participants help out on the current USCOTM, nominate new articles, vote, and provide comments.

U.S. topics on other Collaborations[edit]