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Welcome to WikiProject Latinos, or WikiProject Hispanic and Latino Americans. This project encourages the creation and development of articles about Hispanic and Latino Americans and their art, culture, history, politics, achievements and issues.


  1. To ensure articles accurately depict Hispanic and Latino Americans.
  2. To ensure articles reference comprehensive sources by including all the various perspectives of, and about, Hispanic and Latino Americans.
  3. To standardize the use of Spanish-language terms, names, and translations into English.


See also: Mexican-American task force members

Active members[edit]

To join the Hispanic and Latino Americans task force, edit this section and add * ~~~~ and any comments to the end of the following list of members.

  • Murcielago
  • LatinoMuslim
  • DeathRattle101
  • Mercurywoodrose (April 2014) (revamped the portal, may do more if this project becomes active again)
  • magiciandude (talk · contribs) Main focus is on Latino popular culture and politics.
  • AJona1992 (talk · contribs)
  • Megalibrarygirl March 2015... Interested in art and artists.
  • Viller the Great (May 2015) I am interested in improving articles on Hispanics in general.
  • Lpkn2016 June 2015, Interested in expanding all articles relating to Latinas, Chicanas, and Chicana Feminism.
  • LittleSunshine11 June 2015, I am interested in incorporating more Chicana perspectives and narratives in the Wikipedia community.
  • Rose059 (November 2016) I am interested in improving the representation of Latino urban history in the United States on Wikipedia.
  • T.scott0513T.scott0513 (talk) 07:39, 26 September 2018 (UTC) I am interested in accurately representing the experiences of Hispanic and Latino Americans.

Former members[edit]

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Open tasks[edit]

This template is located at Template:Latino and Hispanic Open Tasks

Open tasks for Hispanic and Latino Americans task force
Top priorities Cleanup /
Missing articles Expansion
Merges Discussions Maps, Pictures, Timelines etc.
Wikipedia:WikiProject Mexican-Americans
POV and disputed articles Vandalism

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  • {{Portal|Hispanic and Latino Americans}} - add to Hispanic and Latino American-related articles to link them to the portal.


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  • Add '''{{WikiProject United States|class= |importance=|HLA=yes|HLA-importance= }}''' to add {{WikiProject United States}} - to the talk pages of Hispanic and Latino American-related articles, categories, templates, books, etc.
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This page is supported by the Hispanic and Latino Americans task force (marked as Top-importance).

Barnstars and other awards[edit]

Image What to type Description
Huelga Barnstar Hires.png {{subst:Huelga Award|message ~~~~}} The Huelga Barnstar, for significant contributions to Hispanic and Latino American related articles or projects. "Huelga" means "strike", and is the name of the bird on the United Farm Workers flag, a symbol of Chicano culture in the US, and the most commonly recognized image related to the Hispanic and Latino American experience.
Con safos jalapeno.png {{subst:Con Safos Jalapeño|message ~~~~}} The Con Safos Jalapeño is the Hispanic and Latino American variant of the Kindness Campaign awards. "Con Safos" translates as "with respect" or "with safety"


Nortenos.jpg You are invited to participate in the Hispanic and Latino Americans task force, a project dedicated to developing and improving articles about Latinos and Hispanics.
Currently, we are discussing prospects for the project. Your input would be greatly appreciated!




Nortenos.jpgThis user is a member of the Hispanic and Latino Americans task force.


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