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This page will list the Monthly Newsletters generated by WikiProject United States

Delivery options[edit]

By default, we will provide a link to the current issue of the newsletter on your talk page when it comes out. If you would prefer, you may choose instead to have the newsletter delivered directly to you (that is, to have the full newsletter posted to your talk page), or to not receive the newsletter in any form.

If you are not a member of the project or represent another WikiProject and would like a copy of the newsletter, please add your name in the Non-members section below.

Full contents[edit]

No delivery[edit]


Delivery instructions[edit]

  1. Members in the full content list above will receive full-content delivery:
    {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject United States/Newsletter/MONTHNAME YEAR}}.
  2. Members in the no delivery list above will receive nothing.
  3. Members on the list of members, except for those on either of the two special lists above, will receive a link-only delivery:
    {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject United States/Newsletter/Newsletter link|MONTHNAME YEAR}}.
  4. Editors in the non-members list above will receive either full-content or link-only delivery, as specified.