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The WikiProject United States Newsletter
December 2011

Scope and Mission of WikiProject United States
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Welcome to WikiProject United States on the English Wikipedia! We are a project dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of topics related to the United States, with an emphasis on subjects with regional and national significance. This project was formed to coordinate the development of United States related articles and help maintain the United States Portal. Some project goals are to help list and categorize United States related articles, develop quality standards for articles and build templates that help users browse the articles that fall under this project. This project also provides a place for Wikipedians to share information and resources regarding improvements to United States related articles. Here, editors can ask for help with certain articles and bring otherwise overlooked articles and problems, to the attention of other editors. For more information of the role of WikiProjects, check out WikiProject guidelines.

Articles of note

This section highlights some of the US related content that has been promoted to Featured Status in the last 2 months:
Note:Articles pertain to one or more of the WikiProjects relating to United States topics but not necessarily WikiProject United States.

New featured articles:
Chaplain–Medic massacre • Chester A. Arthur • Ernie Fletcher • Happy Chandler • Hudson Valley Rail Trail • Indian Head gold pieces • McDonnell XF-85 Goblin • Nancy Cartwright • Rogers Hornsby • Ruby Laffoon • Standing Liberty quarter • Tryon Creek • Turban Head eagle • United States Senate Democratic primary election in Pennsylvania, 2010 • USS Arizona (BB-39) • Willamette River • 2008 Humanitarian Bowl • 2008 Orange Bowl

New featured lists:
Arkansas Razorbacks head football coaches • Babe Ruth Award • Chicago White Sox managers • Clemson Tigers head football coaches • David O. Selznick filmography • Edgar Martínez Award • Florida Marlins managers • Human characters in Sesame Street • Jennifer Lopez discography • Katy Perry discography • Oakland Athletics team records • Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (S) • Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (T–V) • Philadelphia Phillies all-time roster (W–Z) • Washington Nationals first-round draft picks

Project article statistics for August 31, 2011

Current statistics

Air Force One over Mt. Rushmore
Project news

As with the previous few months, October and November have continued to see a lot of activity with the project. We have completed determining what US related projects are interested in collaboration and for the most part the projects now represented on the project page should be the last of them. From this point forward we should see much fewer projects being added although we continue to build relationships with other US related projects and look forward to those expanding further in the future. We are continuing to integrate and standardize some of the functionality of the supported projects and it may be another month or two before the process of setting up these projects is complete.

Events and meetups
  • In case you haven't noticed the big banner on the top of your watchlist you are invited to participate in the Wikimedia DC Fine Art Edit-a-Thon and GLAM-WIKI Meetup on Saturday, December 17, 2011 in Washington, D.C.!
  • There is another DC meetup scheduled for sometime in January TBD. If you are interested in attending the information can be found here.
  • In 2012, Wiki Loves Monuments will come to the United States. If you are interested in photography or in monuments this might be an interesting event for you. More information is available here.
Wikimania 2012 banner.svg
  • Wikimania 2012 is coming fast. As some may have heard, Washington, D.C., was selected as the 2012 site for Wikimania, and we're down to about 215 days. If you are interested in attending, more information can be found here.
Portals and portal related content

The United States portal is getting very close to Featured portal status. With the new push to get a space on the main page for featured portals I would like to start devoting some time to getting this one built up. If anyone would like to help out with this leave a message on the talk page here.

In addition to Portal:United States Portal:Supreme Court of the United States was recently promoted to featured status as well. We have a lot of portals related to the United States that could be promoted relatively quickly and with minimal work. If you have any recommendations for a portal that you would like to get promoted please let the project know.

The collaboration for December 2011 is the Hope Diamond

The collaboration candidate for last month was 99 Percent Declaration with more than 500 edits.

There are currently three collaboration candidates for December: The Star-Spangled Banner, Great Depression in the United States and the United States Postal Service

Some other possibilities for future collaborations can be found on the collaborations talk page and are: Camp David, the White House, Charles Lindbergh and Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. If one of these sounds like a good candidate please add it to the list of candidates or add your own if you have some ideas about an article that would make a good collaboration.

Future improvements
  • Adding infoboxes to the articles that need them
  • Assessing the articles that need it
  • Adding the articles that are still missing
  • A major redesign of the newsletter which will make it easier to update, make it more attractive and leave a smaller footprint on the talk pages
  • Fill in To do tasks for all supported projects
  • Make sure that all projects have Article alerts, Recognized content, popular pages and Project Watchlists.
  • Recruit for the projects. There are lots of editors working on the articles already. We just need to get them interested in the projects again.

If any of these sound interesting to you please feel free to help out.

National level projects:
USmusicmap.png American music • Buffalo Bill Cody by Burke, 1892.jpg American Old West • USA flag on television.svg American television • WikiProject Asian Americans map.svg Asian Americans • Seal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.svg FBI • Drapeau Franco-Américain.JPG Franco-Americans • East Huntington Bridge.jpg KYOVA Region  • US-LibraryOfCongress-BookLogo.svg Library of Congress • Aztec Sun Stone Replica cropped.jpg Mexican-Americans • Flag - 3rd Infantry.jpg September 11, 2001 • Hazard N.svg Superfunds • Map of USA with county outlines.png U.S. counties • Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg U.S. Government • USA blank.svg U.S. Governors • Seal of the President of the United States.svg U.S. Presidents • Roosevelt speaking.jpg U.S. presidential elections • Legislature128.png U.S. State Legislatures

States and territories:
Flag map of Arizona.svg Arizona • Flag-map of Colorado.svg Colorado • Flag of Delaware.svg Delaware • Flag of the District of Columbia.svg District of Columbia • Flag-map of Idaho.svg Idaho • Indiana with Torch Star Logo.png Indiana • Flag of Kansas.svg Kansas • Flag of Kentucky.svg Kentucky • Flag of Louisiana.svg Louisiana • Flag of Mississippi.svg Mississippi • Flag-map of Nebraska.svg Nebraska • Flag of New Hampshire.svg New Hampshire • Flag-map of New Mexico.svg New Mexico • Flag of North Carolina.svg North Carolina • Flag-map of North Dakota.svg North Dakota • Flag of Ohio.svg Ohio • Flag-map of Rhode Island.svg Rhode Island • Flag-map of South Carolina.svg South Carolina • Flag-map of Utah.svg Utah • Flag-map of Vermont.svg Vermont • Flag of Washington.svg Washington • Flag-map of West Virginia.svg West Virginia • Flag-map of Wyoming.svg Wyoming

City and local:
Charlotte uptown Aerial.jpg Charlotte, North Carolina • Roebling Suspension Bridge Cincinnati.jpg Cincinnati, Ohio • Flag of Durham, North Carolina.svg Durham, North Carolina • Eastern-ky.png Eastern Mountain Coal Fields task force • Eastern Washington map.svg Eastern Washington task force • Flag of Indianapolis.svg Indianapolis, Indiana • Fleur-de-lis-3d.png Louisville, Kentucky • Myrtle Beach-Conway-Georgetown CSA.png Myrtle Beach, South Carolina • FranconiaRidgeTrail.jpg New Hampshire Mountains • Flag of New Orleans, Louisiana.svg New Orleans, Louisiana • Flag Map of Ohio.svg Ohio townships task force • Downtown Omaha Skyline.jpg Omaha, Nebraska • SpaceNeedleTopClose.jpg Seattle, Washington • 25px Shreveport, Louisiana • Yellowstone Natl Park poster 1938.jpg Yellowstone task force • ManontheMonument.jpg Youngstown, Ohio

Education and university: Ladyofthemist.png Louisiana Tech • Boreman Hall South.jpg West Virginia University

Joint Projects:

Caution: The projects in this section are associated or maintained by multiple projects.
Under no circumstances should the banner from another project be replaced with the banner for WikiProject United States.
 • Animation disc US.svg American animation work group - With WikiProject Animation • United States film clapperboard.svg American cinema - With WikiProject Film • USCreatorballoon.png US comics work group - With WikiProject Comics • Constitution Pg1of4 AC icon cut.png US history - With United States History • United States Arms.svg US military history • US Secession map 1865.svg American Civil War • Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze, MMA-NYC, 1851.jpg American Revolutionary War - With WikiProject Military History

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