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Getting Started[edit]

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Course description[edit]

In this course, we cover some of the most important issues affecting American Indian lives and livelihoods, the histories of these issues from a legal perspective, and the generations of actors who have pursued, and continue to pursue, resolution of these issues through legal, legislative, and other means.

Course goals[edit]

By the end of this course, students should be able to do at least the following:

  • Critique current issues in Indian Country in legal and historical terms.
  • Analyze Indian legal issues from the different perspectives involved (e.g., Indian, non-Indian…), and draw conclusions based on often complex and confusing sets of facts rather than assumptions and stereotypes.
  • Understand the ongoing influences and consequences of colonialism for indigenous as well as non-indigenous people/s.
  • Recognize the relative nature of all legal systems, and apply this recognition to your growing appreciation of the ideal of a pluralistic society.

Assignment overview[edit]

There are many details to work out but we'll be taking the following approach to creating Wikipedia assignments for ~24 undergraduates and 6 graduate students. The class will be introduced to this approach in Monday, January 24th. Once the entire class understands the basic approach, the Campus Ambassador will meet separately with the 6 graduate students to get them moving.

The approach: Using the 4 course goals in the syllabus as a basis, the 6 graduate students will collaboratively produce a comprehensive literature review on the subject of Federal Indian Law and Policy. This will be produced most likely as a subpage to this course page Federal Indian Law and Policy Literature Review.

As part of the literature review, the grad students will identify the major gaps in WP articles and content relative to the course goals. This analysis will become the basis for establishing individual undergraduate assignments. What we expect to flow out of this review and analysis will be several types of articles and content work--notable biographies, events, legislation, case law, bibliographies, literature, etc. Addtionally, as a direct result of the review and analysis the grad students should be able to publish in the article space a comphensive annotated bibliography of Federal Indian Law and Policy and an Outline of Federal Indian Law and Policy (ie mapping all the related articles on the subject in WP).

An additional outcome of the review and analysis may be the opportunity to write WP articles on key and important literature on the subject.

Once assignments for undergraduates become clear, each graduate student will also take a mentoring role (subject matter wise) for a small number of undergraduates.

Assignment timeline[edit]

Syllabus - NAS 426/530
Week (Dates) Activity(s) Assignment(s)
1 - 2011-01-12 Introduction, Review of Syallabus, Course Requirements, etc. Read: Wilkins and Stark: Preface, Timeline, Introduction, Chapter 1, pp. xiii-32
2 - 2011-01-17 No Class-Holiday
2 - 2011-01-19 Definitions Wilkins and Stark, Chapter 2, pp. 33-50
Wikipedia's Five Pillars
Welcome to Wikipedia Booklet
3 - 2011-01-24 Campus Ambassador Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 3, pp. 51-82
3 - 2011-01-26 Indigenous Governments Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 4, pp. 83-120
4 - 2011-01-31 Actors Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 5, pp. 121-134
4 - 2011-02-02 History of Fed Indian Policy Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 5, pp. 135-164. Wiki assignments (due week 5)
  • Critically evaluate an existing Wikipedia article related to this course and leave suggestions for improving it on the article's discussion page.
  • Research & list 3-5 articles on your user page that you will consider working on as your main project. Ask your Online Ambassador mentor for comments.
5 - 2011-02-07 Tribal Political Economy Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 5, pp. 165-188.
5 - 2011-02-09 Political Participation Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 5, pp. 189-210. Goldberg, et al. Intro, pp 1-25
6 - 2011-02-14 No Class
6 - 2011-02-16 Indigenous Activism Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 9, pp. 211-228. Wiki assignments (due week 7)
  • Decide the article you will work on & list it next to your user name on the course page. Compile a bibliography and begin studying the sources
7 - 2011-02-21 President's Day - Holiday
7 - 2011-02-23 The Media, Wiki Ambassador Read for next class: Wilkins & Stark, Ch. 10, pp. 229-239. Wiki assignments (due week 8)
  • Write a 3-4 paragraph summary version of your article (with citations) in your sandbox * Begin working with mentor to polish short starter article and make sure it matches Wikipedia norms.
  • Continue research in preparation for expanding your article.
8 - 2011-02-23 The Marshall Trilogy, Midterm Exam Review
8 - 2011-03-02 EXAM #1 - Foundational Laws, Cases, Concepts Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 3, pp. 81-108
9 - 2011-03-07 Winters v. U.S. (1903) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 4, pp. 109-145. Wiki lab workshop TBA.
9 - 2011-03-09 U.S. v. Sandoval (1913) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 5, pp. 149-188. Wiki assignments (due week 11)
  • Move your sandbox article into main space. * Compose a one-sentence "hook," nominate it for "Did you know," and monitor the nomination for any issues identified by other editors. * Begin expanding your article into a comprehensive treatment of the topic.
10 - 2011-03-14 SPRING BREAK!
10 - 2011-03-16 SPRING BREAK!
11 - 2011-03-21 U.S. v. Kagama (1886) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 6, pp. 189-228.
11 - 2011-03-23 Lone WOlf v. Hitchcock (1903) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 7, pp. 229-260. Wiki assignments (due week 12)
  • Expand your article into an initial draft of a comprehensive treatment of the topic
12 - 2011-03-28 Tee-Hit-Ton v. U.S. Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 8, pp. 261-296.
12 - 2011-03-30 Oliphant v. Suquamish (1978) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 9, pp. 297-324. Wiki assignments (due week 13)
  • Peer review two classmates' articles (on article discussion pages) * Copy-edit peers' articles
13 - 2011-04-04 Nevada v. U.S. (1983) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 10, pp. 325-355.
13 - 2011-04-06 U.S. v. Dann (1985) Read for next Class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 11, pp. 359-388. Wiki assignments (due week 14)
  • Further improve your article based on peers' feedback. * Nominate article for “Good Article” status.
14 - 2011-04-11 Williams v. Lee (1959) Read for next class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 12, pp. 389-420
14 - 2011-04-13 Morton v. Mancari (1974) Read for next class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 13, pp. 421-450. Wiki assignments (due week 15)
  • Add final touches to Wikipedia article * Write a reflective essay (2-5 pages) about your experiences editing Wikipedia
15 - 2011-04-18 Bryan v. Itasca (1976) Read for next class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 14, pp. 451-488
15 - 2011-04-20 Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez (1978) Read for next class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 15, pp. 489-534
16 - 2011-04-25 Lyng v. Northwest (1988) Read for next class: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 16, pp. 535-590
16 - 2011-04-27 Montana v. U.S (1981) Read for Final: Goldberg, et al., Ch. 17, pp. 591-619
17 - 2011-05-02 Delgamuukw v. British Columbia (1997) FINAL EXAM 8:00 - 9:50 AM


This is a list of the students in your class (or rather their Wikipedia usernames), along with their Wikipedia articles (which students will select at the appropriate time).

Graduate Students[edit]

Student Username Assignment Mentor
Chris.arneson (talk · contribs) The McCarran Amendment, 43 U.S.C. § 666 (1952) Mentor
Emerson bc (talk · contribs) Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Mike Cline (talk · contribs)
Jgskatewillie (talk · contribs) Assignment Mentor
Jmari1k (talk · contribs) United States v. Kagama Mentor
Bertaharjo (talk · contribs) Assignment Mentor
Kuluppis (talk · contribs) Native American Languages Act of 1990 w/subsequent amendments Mike Cline (talk · contribs)
linniebc (talk · contribs) Bryan vs. Itasca County 1972 McMormor (talk · contribs)
original dinay (talk · contribs) United States v. Navajo Nation McMormor (talk · contribs)

Undergraduate Students[edit]

Username Assignment Mentor
Eire's Son (talk · contribs) Bear Lodge Multiple Use Association v. Babbitt, 1999 (10th Cir.) Worm That Turned (talk · contribs)
federalindianlawmsu (talk · contribs) Northwest Ordinance or Ranchería Mentor
Jackiewickens (talk · contribs) Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association, 1988, re: Judge Abby Abinanti Worm That Turned (talk · contribs)
kawasak.kid (talk · contribs) Idaho State v. Tinno Ktr101 (talk · contribs)
Lineskier09 (talk · contribs) Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association, 1988, re: Judge Abby Abinanti MikeLynch (talk · contribs)
Lisa.wallen (talk · contribs) United States v. Sandoval (Background Edit) Rosiestep (talk · contribs)
Lpdoyle (talk · contribs) Montana v. United States 450 U.S. 544 (1981) Piotrus (talk · contribs)
Misstbird (talk · contribs) Winters v. United States Nikkimaria (talk · contribs)
Msujsj (talk · contribs) Chief Pretty Eagle Cullen328 (talk · contribs)
Tanishadk (talk · contribs) Klamath Indian Tribe v. the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Jarry1250 (talk · contribs)
V24d139 (talk · contribs) Arizona v. California Mentor
Papercanvas (talk · contribs) Ronnie Lupe Mentor
Starryright (talk · contribs) Navajo Nation v. U.S. Forest Service, 2007 (9th Circ.) Worm That Turned (talk · contribs)
Wikiwriter24 (talk · contribs) NIYC National Indian Youth Council Mentor
meanriver (talk · contribs) Montana v. United States 450 U.S. 544 (1981) Mentor
Johnny Redkneck (talk · contribs) Andrea Smith (update existing article) and Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide (new article on Andrea Smith's book) Mentor
Robertgoodman1987 (talk · contribs) assignment Mentor

Office Hours[edit]

Location of MSU Office Hours, Rm 414, Renne Library

Montana State University Wikipedia Ambassador Office Hours will start on Wed. Feb.9th. The Wikipedia Ambassador Office Hours are:

  • Wed. 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Thr. 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • or by appointment, contact Ambassadors: McMormor or Mike Cline

The Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors office is on the 4th floor, room 414, of Renne Library. It is easily accessible from elevator or stairs, and has a Wikipedia Ambassadors sign on the door. We ask all students to remember the office is located in a “quiet study” area.