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Politics of Piracy


The online counterpart to the Politics of Piracy decal at UC Berkeley. Convening in 185 Barrows on Tuesdays 5p-6:30p. The decal deals with issues of digital piracy and piracy of intellectual property.

List of Participants by Group[edit]

Historical and Contemporary Law Group Page[edit]

Copyleft Group Page[edit]

Social Internet Group Page[edit]

Hacking Group Page[edit]

Your Fearless Captains[edit]


Revised Syllabus for download

Office hours[edit]

Joni Spigler (Wikipedia Campus Ambassador)[edit]

Hi! My name is Joni Spigler and I will be one of your "Wikipedia Campus Ambassadors" for this class. I have decided to hold office hours at Caffe Strada (Corner of College and Bancroft) on Mondays from 12:00pm-1pm BY APPOINTMENT. What this means is that, should you wish to meet with me to learn about editing the Wikipedia, or anything else Wikipedia-related, you should send me an email at jspigler [at] berkeley [dot] edu and let me know that you intend to come and (briefly) tell me what you wish to know/learn. Then we will Rendezvous and I will answer all your questions!* *YMMV. Cheers. Saudade7 07:01, 25 January 2011 (UTC) PS. Don't believe it. Max is very perky.

Max Klein (Facilitator and also SFSU's Campus Ambassador)[edit]

My demeanor is less perky than Joni's but I'll also be amenable to all PoP- and wiki-related questions each
Tuesday at 12 midday at Yali's cafe in Hearst Mining Circle for an hour.

Patrick Berger[edit]

My email is patrickrberger [at] gmail [dot] com, so feel free to ask me any questions you need about the course. I'll be able to help you out a lot with choices for current events, which will be more relevant when we start the projects. I'll set up office hours once we get into the main project of the course.


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