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Online Ambassadors are Wikipedians who have been trained to assist and mentor students enrolled in the Public Policy Initiative and who have an established track record of helping newbies. It's easy to get assistance from an Online Ambassador -- simply choose one you're interested in having help you from the "Available Mentor" list below and send him or her a message.

Online Ambassadors[edit]

This manual list of Online Ambassadors is deprecated. Active Online Ambassadors are now listed at Special:OnlineAmbassadors.

Available Online Ambassadors[edit]

To find an available ambassador, click the arrows at the top of the first column (Number of classes) to order the ambassadors by how many classes (pods) they already are associated with. That will make it easier to find ambassadors who might be willing to support a new pod.

Online Ambassadors, if you are still available to support a class (or multiple classes) in Spring 2012 and have not been contacted by a professor, please go to the course pages and find a class that interests you and add yourself to the course information.

Number of classes (pods) Mentor Name Profile Classes (pods)
0 Plum blossoms in Vancouver 3 crop.jpg
InverseHypercube Hello! I'm a Wikipedian from Vancouver, British Columbia. Although I study science, I edit articles on a wide variety of topics. I have a good grasp of grammar/style, formatting, Wikipedia policy, and technical matters. I'm also quite active on Wikimedia Commons. If you need help with anything, from checking your article to helping you upload batches of images, please don't hesitate to contact me.
2 (max of 2) Chimpanzee seated at typewriter.jpg
Gobonobo Hi! I'm Gobonobo and I've been a Wikipedian since 2006. Much of my effort on Wikipedia goes into referencing and ensuring that articles conform to our delightfully wonk-y Manual of Style. I volunteered for the Ambassador program because I want students to feel welcome and have a pleasant experience here. I hail from Minnesota and my interests include women's history, US politics, LGBT studies and cooperative economics. Global Youth Studies
Intro to African American Studies
0 at present (max of 2)
Steven Zhang Hi, I'm Steve. I'm a Wikipedian from Victoria, Australia and have been editing Wikipedia since 2008. Most of my tasks on Wikipedia revolve around helping other users work out their differences (called dispute resolution), helping out new users learn how to use Wikipedia (often referred to as adoption) and making improvements to articles. Like all of us, I was once new, and understand the complexity of Wikipedia and how daunting it can seem when you first join. Feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything. None yet.
3 MountSirDonaldSelkirks.jpg
The Interior I've been a Wikipedian since 2008, and I'm still having fun. I enjoy article writing, disambiguating links, copyediting, taking part in our many edifying discussions, and cleaning up after the kids. I'm a UBC grad currently studying Library Science. Need help? Gimme a shout. Teaching with Technology, Ball State • Copyright Commerce and Culture, NYU • North American Environmental History, University of British Columbia
0 (3 max) Litang, China.jpg
AstroHurricane001 Hi! I began editing Wikipedia in October 2006, and like you, wanted to contribute to many interesting topic areas and couldn't wait to get started. I hope I can be of great help to you, the professors and students at universities that generously started working with our encyclopedia. My topic areas of major interest are the astronomical, atmospheric and Earth sciences, but will be willing to help out on almost any topic. Whatever it is, I'll be here to help solve any MoS issues and coordinate collaborative editing or solve editor disputes. As well, I'm ready to create novel solutions to problems that arise. Just remember, it's not just about you and me, it's about the encyclopedia we're building. But don't let that stop you from editing progress! Welcome, and although this is my first year in Online Ambassadors, always feel free to contact me!
0 CTA Night.jpg
Maclean25 I have been working on Wikipedia since February 2005. I have participated in most areas of Wikipedia but I'm primarily a writer of content, with numerous featured and good articles to my credit, most of which are listed on my userpage. I have a history degree and diplomas in land use planning and government/non-profit management. Students and new editors should be free to contribute and the more experienced Wikipedians should be there to correct their edits to fit the house-style.
0, of 1 available for Spring 2012 Bernal Sphere 3.jpeg
N2e Hi. I've been editing Wikipedia since 2004. My interests lie at the intersection of people and technology. More particulary, I'm interested in the emergence of spontaneous order in the socialsphere, particularly as (often unintentionally) occasioned by advances in technology. This has led to developing professional capabilities in both economics—especially in the area of bottom-up self-organization of humans in complex adaptive systems—and the applied sciences (for me, this is hardware engineering, software and embedded system technology development). One specific area I'm quite interested in is the emergent growth of private space ventures. I am a member of WikiProject Spaceflight, where we collaborate to improve Wikipedia's coverage of space-related articles. I've greatly benefited from mentors in my life and would like to pass a bit of that on to others from here out.
0 (Maximum of three) Greater Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire 1700x1767 pix Igor Barbe 2006.jpg
Buggie111 Hey there, I"m Buggie111! I've been editing Wikipedia since November of 2009, and am a coordinator of the military history project. If anyone of you remember what the featured article on the mainpage was on December 22, 2010 (link), it was I who created it. Besides the aforementioned, I've written a good topic on Austro-Hungarian battleships. I like helping new editors, especially those whose edits are related to educational assignments, and will be more then glad to help your class. Cheers! None as of now
One only Amur Tiger Panthera tigris altaica Eye 2112px.jpg
Sp33dyphil Hi, I'm Sp33dyphil, but I also go by the name Phillip. I joined Wikipedia in February 2010, and since then I had worked my way up the hierachy (if there's one). I'm a MilHist coordinator, a position and responsibility I've assumed last week. I prefer to work with aviation-related articles, having managed to author, or helped to author, at least 20 GAs and 2 FAs. At first GAs to me were intimidating, but as time went by it became easier and now it is alomost routine to nominate an article for GA and expect it to get promoted. I also patrol the new-page log. I'd like to help those who want to do content-creation.
Open to interesting suggestions Garamond type ſi-ligature 2.jpg
bobrayner Hi; I'm Bob.
  • I mostly work on business, transport, science / pseudoscience, Africa, and Ottoman / Balkan history articles.
  • I have a BSc in physics, a career in IT, and I'm working on an MBA.
  • Wikipedia does have lots of rules and processes which can be daunting to new editors; but if you want to improve articles and if you care about sources, that's the best possible foundation, and I'm happy to help with the rest.
1 John William Waterhouse The Lady of Shalott.jpg
LadyofShalott I have bachelor's degrees with majors in anthropology and geology and have significant graduate coursework in the latter. I work in a public library. I have been editing Wikipedia since 2006 (and an administrator since 2008), and have worked on articles in a wide variety of topics. Composition II
2 Tranditoinal Korean music band-April 6 2009.jpg
Arsonal My name is Richardson, and I am a U.S. based scholar of Indonesian and Asian American topics. I have been editing Wikipedia since 2006 and have contributed multiple quality subjects to the project. As an editor, I specialize in source identification of obscure topics and serve as an advocate against systemic bias. I hold a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering with an additional focus in international relations. My additional interests include modern cyberculture and traditional arts originating in Asia. The Anthropology of Cyberspace
Politics of Developing Nations
Baked stargazy pie.jpg
Worm That Turned Hi! I'm Worm That Turned. I've been on Wikipedia a while and feel it's a good way to make a difference in the world. I'm about 30, have two degrees in technical subjects and grew up in the sunny South West England. As I like my food, I have focused my article creation on food articles and general Cornish creations, indeed that fishy pie was my best good article. I do know my way round here and already adopt users, so I'm happy to be of assistance. I'm generally around during UK office hours and although I won't be available through IRC, I will endeavor to reply to messages within 24 hours, much faster if I'm online.
0 (up to 2) THOBarnstar.png
Thehelpfulone YOUR DESCRIPTION/PROFILE **Write a short paragraph explaining who you are, what your skills are, etc**
1 Banaticus.png
Banaticus I am a WikiGnome. I mainly work on reverting vandalism, but I also occasionally throw my hat into the ring and handle abuse reports, reduce the {{Notability}} backlog, review articles, help people on IRC, answer {{help me}} requests, answer semi-protected edit requests... and sundry other things.

Am I more of an Eventualist than I am an Immediatist (unless it looks like self-serving non-notable spam or patent nonsense, which should be dealt with swiftly)? The answer is implicit in the question (namely, phrasing it as a question instead of a statement should emphasize that I favor eventualism over immediatism).

Politics of Piracy
Rugby union scrummage.jpg
MacMed Hi, I am a Wikipedian living near Toronto, Ontario. I have an interest in military history and video game articles. I am often on IRC (mostly every day) and will reply to email or talk page messages within 24 hours. You can find me in #wikipedia-en-help or #wikipedia-en-classroom under the name "MacMed" on I can help with a wide variety of things, so no matter whether you want to write an article, submit a sound, upload a picture, or just improve on the encyclopedia's existing article base, feel free to ask eme any questions you desire.
Ico specie.png
Chzz I'm an experienced Wikipedian from England - and I like tea and sausages. I've worked on wide–ranging topics, from goats to fountains, from small to large – but I spend most of my time helping new users. I can usually respond to questions very quickly, and I'm familiar with most areas of Wikipedia - so I can help you write a "Did you know..." entry, a Good Article, adding pictures or sounds, dealing with tricky templates, adding references...or, just how to relax.
1 (Maximum: 4) Fulmer Falls Closeup 3000px.jpg
Alpha Quadrant Hello, I am Alpha Quadrant. I am from Midwestern United States. My interests include science fiction, military history, mathematics, and computer science. I have been active since April 2010 and I am experienced in a wide range of areas. I am active at the Articles for Creation process and am available on IRC to answer questions. When I am not working at Articles for Creation I typically perform style cleanup on various articles and perform other maintenance tasks. Business Data Communications
happy to help anyone! RecentChangesCamp2012 10 - University of Canberra.jpg
Sonia Hello, I'm Sonia and I'm a Kiwi. I fell in love with the idea that I could contribute toward the largest collection of human knowledge, and my passion is helping other people do so. I have been actively editing since the start of 2010. Much of my work for Wikipedia has been off-wiki, assisting newcomers (through email or IRC) or maintaining contact with the local schools to ensure that Wikipedia is accessible and utilized in the classroom. I believe the Wikipedia of the future depends on how it is viewed in academia today. I am always happy to help in any way I can, so please don't hesitate to contact me via email or my talk page. I'm also available on Skype and several other media if necessary- email me if you need these details.
1 (up to 3) ActiasMudigere1.jpg
Shyamal My name is Shyamal. I have a bachelors degree in the agricultural sciences with a major in entomology and a masters degree with a mix of statistics and computer science. My interests are mainly on scientific topics, especially biology, but will foray into related biographies and historical themes. Literature search (especially using online resources and the library help desk); evaluating sources; use of referencing tools (Zotero, Mendeley) and the Internet Archive; SVG illustration using Inkscape; digital photography; understanding copyrights and the use of the Wikimedia commons are some of the areas that I can guide you in apart from helping you to create, (re)structure, improve articles and otherwise enjoy collaborative online research.
Up to 2 Siberian tiger hanging at bar.jpg
TonyTheTiger Hello, My name is Antonio "Tony" Vernón and I go by the username TonyTheTiger. Up until recently, I spent a lot of time creating good articles at a prolific pace. I may have produced the most on wikipedia. I also am a profitable online poker player who plays every day. I have recently started writing scripts so I have been spending less time on wikipedia. However, I continue to oversee WikiProject Chicago, Wikipedia:Four Award and the upstart Golden W Award. A large percentage of my work on wikipedia either relates to Chicago or the Michigan Wolverines. I have written many articles on athletes, politicians, architecture, and culture. I have degrees in economics, business and statistics. I have lived in Chicago since September 2000 and have been a wikipedian since May of 2006. Development Economics
International Economic Strategy and Trade Policy
GDJ2010 rd integracja 7911.jpg
Leszek Jańczuk Hello, my name is Leszek Jańczuk. I hold a Doctor's degree in Biblical Theology from ChAT, I am a Bible translator (Biblia Ekumeniczna – New Testament), and a teacher at WST. My area of special interest is Textual Criticism of the New Testament. On wikipedia I've usually contributed to biblical manuscripts (on 22 wikis), films (on 4 wikis), history (2 wikis), and religious (several wikis). On 9 wikis I have made over 1000 edits.
2 (up to 3)
Alan the Roving Ambassador Hello! My name is Alan, and I've been a member of the project since 2006. I'm primarily a countervandalism specialist. My main interests are in the WikiProject Amateur Radio arena, although I've also done minor contributions in such varied areas as auto racing, maritime interests and baseball. Feel free to ask me questions...the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked!
0 (up to 3)
Wilhelmina Will My name is Wilhelmina Will, and I've been on Wikipedia for 3 years and 8 months. Most of my editing concerns the making of new pages, especially on animals, and periodically on plants. I've also contributed to Did you know? and Good article nominations; both as a nominator and as a reviewer. In recent months, I've also participated in the Guild of copyeditors and the Wikification backlog elimination drives, and am currently participating in the Great Backlog Drive of Wikipedia.
0 RHaworth 10c188cr.jpg
(talk · contribs)
I am Roger W Haworth from Croydon, south London. I have been an admin here for five years. I spend a lot of time on new page patrolling so I have a very good idea of what turns deletionists on - or I can advise people how to avoid those pitfalls. You can contact me on my user talk page or I am happy to be contacted by telephone.
0 (max 1.2, for now) HH60G-Pave-Hawk.jpg
WikiCopter Hello, my name is WikiCopter (talk · contribs). I have been editing the project for a couple of years, under two accounts: WikiCopter and AirplanePro (talk · contribs). AirplanePro is now retired, and WikiCopter carries his ancient banner onwards in the encyclopaedia, learning more and gaining experience along the way. I have written a couple of GAs, CAM ship and A-Class article Arado E.381. So long!
0 (up to 2) David - The Death of Socrates.jpg
Maple Leaf Nice to meet you. My name is Mark (aka Maple_Leaf) and I have been a wikipedian since summer 2006. I currently reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but have resided in Montreal and Toronto. My specialty is in sports but I have an interest in a various breadth of topics. I graduated from university in 1999 and I am fluent in French. I take great pride and enjoyment in Wikipedia and look forward to participating in this project.
Pitaya cross section ed2.jpg
La Pianista Hi, I'm Kate - nice to meet you. I'm a classical pianist and chamber musician, and I've loved and been loved by music ever since I was a toddler. I have been editing Wikipedia since November 2007; currently, I work at Wikiproject Featured Sound and periodically upload sound files of my own live performances. Although I focus primarily on music-related articles, I'm more than willing to help copyedit and format articles under just about any other subject. If you need to reach me, I'm available on IRC almost every night and I check my email twice as often. I'm enthusiastic about Wikipedia's goals, and I look forward to helping you reach them with me. :)
Wenceslas Hollar - Bearded old man.jpg
Wetman Hello, I've been editing here since September 2003. Come to me for help with organizing and refining your text, rather than in help with Wikipedia's html. My strengths are in the humanities, especially Greek myth, European cultural history, history of ideas, art history, especially sculpture, architecture and the decorative arts, history of daily life, Late Antiquity through Early Modern. My best languages are French and Italian, with German and Latin lagging behind.
1 TheFaulknerPortable.jpg
SMasters Hi, I have been editing Wikipedia since 2006, and I contribute and edit articles from a broad range of subjects. I am the Lead Coordinator for the Guild of Copy Editors and the main contact person for the Triple Crown awards, where I help in the processing of new nominations. I am also a Good Articles reviewer, an active participant at Featured Pictures, and a writer for The Signpost, currently based at the WikiProject Desk. In real life, I work as an editor and have sub-edited books, magazines and newspapers. History of Design and Digital Media (Michael Mandiberg)
0 Frog cakes.jpg
Bilby Hi! I've been on Wikipedia for a while now, doing various things. There isn't really a theme to my editing, but I probably work a bit more on historical subjects than any other particularly area. I enjoy research, so digging up the sources to meet notability and verifiability requirements is something I spend a fair bit of time on, and is an area where I should be able to assist. Other than that, I'm an academic teaching in Information Systems and IT at the University of South Australia, with my research being in Knowledge Management and Wikis. I don't tend to edit much in those fields, as it is a tad too much like doing my day job when I'm at home, but I can certainly help out there. Degree wise, I majored in philosophy and history, with postgraduate work in philosophy and Information Systems.

I also play the piano accordion. That can be a difficult thing to forgive, but hopefully we can move past that.

Four-leaf clover.jpg
Serendipodous I live in London, I have been an active Wikipedian since 2005 and have specialised on Solar System, astronomy and pseudoscience topics. In real life however, I have a masters degree in humanities research and am training to become an archivist. I currently rank 17th on Wikipedia for number of successful featured article nominations, and have contributed to a small number of GAs and FARs.
Park ranger Harry Yount.jpg
Cullen328 I started editing Wikipedia in the summer of 2009, concentrating at first on biographies of California mountaineers, prominent figures in the history of the Sierra Club and California artists. I've gone on to work on articles on a wide range of topics. Recently, I got a lot of attention for Harry Yount, which I rewrote and expanded greatly. You'll see a photo of him to the left. I also work in the Articles for Deletion area, trying to save worthwhile articles, and getting rid of the really poor ones. I would be proud to help a couple of new editors develop their skills and write some really good articles. Visit my user page for lots of information about me and my work on Wikipedia. MPP Integrative Core I
Introduction to Psychology
THIEL 619.jpg
Dana Boomer I've been an editor since 2007, mainly editing articles related to horses and military history. I am currently an administrator, Military History WikiProject coordinator, and featured article review delegate. I have several featured articles and featured lists to my name, as well as some good articles and a couple of DYKs. I am also active on-and-off as a reviewer for good and featured articles. I am particularly interested in helping out editors working on articles in my spheres of interest, although I am willing to help out with just about anything. Geography of Crop Plants
Smallman I've been a Wikipedian since January 2009. I'm familiar with physiology, analytical chemistry, and computer science. I spend my time editing and creating articles for ancient software, documenting obscure agencies in the machinery of government, and improving articles pertaining to the humanities. I'm newbie friendly and you may contact me on my talk page, via e-mail, on IRC, or with an instant messaging client. Cognitive Psychology
1 WikiMe.JPG
James Heilman I edit articles mostly in the field of medicine with WP:MED. Have been contributing here for nearly four years and am an administrator. I do some clinical teaching with UBC in real life but primarily work as an emergency room physician here in Canada. I carry a camera where ever I go in the off chance I find cases that would make interesting pictures to illustrate articles. With most medical students and physicians using Wikipedia we now need to get more of them contributing. Physiology for Public Health
1 KP avatar.jpg
Kudpung Hi, I'm Kudpung from England but I've spent most of my life abroad and live in Thailand since 2000. I'm a retired (more or less) lecturer of linguistics and on Wikipedia since 2006 where I write mainly about places, schools, education, and French wine, and do a lot of improvement of random articles. I'm a Wikipedia administrator, and I also work in some policy areas such as Biographies of Living People and give advice at Editor Assistance Requests. I currently coordinate the Schools project, and the Worcestershire Project. You can contact me on my talk page where you will see if I'm online, and by email. (Cam) I'm Cam and I've been editing Wikipedia since March 2007. I'm a Coordinator of The Military History WikiProject (September 2008-March 2010, September 2010-Present), and have been an Administrator on the English-Language Wikipedia since January 2009. Most of my article work falls under the purview of Canadian Military History and Naval Warfare (mostly the Imperial Japanese Navy). In real life I'm an undergraduate student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada doing a Double-Major in International Relations and History. In my spare time (not school and not-wiki) I'm either reading, writing, participating in competitive debate, or cycling. Contact me on my talk page if you have any questions!
ZooPro G'day from Australia, My names ZooPro and I have been here for a few years. In real life I work at Australia Zoo, My current roles and responsibilities on Wikipedia include being the Coordinator for WikiProject Animals and WikiProject Zoo, I currently possess the Rollback and Reviewer flag on english Wikipedia. My main areas of involvement are Animal and Zoo related articles, however I can be found throughout wikipedia at times. I am generally available 7 days a week so feel free to drop by my talk page for a chat and ask any questions you need help answering, I am also available via email if required. As you will notice below many of my fellow ambassadors claim not to bite, well I am Australian and we definitely don't bite instead we leave it up to the crocodiles, snakes and spiders :) I hope you enjoy your time here. Cheers ZooPro 00:41, 15 January 2011 (UTC)
0 USS Missouri bow looking down waterline.jpg
The ed17 Hello there, my name is Ed. In real life, I am majoring in history at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan.

On Wikipedia, I have been actively editing since March 2008, and I received administrator rights in September 2009. My article writing has been focused on various twentieth-century warships from Japan, the United States, and three South American countries. I'm available through my talk page, email, or on Skype/IRC as Ed17. Good luck with your projects; please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone else – we don't bite! Ed [talk] [majestic titan]

UNAVAILABLE The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
Katie Hi, I'm Katie! I'm an RN, a baseball and football zealot, an avid sock knitter, a NASA geek, a Mac power user, and a hard-core R.E.M. fanatic. I'm also a freelance writer and a sysop here on the English Wikipedia. In addition to my work toward my master's degree in nursing, I have a solid background (15 college credits or more) in chemistry, economics, and psychology. I guess all that makes me a polymath, but I'm simply one of those people who can't decide what she wants to be when she grows up - and I am never growing up. ;-)

As an active administrator, I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work that few readers ever really see. Charles McKnight and Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium are a couple of examples of my article-writing work here at Wikipedia, and I also perform and enjoy copyediting and WikiGnomish tasks. Wikipedia has something for everyone.

I'm always available by email, and I'm usually online from early afternoon to late, late night CST. We can also use IRC or another IM service if you like. Don't be afraid or nervous (or apathetic) about your assignment, because I think you will really enjoy your experience here. Welcome to Wikipedia! :-)

Mysterious Shadow.jpg
The Utahraptor I am The Utahraptor. I have been editing Wikipedia for over a year, and have acquired over 13,000 edits in that time. I am a member of the Wikipedia:Welcoming Committee, and often help out new users when they need it. I have significantly contributed to two Good articles: Silver Reef, Utah and Abraham Lincoln. I am a coordinator for the Wikipedia Guild of Copy Editors. I am usually available between 4:00 and 7:30 PM Mountain Time on weekdays. I'm also usually available between 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM Mountain Time on weekends.
Pergamon 2004.jpg
GuillaumeTell I am British and have lived in England all my life, except for nearly seven years spent in Nairobi. I've been editing Wikipedia for just over six years, gradually working out how to do things as I went along, and seeking advice when I needed it. My main leisure interest is opera and classical music, and I'm a longstanding member of WikiProjectOpera, but I'm also interested in literary topics (specifically Shakespeare), architecture and local history and all sorts of other stuff. I used to work as a librarian, and have always had an interest in helping people and problem-solving. You can find out more about me by looking at my User Page, my Talk Page and its Archives, and my contributions to the encyclopedia (including the all-important edit summaries). Intro to Mass Communication, Southern Indiana
1 Young cat.png
Nikkimaria Bonjour! I'm Nikkimaria, a Canadian university student and Wikipedia administrator. I've been active on-wiki for 6 years, mostly as a content contributor and reviewer, and have accumulated over 22,000 edits. I'm mostly interested in arts, humanities and classical music topics, but can help out with anything not involving upper-level sciences. Let me know if I can help! Cheers!
Shield of Wade Family Coat of Arms.svg
(Matt Wade)
I'm an engineer that specializes in the local history of New York's Capital District. I received my bachelor's in civil engineering from the George Washington University in 2008 and my masters in civil engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2009. I have a number of good and featured articles as well as a few featured pictures. My specialty is local history relevant to New York's Capital District. To learn a little more about me, have a look at this newspaper article about my editing. In real life I'm also on my school board and am a big proponent of public education, which is one of the reasons for my interest in this project. MY IRC nick is UpstateNYer; you can also contact me at my talk page. upstateNYer
1 Fée.svg
PrincessofLlyr Bonjour! I am PrincessofLlyr and I've been a Wikipedian for about a year and a half, accumulating ~8,500 edits in that time. I work primarily on literature and biography articles. I am not available by e-mail or IRC, so my talk page is the only way to contact me. I love to help new users, so feel free to drop me a line with any questions. I am comfortable working with 2-3 students. Children's Literature
Ryan I am a student, and have been an active Wikipedian since around September 2009. I mostly work at the WP:FEED page reviewing new articles and at Articles for creation. My IRC nickname is 'Chevymontecarlo', and you can sometimes find me there or leave me a message on my talk page.
Replace this image male.png
Fletcher Commons Hey, I'm fetchcomms, I've been actively involved in Wikimedia projects since October 2009, and I'm an administrator here. I try to divide my time between writing articles, and helping in project maintenance and discussions. I'm interested in architecture and landmarks, and participate in the WikiProjects about architecture and Missouri. I help in our Articles for creation process, am familiar with WikiCoding and templates, and hang out on IRC, where you can find me under the nick fetchcomms. Drop me a line or send me a message if you need to contact me!
0 Ivan Kramskoi Self Portrait crop.png
Skomorokh Greetings. On Wikipedia I am primarily active on literature, culture, and political economy articles, and from time to time contribute Good Article reviews. I am most comfortable in the discipline of the humanities, and so can assist with historical, philosophical and political aspects of the topic area as well as whatever general queries you might have. I can be frequently found on IRC under the nick Narodnik, or be reached by email if you're more comfortable with that. Don't hesitate to get in touch.
Emile Friant Autoportrait 1893.jpg
Blurpeace Hey, I'm Blurpeace. I'm a sysop (administrator) at this project and also one at our sister media-handling project, Wikimedia Commons. I am a member of the volunteer response team (VRT; we unofficially answer incoming inquiries for the Foundation) and was an intern for the New York City chapter of Wikimedia. Altogether, I have about a little over one year of experience at Wikimedia. Despite my solid grounding in English Wikipedia article guidelines, I contribute the majority of my writing time to Wikisource, another sister project. Regardless, I spend the largest portion of my time teaching others how to edit the English Wikipedia, either through our help channel at #wikipedia-en-help connect or over the VRT system. I welcome all questions and am happy to mentor as time allows. Feel free to send me an email (requires an account) or a talk page message (public).
Wykłady 24.05 3.jpg
Piotrus My name is Piotr Konieczny and I am a graduate student in sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. I have taught several classes with Wikipedia and been involved with the Wikipedia:School and university projects for several years. I have given several presentations and held workshops (latest) on teaching with Wikipedia for academics. Drop me a note on my talk page, email me or Skype me at prokonsul_piotrus. Piotr Konieczny aka Prokonsul Piotrus| talk 23:42, 26 August 2010 (UTC) History of Design and Digital Media
Sage Ross I'm an historian of science, and a Wikipedian since 2005. You can find me on IRC as "ragesoss".
Evangeline Han I am a last year music student and a journalist intern. I have been an active Wikipedian since June 2009. I'm currently unofficially coordinating WikiProject Malaysia and working on Articles for creation, WikiProject Homeschooling, Requests for Feedback, major copyediting, and clearing backlogs. My IRC nickname is Bejinhan. You can either find me in IRC, leave a message on my talk page, or email me.
1 Carl Spitzweg 021.jpg
Kevin Lynch Hi, I've been reading Wikipedia since sometime in 2006, when a friend in University hilariously vandalised it. In 2007, whilst I should have been writing an essay, I tried to fix an irritating typo and found that the entire institution had been banned for such behaviour. So I created an account and wrote up the story in the student newspaper. I've been editing since then, growing in ambition from copy-edits through to GA and FA articles, my biggest project has been Oscar Wilde.

I studied Economics and Political science; though access to sources and current pre-occupations mean I've written mostly about books, writers and films I enjoy. I've also worked in IT & management, Wikipedia's the only place where I can pursue all these at once. I concentrate on writing articles up to the highest standard possible, so far I've bled out a couple of GAs. I also review and (mis)advise at WP:GAN. The insight of Wikipedia's core policies impresses me, and I find them a great guiding light when unsure.

Technical Communication (Summer 2011)

New Media and Development (Anne Nelson)

Albino Alligator 2008.jpg
Mike Searson I have been editing Wikipedia for close to 5 years. I started out as an unregistered user and was helping on various Catholic Church related articles. Soon after I registered and began editing articles more related to my hobbies: Custom knives, firearms, MMA, Traditional Martial Arts, Boxing, reptiles, Western Movies, and Old West History. Working on Wikipedia has strengthened my writing skills and I now work part-time as a writer covering firearms, knives, MMA, and Combatives for a number of print journals and a local outfit. My strengths on Wikipedia are hunting down reliable sources and formatting them. My pet peeves (on Wiki, anyway) are the overuse of adverbs, misuse of conjunctions, vandals, and any written use of the word "also". I have written (or heavily worked on) 6 Featured Articles and a number of Good Articles.
0 (up to 4) Kadiandou.jpg
Neelix Hello. I am a Canadian who has been working on Wikipedia since 2006. I translated the Carabane article from the French Wikipedia and was successful in having it promoted to featured status. I have a good knowledge of Wikipedia policy and guidelines and I do a lot of work on format standardization. Grammar and spelling are important to me and I am glad to copyedit where appropriate. I am particularly interested in working on articles about Africa and other topics that are not well-represented on Wikipedia.
2 (up to 2)
DGG by David Shankbone.jpg
DGG I'm David Goodman; I've been at Wikipedia for 4 years, the last 3 as an administrator. i've worked on nearly every subject here and discussed nearly every policy, but I tend to specialize on problems and policy involving difficult or dubious sourcing, or where it's not clear whether a topic is too narrow or unimportant for an article; where you're most likely to find me is at WP:Deletion Review. I also try to keep track of the articles on universities and on university faculty, and on the traditional humanities. My own academic training is first as a biologist, then as an academic librarian--details on my user page. If something can be sourced at all, I can find the sources, and I generally can make an accurate guess in advance about whether it will be possible to find them. My priority is in helping new users who've gotten into problems, but even if you don't expect to, I'm glad to advise anyone on my talk page or by email, whether or not in this program. I have rather strong views that Wikipedia should be as inclusive as possible, but I also have enough experience to know what the community here is likely to accept. The Anthropology of Cyberspace,
English Composition
Technical Communication
0 (up to 2)
Peter Symonds I have a background in historical study, and primarily like to work on articles about British history, especially biographies. However, I'm familiar with a wide range of topics on Wikipedia, so I hope to be able to assist where needed. I am an administrator here, and an active user on some of Wikipedia's sister projects. Generally I do not work on creating biographies of living people, but can assist with their development and sources if needed.
Allt Darrarie, by Spittal of Glenmuick.JPG
Mike Christie My article work on Wikipedia has been mostly in early Anglo-Saxon history and science fiction magazines. I've worked with students who have class assignments to improve Wikipedia articles, and would like to do so again. I have a lot of experience with featured articles, the highest quality assessment within Wikipedia. I'm happy to mentor any students working at any level to improve Wikipedia articles, whether or not they are interested in trying to get the article to featured status.
MikeLynch I am MikeLynch (though my actual name is completely different) from Bangalore, India. This is my third semester as an Online Ambassador. I am active on many other Wikimedia projects, and am an admin here, and a bureaucrat on the Sanskrit Wikipedia. I consider myself well versed in matters of politics of India, Geography of India, UK and the USA, and in articles relating to Education. A large portion of my edits are related to WikiProject India, where I frequently assess articles. I am also active in many outreach programs in India. See my userpage for a full vanity wall. I take special interest in interacting with new editors, and guiding them around the place. Wikipedia:United States Education Program/Courses/Writing As Communication Spring 2012
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Ssilvers Hello! I am Ssilvers. I was an Online Ambassador in Autumn 2010 and Autumn 2011 (working on Theatre Script Analysis). I am available to assist a new class. I have been editing Wikipedia for over 5 years, and I have started and edited hundreds of articles. Feel free to contact me on my talk page at any time with questions about editing. Welcome to Wikipedia!
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Graeme Bartlett Lately I have been helping out at Did you know. I have written articles on chemistry, astronomy, regional geology, Australian places, and Frisian people. I have a Master of Engineering Science degree, and have worked in the IT industry for a few decades. I have had two semesters in the program. NNU Class Project (likely)
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Swarm Hi there, I'm Swarm (or Joe, if you prefer). I'm a Wikipedian from Florida, and I've been around for a few years now, and I've been an administrator since late last year. I'm interested in a wide range of topics, and I mostly enjoy doing things like copyediting, wikifying and other "Gnome"-like editing. I also enjoy cleaning up vandalism and patrolling newly-created pages, and I upload images for articles on occasion. Most of all, however, I enjoy working with new users. Wikipedia is a place of limitless potential, but it can be a bit confusing at first! I hope I can make things a bit easier. If I can help with anything at all, feel free to contact me! Criminal Process
Social Web
Political Thought
American National Govt.
Summer '12: 1
Fall '12: 0/3
Andrew N. My name is Andrew, and I'm a Junior at Oklahoma State. I'm currently working on my BS-MIS, but already have my AAS in Network Engineering. I'm open to working with pretty much any class, but prefer to work with any classes involving technology. AndrewN talk American Culture 204 (U. of Mich.)
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Elekhh Hi, I'm Elekhh and am editing on Wikipedia since 2009. I am mostly focused on improving article quality and illustrations. The main topics I've been working on are: architecture, urban studies, planning, renewable energy and protected areas. I am very interested in art, culture and social sciences. I would particularly welcome mentees from the courses related to these fields.
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Biosthmors My user name is a rearrangement of the word thrombosis, which relates to a a topic I want to improve. Most articles I edit fall within the scope of WikiProject Medicine. Click here for that project's discussion page. I appreciate good quality content, so I'm familiar with things like our style and reliable medical source guidelines. Introductory Neuroscience
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Disavian I'm Andrew, and I started editing in 2005. I'm a code monkey and network admin by day, unruly copy editor by night. I tend to focus on articles related to modern science, technology or history, particularly if they (even tangentially) relate to my alma mater, Georgia Institute of Technology; to that end, I started WikiProject Georgia Tech. I have assisted five articles on their journey to "today's featured article" and have a few others that I'd like to get there. Introductory Neuroscience
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Yunshui Hi, I'm Yunshui. I spend most of my time on Wikipedia working in administrative areas or helping new users, so I'm well-practiced at explaining our (often arcane) policies and practices to neophytes. Inexperienced editors can sometimes get a rough ride as they deal with the steep learning curve here; I try, where possible, to smooth out the bumps. I also spend a lot of time deleting inappropriate content - the flipside being that I have a good grasp of what will and won't get deleted, and can help students make the necessary tweaks to avoid their work being binned. None as yet

Additional Online Ambassadors[edit]

Number of mentees Ambassador Name Profile Mentees
0 of 3 Picture omitted, (a) To protect the innocent (b) To comply with copyright (c) To prevent screen rupture of your monitor (d) To enable spurious reasoning (e) For comedy value (f) To differentiate myself from other mentors
Mike Beckett Mike Beckett is a community activist with interests including governance, corporate ethics, not for profit, company direction, politics and leadership. I am a Wikipedian who is friendly and happy to help. I enjoy making things better for people. Mentees none at the moment therefore I am available for you!
0 Wikimania 2012 portrait 68 by ragesoss, 2012-07-13.JPG
Guerillero Hey, I am Guerillero. My main interests are in punk rock, straight edge,and the related articles. I am currently one of the directors of the featured sounds process. Please feel free to drop me a message on my talk page if you have any questions. For the fall term (2011) I will be going through my first semester of college, because of that I an trying not to take on any additional work. Sorry.
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Qwyrxian I'm Qwyrxian. I've been an active Wikipedian since early 2010, and in 2011 became an admin. In real life, I currently teach English in Japan, and have previously taught and tutored high school, college, and post-college students in the United States in a variety of subjects. My primary academic interests are in TESOL, feminism, and rhetoric, but I am comfortable editing and mentoring in almost any subject except for those that are highly technical in nature (like advanced engineering or mathematics). For me, Wikipedia is both fun and meaningful—when you write something for school, after you get a grade, it's done, and probably no one will ever read it again. When you write something on Wikipedia, the information you provide can become part of a lasting collection of human knowledge that can really benefit other people. For the upcoming semester, I can mentor up to 2 individuals or 1 group of up to 5 people.
(FULL) 1
Arbitrarily0 Salutations! Call me anything, anytime! I started actively contributing to Wikipedia in 2008, and have been an administrator since 2009. I have experience in a wide variety of areas here, and I'll be happy to share what I know! You can contact me by leaving a note on my talk page, emailing me, or by pinging 'Arbitrarily0' at #wikipedia-en-publicpolicy connect. Can't wait to hear from you! Cheers! Intro to Law and Technology
Mezcala Bridge - Mexico edit1.jpg
Jujutacular Greetings! I'm a Wikipedian from the US, and I began editing in July 2009. I am most active in behind-the-scenes processes and administrative ("janitor") tasks, but I am also active in reviewing candidates for Wikipedia's various "featured" content areas. When it comes to article writing, I tend to jump around quite a bit where subject matter is concerned, so I would welcome mentees from any field.
StephensCity OldSchool.JPG
Neutralhomer Hey there! I have been editing here at Wikipedia for just over 4 years now. My general areas of editing are radio stations and TV stations and Virginia history, of which I have knowledge. I can also be helpful with information on the Lutheran Church. I am a member of various WikiProjects including WP:WPRS, WP:TVS, WP:VIRGINIA, among others. I can help with tracking down references and sources and formatting them correctly. I have edited one article straight to featured article status over a 2 1/2 year period.
1 Varecia variegata and Alex Dunkel.jpg
Visionholder My name is Alex and have I have been a Wikipedia editor for nearly two years. I spend most of my time writing high-quality articles, and I usually aim for creating good articles and featured articles. I am one of the more active members of WikiProject Primates and I primarily write about lemurs and Madagascar. I'm generally interested in the sciences, and evolutionary biology is my strong point. I can be reached at my talk page, through IRC (look for "VisionHolder"), or by email.

Special note: Courses focusing on Environmental Law/Policy interest me the most, but I will gladly help anyone in need.

Conservation Biology
Mr and Mrs Andrews 1748-49.jpg
Jarry1250 Hello, I'm Jarry1250, a full-time student from England. I've been editing Wikipedia for several years now, with a fairly broad base of contributions, many accredited in some form. Like many of the other mentors, I'm an administrator, and if there's something to do on Wikipedia I've probably done it at some point. Subject-wise, I am about to commence the study of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, but I also have strong interests in the law and general history. There's not much that doesn't interest me in some fashion. As a hobby, I do a lot of general computer programming and other equally techie stuff, for example, with the Mozilla project.
0 (unsure how many I'll take on) Wikipe-tan cropped.png
GorillaWarfare Hi there! I'm GorillaWarfare. I've been a Wikipedian for over five years now, and am an administrator. I do a lot of maintenance work (vandal patrol, speedy deletion, cleanup, etc.) but also love to help new users. I contribute some content to the project, and am a good copyeditor. I'm not so good with things involving large amounts of syntax, such as tables or template creation. I'm available through my talk page, through email, on IRC as GorillaWarfare, on GTalk as gorillawarfarewikipedia, and on AIM as gorillawarfare10. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I'm happy to help! GorillaWarfare talk 19:43, 27 August 2010 (UTC)
TRM double bathrobe rulz.jpg
The Rambling Man Hi, I'm The Rambling Man. I've been active on English Wikipedia for five-and-a-half years, amassed over 64,000 edits and have contributed to a fair bit of featured content, including nine featured articles and 38 featured lists. I'm particularly interested in sports, particularly Football (soccer) and cricket, and like a bit of history as well. I've also been known to get involved in music-related articles, so happy to help out there too. In the past I've been heavily involved in peer review and good article reviews and make a point of providing editing advice to people creating lists. I'm normally around during daytime hours GMT and can always be found via email.
[Ambassador-in-training] Dwayne.jpg
Dwayne Hi there, my name is Dwayne. I'm a reviewer & rollbacker here on the English Wikipedia. I'm also an regular editor on several other Wikimedia Projects. It came to my interest to edit Wikipedia back in 2008, when I was working on a Science Fair project (doing some research). While I was researching things here on the English Wikipedia, I found it fascinating how the information on this encyclopedia was very helpful to me. Then for a moment, I thought to myself, I said that maybe someday I could edit Wikipedia, and here I am. I'm a very helpful & friendly Wikimedian. If you need help with anything, don't be too shy to ask me. I'm here on Wikipedia mostly daily. You can contact me via email or on my talk page. I also have a Skype account, please e-mail me for that information.
[Ambassador-in-training] Columbus Fire Medic 7.JPG
Peter Coti I am a wikipedia editor and reader. I am a Rollbacker and Reviewer. I have a lot of experience when it comes to vandal fighting and can answer most questions relating to it. In addition to my vandal fighting I also contribute to medical articles (even though I am not a doctor or even a EMT, although I plan to be both). In my personal life I am part of my towns Emergency Services division and a student at the local high school. I am available to help anyone who needs it when ever school is out (4:30-11 PM EST) and can be contacted via skype under the name PeterCoti.
[Ambassador-in-training] Replace this image male.png
The Earwig Hi! I'm Benjamin (or Ben, for short), and I use the pseudonym "The Earwig" for editing duties. I've been an editor for over two years, and an administrator for about ten months – that just gives me the ability to do "janitorial" work such as deleting pages, protecting (or locking) pages, and blocking users who misbehave. I live in the wonderful state of New York, and can usually be found active around five or six pm, local time, on weekdays. As a Wikipedian, my writing generally deals with biology-related topics, but I spend most of my time helping new users who've just joined the project, cleaning up other articles, copyediting, and doing maintenance to ensure our wiki can run as smooth as possible. Don't hesitate to contact me on my talk page for questions, or, if you've registered an account, email me to keep the discussion private. Thanks!
[Ambassador-in-training] User Forty two.png
Forty two Hello! I'm Nilotpal Datta, law student and Wikipedia editor. I come from Agartala, India but have been staying away from home for quite some time now. On Wikipedia, I do a lot of vandalism patrolling and new pages patrolling; I write about any topic that catches my fancy and I also try to help out new users. Please feel free to leave a message on my talk page. You can also contact me by by e-mail or at Wikipedia's many IRC channels (usually #wikipedia-en-help connect). Happy editing!
[Ambassador-in-training] Statue of Zeus (Hermitage) - Статуя Юпитера.jpg
Hello! I'm 1234r00t, commonly called r00t or Mr. R00t on Wikipedia. I am a reviewer and rollbacker. I'm very knowledgeable about copyrights and sourcing. I am often available to talk to on IRC in either #wikipedia-en-classroom or #wikipedia-en-help as Mr_R00t. Feel free to email me using the email function on Wikipedia if you need to talk to me urgently. If it is not as urgent, then you should consider leaving me a note at User talk:1234r00t. Have a pleasant time editing and good luck! Mr R00t Talk 'tribs 04:43, 21 January 2011 (UTC)
[Ambassador-in-training] 2006-07-06 drum set.jpg
Rock drum Hi, my name is Rock drum. Most of my edits are to do with literature or music. I have Rollback and Reviewer rights and edit regularly. I have created several articles and regularly maintain others. If you want to get in touch with me, you can do so by leaving me a message on my talk page, emailing me or getting in touch with me on IRC (my nick is Rock_drum on freenode). I also use MSN if that is your prefered IM client and I can send you the details if you get in touch. Act25 (talk · contribs)
Ronk01 I'm a Reviewer and Rollback here on enWiki, I also volunteer in Wikipedia's informal mediation process (the Mediation Cabal.) I am a public policy assessor, and participate in Wikiproject: Medicine. Most of my work is behind the scenes (vandalism reversion, conflict resolution, etc). The majority of my article work is medical, as in real life, I'm a cardiothoracic surgeon. I have always believed that the most important rule a new Wikipedian needs to know is Ignore All Rules, (read the policy before you apply it, or you might find yourself in a sticky situation.) because it allows new editors to contribute positively without having to worry about being penalized for breaking rules. I am best contacted on my talk page, but email is another option. Cheers!
Hoyas painted chests.jpg
Protonk and wife userphoto.jpg
Adam Hyland I am a graduate student in economics at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) focusing on industrial organization. My interests in economics are widespread including: sociology of finance, experimental economics, economic history, public finance, and the economics of virtual worlds. Outside of my field of study I am interested in how educational technology influences and is influenced by technological and social shifts--Wikipedia being one of those massive shifts in both social and technological frontiers. On Wikipedia I do a lot of "janitorial" work, including deleting and undeleting content and attempting to help editors come to some agreement on various disputes. You may contact me on my talk page or send me an e-mail.
Ambassador-in-training Replace this image male.png
AshwiniKalantri Hi, I am Ashwini. I mostly work on the Cricket articles and a few more related to me. I have created several articles and keep others up to date. I basically work on the design aspect of WP.
Coordinating ambassador: Winona State University

Group Mentor: Michigan State University Group 3

Mandel zoom 00 mandelbrot set.jpg
ManishEarthTalkStalk Hi! I'm Manish. I've been on Wikipedia for three years and I am a rollbacker, reviewer, and an accountcreator here. My main interests are Science, Mathematics, and Technology, and I love helping people! Nowadays, I usually help out at the village pumps. Feel free to ask me any questions about policy or editing in general. I can be contacted on my talk page, via email, or on IRC (I'm Manishearth on IRC).
Will Crowe My background is in programming. I have been involved with Wikipedia since 2004. Most of the articles I've created or worked on have been dog-related. I also have an interest in Eastern Orthodoxy, theology, and military history. I believe my strengths are in wiki markup. There is nothing better than a wiki to bring together disparate information, and I maintain two other personal wikis for my own purposes.
Ambassador-in-training Decompression Dive-Preparation.JPG
DiverDave Hello, my name is DiverDave. I am a practicing anesthesiologist, and I've been an active Wikipedian since August 2008. My interests include many of the life sciences and earth sciences, as well as geography and history. I am fairly active, creating and editing articles across many Wikiprojects. Click here to see a list of articles I have created, 5x expanded, or to which I have made more than 100 edits. I can assist you in creating and improving articles relating to these areas. In particular, I can help you with grammar and flow, links and piping, adding infoboxes and templates, references, images and captions, and "Did you know..." contributions.
0 Carina Nebula.jpg
Keilana Hi! I'm Keilana. I've been a Wikipedian since April 2007 - which seems like a really long time! I'm a college student studying biology and physics in beautiful Chicago, Illinois. My main focus on Wikipedia right now is astronomy - I worked to get Andromeda (constellation) and Aries (constellation) to Featured Article status, but I've also done some work in history. I collaborated with a large group to feature Cannon and History of timekeeping devices. I wear a bunch of hats here on Wikipedia, including that of volunteer administrator, a position I earned in November of 2007. I'm good at referencing and helping people understand the ins and outs of Wikipedia. I'm also a host at the Teahouse, which is a forum for new editors, so I spend a lot of time there explaining various things about the project that are confusing. I really love helping new editors and getting them started! Feel free to contact me any way you'd like, via my talk page, email, or even carrier pigeon.
0 Spermophilus by Dream Lake.jpg
~ Matthewrbowker Talk to me Hi, I'm Matthew. I currently live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My work on Wikipedia has mainly been in the WikiGnome-ish areas. I also enjoy researching information for list-class articles. I primarily work in space and technology related topics, although I will edit anything that catches my fancy. Feel free to let me know if I can be of help.
1 Lake Bondhus Norway 2862.jpg
Riley Huntley Hi; I am Riley, I work with the Account Creation Team as a tool administrator and actively participate in the Article for Deletion process. I am a Canadian university student majoring in criminology and have a love for anything that involves water. Although most of my contributions are in the maintenance field of Wikipedia, I enjoy writing articles that involve subjects like photography, species, boats and weapons. I can be found on IRC (mainly #wikipedia-cvu connect) as "Riley" so feel free to contact me there or on my talk page! I hope to see you around! Peace and Health: Praxis WI13