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WikiProject United States Presidential Elections
Landslide of Ronald Reagan in 1984, the largest in history
Landslide of Franklin D. Roosevelt in United States presidential election, 1936, at the time the largest victory in a competitive race since 1788

The aim of this WikiProject is to bring editors together who want to edit the wide range of articles that relate to United States presidential elections. Together we will strive to build many of these articles to featured and good status and do our best to remove any bias. Many of these articles need an overhaul so they can be more encyclopedic.

Top-priority tasks[edit]

These can be completed by any member

  1. Complete the marking and assessment of articles in our scope
  2. Expand all stubs
  3. Cleanup all start-class articles


If this project interests you, you are encouraged to Join by adding yourself to the list of participants.

Articles in the project's scope[edit]

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Article alerts[edit]

Featured article candidates
Good article nominees
Requests for comments

FEC Data for 2016[edit]

Upon the submission of reports by candidates' committees to the FEC, new fundraising numbers should be added to articles of the campaigns.


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31 July 2015

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Current projects[edit]

The following are the current projects on the wikiproject namespace. Participation is encouraged.

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