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  • This page attempts to present a fully expanded tree of Category:Uruguay in a way that can be useful both for the general reader and for WikiProject Uruguay maintenance work. In the case of categories that are under several parent categories, they are listed in expanded form only once. In all other instances, they are listed unlinked with a (subcat of X) note.
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WikiProject Uruguay / Project Categorization[edit]

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Note that when placing the {{WikiProject Uruguay}} template on talk pages of Categories, Templates, Files, Project, Portal and Disambiguation pages, you do not need to add |class= values, as they are automatically assigned the appropriate values and do not appear as unassessed, nor do they appear as articles of unknown importance, but please assign |importance=NA to them to have them all in one place. In Categories, Templates and Files you can also assign a value to the |topic= parameter, so that they appear in the appropriate group.

If you create an Uruguay related Redirect page, please do add the WikiProject template on its talk page, filling in the appropriate |topic= and assigning |class=NA to it. In this way redirect pages can be found and managed under Category:NA-Class Uruguay articles.


4 Pages, 1 Portal & 16 Main subcategories & 5 :

Category:Buildings and structures in Uruguay[edit]

1 Pages & 19 Subcategories (updated 18 October 2012)

Category:Communications in Uruguay[edit]

2 Pages & 4 Subcategories (updated 18 October 2012)

Category:Uruguayan culture[edit]

15 Pages & 18 Subcategories (updated 15 March 2012)

Category:Economy of Uruguay[edit]

11 Pages & 11 Subcategories (updated 18 October 2012)

Category:Education in Uruguay[edit]

4 Pages & 6 Subcategories (updated 19 October 2012)

Category:Environment of Uruguay[edit]

6 Subcategories (updated 18 October 2012)

Category:Geography of Uruguay[edit]

2 Pages & 15 Subcategories (updated 23 October 2012)

Category:Health in Uruguay[edit]

4 Pages & 6 Subcategories (updated 23 May 2017)

Category:History of Uruguay[edit]

34 Pages & 17 Subcategories (updated 27 October 2012)

Category:Uruguayan law[edit]

4 Pages & 6 Subcategories (updated 28 October 2012)

Category:Military of Uruguay[edit]

6 Pages & 5 Subcategories (updated 28 October 2012)

Category:Uruguayan people[edit]

8 Pages & 17 Subcategories (updated 15 March 2012)

Category:Politics of Uruguay[edit]

12 Pages & 15 Subcategories (updated 22 October 2012)

Category:Science and technology in Uruguay[edit]

3 Pages & 5 Subcategories (updated 15 March 2012)

  • Category:Internet in Uruguay 2 (subcat of Communications of Uruguay)
  • Category:Uruguayan inventions 2
  • Category:Military equipment of Uruguay 2 &1C (subcat of Military of Uruguay)
  • Category:Uruguayan scientists 6 &4C (subcat of Uruguayan people by occupation)
  • Category:Uruguay and the Antarctic‎ 3 (subcat of Politics of Uruguay)

Category:Uruguayan society[edit]

4 Pages & 13 Subcategories (updated 19 April 2013)

Category:Transport in Uruguay[edit]

3 Pages & 8 Subcategories (updated 15 March 2012)