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edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Uruguay/Tasks:

  • Update the portal on a monthly basis
  • Create articles or stubs for missing Uruguayan articles: buildings and structures, cities and towns, important people (presidents, politicians, sport players, etc.), etc. It'd help to check on the different existing articles for red links.
  • Elevate Uruguay article to feature status.
  • Add content to Uruguay stub articles.
  • Organize and priorize the efforts

Adopt an article[edit]

You might want to "adopt" an article. This would involve doing the research, writing, and picture-taking (if possible) for either a non-existent article or a stub. Of course, everyone else can still edit an adopted article, and you can work on other things too, but the idea is to find a focus for a while, to try and build up the number of quality articles the Project has produced.


If you can't find information to expand an article, try looking on Wikipedia in other languages. The Spanish Wikipedia is full of Uruguay-related articles that could be translated to the English one.



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