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Screen width test[edit]

This section is used to determine what screen resolution you are using. It can also be used to adjust your browser widow (by resizing it) to the below widths, for seeing how certain layouts look on other people's computer monitors.

Which of the below bars best matches this one? (by width)
800 pixel browser/screen width
1024 pixel browser/screen width
1280 pixel browser/screen width
The examples are about 200 pixels smaller than they claim accounting for sidebars, see below.

Image sizes[edit]

Example 1[edit]

50px:ElCarpio.jpg 100px:ElCarpio.jpg 150px:ElCarpio.jpg

200px:ElCarpio.jpg 250px:ElCarpio.jpg


Example 2[edit]

50px:Waterpipes.jpeg 100px:Waterpipes.jpeg 150px:Waterpipes.jpeg

200px:Waterpipes.jpeg 250px:Waterpipes.jpeg


Example 3[edit]

50px:St Helens church North Thoresby.jpg 100px:St Helens church North Thoresby.jpg 150px:St Helens church North Thoresby.jpg

200px:St Helens church North Thoresby.jpg 250px:St Helens church North Thoresby.jpg

300px:St Helens church North Thoresby.jpg

Compatibility considerations[edit]

The width test section is by itself an exercise in usability, its inline CSS has no effect on browsers and devices not supporting inline CSS like text browsers, XHTML Basic, or XHTML Print. For old visual browsers it's possible to get the desired effect with legacy markup or simple Wiki tables:

Which of the below bars best matches this one? (by width)
Actual table width 100%
800 pixel browser/screen width
Actual table width 592
1024 pixel browser/screen width
Actual table width 817
1280 pixel browser/screen width
Actual table width 1080