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When a video games article is "complete", the A-Class review (ACR) is its final stop before Featured article Featured Article candidacy (FAC). Complete articles meet the Version 1.0 A-Class criteria:

Short of minor details, the article should be ready for FAC. In a way, this is WPVG's internal vetting pre-FAC.

If you feel an article meets this criteria, nominate it:

  1. Create a page following this format:
    Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Assessment/ARTICLENAME/AC1
  2. Explain your reasons for nomination, sign, and save the page.
  3. Add {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Assessment/ARTICLENAME/AC1}} atop the list below

If a previous A-Class review for that article exists, change "AC1" to the next available number (e.g., AC2, AC3).

Current reviews[edit]

Please add new requests below this line