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If you have made significant changes to an article and would like an outside opinion on a new rating for it, please feel free to add it at the bottom of the list below. If you are interested in more extensive comments on an article, please use the peer review department instead.

To nominate an article for A-class, go to WP:VG/ACR, start a nomination thread, and notify the project here with a link to said thread. Two uninvolved reviewers will need to review the article and agree it is an A before it can be listed as such. Please note that Good Article status is not a formal prerequisite for A-class assessment.

This page is not for requesting Good Article, Featured Article, or Featured List status. For such assessments, follow the instructions at Good Article Nominations, Featured Article Candidates, or Featured List Candidates.

Completed assessments[edit]

Recently completed assessments are listed below. Older assessments can be found in the archive.