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Project At a Glance[edit]

As of Q3 2016, the project has:

Changes to Featured and Good content[edit]


Summary: ...

Congratulations to the contributing editors!

July 2016[edit]

August 2016[edit]

September 2016[edit]

  • Promoted FA/FL/FP: Featured article
  • Promoted FT: Featured topic
  • Promoted GA: Good article
  • Promoted GT: Good topic
  • Demoted FA: Former featured article
  • Demoted FT: Former featured topic
  • Demoted GA: Delisted good article

News and announcements[edit]

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New articles[edit]


On the Main Page[edit]

The Main Page is the most prominent page on the English Wikipedia.

Several video game articles appeared on Wikipedia's Main Page between July and September 2016. Congratulations to the contributing editors!

The following were Today's featured article on the following dates:

Facts from the following articles appeared on the Main Page's Did you know? section:


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