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The Visual novels task force is an organized task force dedicated to organize, expand, clean up, and guide articles related to Japanese visual novels. This is a joint task force under both the video games and anime and manga WikiProjects. To indicate that an article falls within the scope of this work group, please add "|Visualnovels=" to the {{WikiProject Video games}} talk page template and "|visual-novel-task-force=" to {{WikiProject Anime and manga}}". For example, {{WikiProject Video games|Visualnovels=yes}} and {{WikiProject Anime and manga|visual-novel-task-force=yes}}. You can also add this to the talk page of images, categories, and templates.

If you would like to participate, add yourself to the members section of this page. Help out by editing visual novel-related articles, making positive changes towards the goals outlined, or contributing to the discussion on one of our related talk pages. If you would like to add some suggestions, ask on the talk page.

Article guidelines[edit]

For more details on this topic, see the Video game article guidelines, Anime and manga manual of style and Japanese manual of style

Besides the usual policies and guidelines, please make sure you are aware of the specific guidelines related to video game-related articles. Also ensure that you are familiar with the following topics:

  1. The five pillars of Wikipedia: a quick rundown of the 5 key rules you need to start editing.
  2. Simplified ruleset: 16 rules of thumb to help you avoid problems.
  3. List of policies: A comprehensive list of the 42 official policies with very quick summaries.
  4. Wikipedia:Notability (video games): Not an official policy but a good guideline.

Additional guidelines include:

Project overview[edit]


  1. Create any and all articles related to notable visual novels that have not yet been created.
  2. To craft well-written and properly organized visual novel articles and subsequent character articles of characters featured in visual novels.


It is standard in many games to have a text box with a character sprite to give a visual representation of whose dialogue it is. Due to the widespread usage of this narrative instrument, this alone does not qualify a game to fall within this task force's scope. The scope of the project is that of articles which consist entirely of, or directly relate to, the Japanese original or English adapted form of:

  • Visual novels, interactive fiction games featuring mostly static graphics, usually with anime-style art. This includes visual novels produced outside of Japan.
  • Characters from visual novels.
  • Additional merchandise from visual novels, not including visual novels that have been made into anime or manga; see WikiProject Anime and manga for details.
  • Companies and staff of those companies that produce visual novels and companies that produce licensed English translations of visual novels.
  • Visual novel terminologies.
  • Notable websites that provide reference material relating to visual novels; see WP:WEB for details.
  • Other visual novel-like games such as sound novels, dating sims, and kinetic novels.
  • Games which use visual novel- or dating sim-like features to progress the story as well as character relationships, but also have additional elements of gameplay akin to RPGs. Example: Rune Factory.

The following are not within the scope of this task force when used separately from any of the above:


User WP Visual novels

A list of participants can be found at Category:Visual novels task force participants.

Technically speaking, anyone who edits or contributes to visual novel articles is a participant, and there are no requirements other than that. If one wishes, they can further identify themselves with the project by listing their name as a participant. This helps spread the word about the project and can help other editors see what types of articles that user is interested in editing.

To add yourself to the project listing add the following to your user page.

[[Category:Visual novels task force participants|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]

Or, if you wish to use the userbox, add {{User:Juhachi/User WP Visual novels}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode.

Visual novels played[edit]

This is a list of visual novels that our members have played, or at least have in their possession. It is an attempt to see which games our members have first-hand experience with, and thus which articles we have the best chance of bringing up to good or better status. Please add your own visual novels to the list, followed by your username.

The list can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Video games/Visual novels/played.

Related WikiProjects[edit]

Parent WikiProject[edit]

In addition to the above guidelines and recommendations, follow the guidelines and recommendations of the "parent" WikiProject when they apply:

Similar WikiProjects[edit]

Even if not directly visual novel-related, the following WikiProjects may contain useful information that you can use:

Recognized articles[edit]

The following articles and lists have reached Good Article, Featured Article or Featured List status, and should be used as references for work on other articles in order to bring them up to the same level.

Featured lists[edit]

Featured articles[edit]

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Good topics[edit]

Articles to work on[edit]

Needs expanding[edit]

Visual novels
Companies and people

Notability not established[edit]

Former Good articles[edit]

Related content[edit]




  • - Helpful in visual novel sales information. (in Japanese)
  • PC News game rankings - National sales rankings for PC games in Japan. Note that the dates in the links are for the issue the information was in, not the dates for the sales ranking, so you should look in the issue about a month after the game's release date. The ranking operated between December 2000 and February 2007. (in Japanese)
  • PCpress game sales rankings - National sales rankings for PC games in Japan. Note that the month each issue was published contains information of the previous month, so the first issue (June 2007) contains the ranking of May 2007. The previous sales rankings can be accessed at the PCpress sales log. (in Japanese)
  • PCpress game reservation rankings - National reservation rankings for PC games in Japan. Note that the month each issue was published contains information from the middle of that month to the middle of the next month, so the first issue (June 2007) contains the ranking from mid June to mid July 2007. The previous reservations rankings can be accessed at the PCpress reservation log. (in Japanese)
  • - Famitsu is helpful in console-ported visual novel reviews. (in Japanese)
  • Technologytell sometimes covers visual novels, including reviews. These are mainly handled by contributor Jenni Lada and appear in her Important Importables column.
  • - This website has news pertaining to visual novels straight from Japan and visual novels that are being fan translated into English. The website also reviews visual novels.