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This simply represents Vardion's ideas on the matter, not a final verdict. Please feel free to comment or make amendments.

The article should have the main text on the left and a sidebar on the right.

The sidebar should contain statistics and factoids such as the capital city, population, area, and so forth. It should also include a map showing where the province is located. The HTML for the sidebar can be found in the template below.

The sidebar's contents are generated by the template {{Infobox province of Vietnam}}. Some variables in that template are completely optional; others are not, but you can still leave them blank if you don't have all the necessary information yet. – Minh Nguyễn (talk, contribs) 05:31, 3 January 2006 (UTC)

The main text should begin with a section saying what the article is about (XYZ province of Vietnam) and where the province is located. It text should then discuss the political geography (capital city, other major cities, districts), and then the physical geography (rivers, mountains, etc). After that should be something about the economy (rich/poor, major industries, etc). Finally, there should be something about the demographics of the region, particularly regarding ethnic minorities.

The Ha Giang Province article was the first to be created, and roughly follows this template.


In June 2005, Vardion updated the infobox design for Vietnamese province articles. Minh Nguyễn tweaked it and turned it into a template. This template was later superseded by Infobox settlement. The example infobox to the right reflects this new design.
Lào Cai
Nickname(s): Old Streets
Location of Lào Cai within Vietnam
Location of Lào Cai within Vietnam
Country  Vietnam
Region Northeast
Capital Lào Cai
 • Total 8,057 km2 (3,111 sq mi)
 • Total 616,500
 • Density 77/km2 (200/sq mi)
 • Ethnicities Vietnamese, H'Mông, Tày, Dao, Thai
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Calling code 20
ISO 3166 code VN-02

Lao Cai (in Vietnamese, Lào Cai; in Chinese 老街, literally meaning "Old Streets") is a province of Vietnam. Continue...

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