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This WikiProject is a subproject of the International development and Environment WikiProjects. It was originally named WikiProject Water and sanitation, and has been updated to reflect the broader scope.


The goal of this project is to improve understanding of the underlying significance of water to geography and resulting distribution of life. This project seeks to utilize linking capabilities of Wikipedia to improve understanding of the relationships of water quantity and water quality variations to population distribution of all species, including political and ethnic subdivisions. Improved geographical and environmental linking of articles related to water supply, sanitation and water purification is an important focus of this project.

Articles on rivers should be linked to articles on species, habitats, or cities and countries historically defined by that river or dependent upon the river for trade or water supply. Articles on species, habitats, or political subdivisions should be similarly linked to defining bodies of water. Articles on water diversion or water treatment methods should be linked to articles on habitats positively or negatively affected by such diversions or treatments. Aquatic and terrestrial habitats or political subdivisions should be similarly linked to water diversions or treatments supporting or threatening those habitats or political subdivisions.

This project should avoid duplication of efforts by other projects focused on broader aspects of article improvements for a narrower range of articles. Wherever possible, this project should encourage other projects to recognize and embrace interdisciplinary aspects of water geography, transportation, chemistry, and habitats.

How you can help[edit]

There are many ways that anyone can help to get this project off the ground. You can improve the quality and write articles, edit and copy edit existing articles, provide CAD and other diagraming. Create flash animations of various systems. Translate these articles into other articles and tell your friends about it.

One approach is to investigate Wikipedia categories. The obvious category is water. Each project participant will have categories of special interest like populated places, technology or organisms. Project participants might look through those categories and subcategories to find articles of interest to see if they contain appropriate links to water relationships. Each participant brings unique knowledge of places and water relationships. You might start by examining the categories listed at the bottom of articles of interest and look for parent categories to find other articles with similar water relationships.

The See also section of an article may be a convenient location to add a link where the water relationship is obvious. Where the link may require explanation, a short sentence or paragraph with an in-line reference citation should be built around the link. Many shorter articles would benefit from a separate section explaining important water relationships.

Animation of a leaky faucet


Water supply articles[edit]


  • Overview
  • History (including where used, "once in...."now used in")
  • Theory (advantages, drawbacks, how-to)


Stub articles related to water supply and/or purification include:

{{watersupply-stub}} is the primary specific stub for this area. You can also use {{tech-stub}} or if it is related to international development, use {{international-dev-stub}}.

{{waste-stub}} can also be used for waste water & water treatment related articles.

Water supply Water purification

Sign me up[edit]

Wow, this is a unique approach... I would like to help by.... (Wikipedia is a collaborative effort, every little bit helps):

  • TTLightningRod 16:35, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC) writing, illustration, CAD creation. inactive user
  • Chriswaterguy 06:52, 30 November 2005 (UTC) - Researching & providing info. My main focus is Appropriate technology and everything in that category, but with a particular interest and background in water & sanitation.
  • KHatcher 12:57, 2 June 2006 (UTC) - Research in water resources planning and management. Also working on the Wikipedia Portal:Water.
  • Alex 08:05, 2 October 2006 (UTC)Practical and a theoretical background in water-based environmental technologies
  • ACBest 11:28, 14 June 2007 (UTC) Were doing water stuff at school right now - thats right - im joining this wikiproject while im at school in my ICT lesson!
  • Melaniesarah 9:32, 14 August 2007 (HDR_SD) - This is exactly what I was looking for! inactive user
  • Thewellman 6 November 2012 emphasis on geography and aquatic biochemistry
  • Hmccann 6 March 2013 Emphasis on impact on development and capabilities of developing nations
  • OLucier 28 September 2014 emphasis on Water Supply and Sanitation in developing nations
  • Bob1960evens 12 March 2015. I have produced stuff on the legislation and organisation of the British water industry, and am just starting to expand the articles on individual water companies.
  • User:H-2-O 31 July 2017. Long time user. Currently working on Irrigation related articles. I have worked in that industry for nearly 30 years.

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