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Welcome to the Webcomics work group! This is a group within the Comics WikiProject for discussion and improvement of webcomics-related articles.


This project is dedicated to providing information on internet-based comic strips, or webcomics. The scope of this project may extend to other fields, such as webcomics in print, animation or video games inspired by webcomics, and people related to the webcomic community/industry.

This project may overlap with its main Wikiproject (Comics), as well as Websites, Internet Culture, Blogging, Animation, and Animanga.

How to join[edit]


As of October 2019, we have 105 editors listed on the group's participant page, of which 27 have edited Wikipedia within the last three years.

What you can do[edit]

Come to our Talk Page to discuss the project, ask for help, and see suggestions of things to do. You can also choose tasks from our to-do list below:

Requested articles 
Create articles based on Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics/Webcomics work group/Requests and WP:WEB
Expansion needed 
Sort through and expand articles at Wikipedia:WikiProject Comics/Webcomics work group/Expand
Tagging needed 
Start tagging relevant pages by adding |Web=yes to the {{WikiProject Comics}} banner on talk pages.
visit work group · edit this list
  • Improve articles to meet C-Class or B-Class to help meet our goals; see below for the goals and for lists of articles by quality.
  • Check the list of webcomic articles with recent changes, to ensure the changes are of good quality.
  • Recruit interested editors.
  • Collect categories, resource links, and templates.
  • Expand the open task listing above.
  • Join our project chat on the unofficial Wikimedia Discord server. Please see WP:Discord for more information.
  • Add things here!


10% of articles B-Class or better: 50.6% complete
20% of articles C-Class or better: 101.1% complete

If you've worked to improve an article and wants its quality reassessed, the main Comics Project has a page where you can ask for such assessments.

Tagging and assessment[edit]

Webcomics work group assessment statistics


Any article related to this task force should be marked by adding |Web-work-group=yes to the {{Comicsproj}} project banner at the top of its talk page (see the project banner instructions for more details on the exact syntax). This will automatically place it into Category:Webcomics work group articles and associated statistics will be updated automatically by User:WP 1.0 bot.

Hot articles[edit]

13 edits PvP
7 edits Somali and the Forest Spirit
7 edits Year Hare Affair
6 edits One-Punch Man
5 edits Oh Seong-dae

These are the articles that have been edited the most within the last seven days. Last updated 18 January 2020 by HotArticlesBot.


The following templates may be useful when editing webcomics-related articles.


These userboxes can be placed on your userpage:

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Comics Portal[edit]

The Comics Portal requires regular input and is always seeking volunteers. Help us bring this portal at Featured portal status!