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Task force on Early Web History[edit]

Mission statement[edit]

Some editors have noted that Wikipedia fails to include information which would be useful to inform future generations of the Early History of the World Wide Web. Even today, there are many thousands of individuals who were born after the nascence of the Web, and have no perspective of the heady days of early technology, tight-knit communities, and the early examples of sites that were the forefathers of now commonplace practices like blogging, search engines and others.

To the extent that Wikipedia contains some information on early websites, it is disjointed and unlinked; nothing links and binds these tidbits in a way that could impart an understanding of the paradigmatic change vanguarded by a few websites and a few core technologies which have redefined human interaction.

Our bold purpose in this WikiProject is to find and bind much of this disappearing information, linking together existing articles and writing new and informative articles with fully verifiable sources, to inform children of today's and tomorrow's Web of the history which preceded them.



  1. Determine scope of timeframe (From: Tim Berners-Lee's first CERN site in 1991? Establishment of W3C in 1994? To: Netscape IPO in 1995? Perhaps release of Internet Explorer v3.0 in 1996?)
  2. Determine scope of subject matter (Early popular sites/communities? Early technologies? (CGI-BIN, early web servers?) Milestones? (when did the White House start their webpage?))
    1. Should we expand from just the web to include Usenet, possibly gopher?
  3. Lobby for a change to WP:WEB guidelines (as Zompist noted[1]) to clarify notability for websites from the early history of the Web
  4. Identify and list existing topical articles
  5. Let's do some free association to come up with ideas.
  6. Identify missing articles for creation
  7. Build the web!



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