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The assessment of articles on Wikipedia is essential to help editors improve and maintain quality standards. Within the scope of a WikiProject, members with shared interests can identify and assess articles, in order to appraise editor contributions, using an established quality grading scheme. In addition to standard ratings, articles can also be assessed, independent of WikiProjects, as Good articles and Featured articles, allowing editors to produce work at a professional encyclopedic level. What follows are the assessment standards offered by WikiProject Westerns.

Assessment process[edit]

Review methods
Featured article FA Featured list FL A-Class article A GA B C Start Stub List Template Category
See FAC See FLC See ACR See GAN Independent editor review As required

Peer reviews[edit]

Please see Peer review to request feedback.

A-Class reviews[edit]

Please see A-Class reviews for details.

B-Class assessments[edit]

Please see B-Class requests for details.

Independent reviews[edit]

  • This allows project members to grade articles up to and including B-Class without need for a formal review process. Editors should enter the class they feel the article meets using the {{Westerns}} project banner. Editors may also raise or lower an article's class, accordingly, if the article appears over-rated or has been developed to a higher quality grade.
    • Template and Category pages that are related to the project should be tagged with the {{Westerns}} project banner and given the appropriate class. No further action is required.
    • The project does not identify Disambiguation, Redirect, File, Book, FM (featured media) or Project pages, at present.
    • Articles that have been reviewed as FA/FL or GA class should also be identified as such within the project banner.
    • Editors may tag and assess articles which they have created upto B-Class, although a second opinion should normally be made at B-Class requests to avoid bias.

Quality scale[edit]

WikiProject Westerns uses the same criteria for grading articles as set out by the Version 1.0 Editorial Team. If you are not sure what class an article falls under, leave a note on the WikiProject's talkpage, and someone will help you out.

WikiProject article quality grading scheme