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Wiki Loves Women in Nigeria[edit]

The Wiki Loves Women project is a content aggregation project that is being implemented in four sub-Saharan Africa countries: Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. It started at the beginning of 2016.

Core Team[edit]

Group Photograph: Wiki Loves Women
Women FM 91.7 endorses Wiki Loves Women in Nigeria

The Wiki Project Loves Women in Nigeria is held in partnership with Wikimedia Usergroup Nigeria, and is coordinated by Olushola Olaniyan. He is accompanied by several volunteers. Members include:


The Wiki Loves Women project in Nigeria would not be possible without several key partners. These include;

Upcoming and past events[edit]


  1. Proposed GogeAfrica Foundation, focus on Women in Business and Culture, last week in March
  2. Proposed event University of Ibadan, Ibadab, Oyo State in focus on Nigerian Women in Academia
  3. Proposed event with Lagos State University, Ojo in February 2017 focus on Nigerian Women in Academia-second edition
  4. Proposed event with Nigerian Association of women journalist in February/March focus on Women journalism in Nigeria
  5. Proposed event with Live Abundantly Empowerment Initiative with focus on woman capacity development
  6. Proposed event with GogeAfrica Foundation.
  7. Proposed event with Emalk Walk with focus on cervical cancer among Nigerian women in March
  8. Proposed event with British Broadcasting Corporation for the celebration The World Women's day on the 7th and 8th of March 2017

Ongoing activities[edit]

  • Monthly Contests, started on the 20th September to 19th October 2016 with the theme Women in Entertainment in Nigeria.
  • In support of Wiki Loves Women project, W.TECH and WUGN has entered into partnership to participate in the SHE CAN WITH ICT starting from 30th September, 2016. A program designed to empower 600 students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria with focus on content creation. This program will last for six month.
  • Weekly Radio program on Wiki Loves Women's activities in Nigeria
  • Media partnership with WFM91.7, the station for women and their family, with weekly broadcasting starting October 4th 2017.


  1. Launching of Wiki Loves Women in Lagos Nigeria
  2. Edit-a-Thon at Goethe-Institut tagged Women in Politics,Entertainment and The Girl Child see here for the detail
  3. Edit-a-Thon at Goethe-Institut tagged : Women in Civic Society see the see the event page here
  4. WUGN has completed her third event in Nigeria with Women Consortium Organization of Nigeria (WOCON) on the 29 July 2016 tagged Women in Civic Society and Humaninty, see event page here
  5. WUGN has completed a project tagged:Women inspired: Health and Community on the 28-29 of September in partnership with project Pink-Blue in Abuja an NGO with focus on women cancer awareness and treatment. see event page here
  6. when WUGN has completed an Edit-a-thorn tagged: Women in Social Services : Promoting SDG in Nigeria the event is organised with Bestspring Foundation at Goethe Institut,Lagos
  7. 18th October 2016, Hajiga Haleema Foundation an NGO with focus on Endometriosis awareness and cure in Nigeria, will be hosting an edit-a-thon in support of Wiki Loves Women project at the Bola Ajibola auditorium Crescent University, Abeokuta south west, Nigeria.
  8. October 13, WUGN and W-TECH will host an event at Goethe Institut, Lagos event page created.
  9. 18th-19th November, 2016, TechHer and WUGN will be organising event in Abuja
  10. 8th December, 2016, Wiki Loves Team (Nigeria) partner BBC to coordinate BBC 100women in Abuja, Nigeria.
  11. January 16th and 17th, 2017 She Writes Woman focus on Mental Illness among Nigerian women
  12. February 8th, SWOFON focus on Nigerian women in Agriculture
  13. February 16 and 17 2017, Wiki Loves Women event in partnership with Media Concern, focus is on Sexual violence
  14. March 8 , Celebrating International World Women's day 2017

Wikimedia UG Nigeria (WUGN) launched a Wikimedia Radio and TV program on Blackface Radio on the 17th of January 2017. It is a live program conceptualized to create awareness for Wikimedia activities in Nigeria. The radio program was birthed by a Wiki Loves Women event in Nigeria. It features live interviews of content partners from Wiki Loves Women and also Wikimedians across the globe. It comes live on air between 18:45 to 19:45 h local time in Nigeria (West Africa Time) every Wednesday.

Media crew[edit]

Objectives of the program[edit]

  • To provide awareness for all activities of the Wikimedia User Group Nigeria
  • To serve as a hub where all Wikimedians across the globe can be reached and share their experiences to the community at large

How do we achieve this objective?[edit]

  • Invitation of Wiki Loves Women content partners to share their experience on the project.
  • Live connection with Wikimedians across the globe through phone in to share their experience with the global community.

Recorded programs[edit]

  • This is a list of the programmes that have already been recorded.

Documentary on Nigeria women[edit]

Documentary One[edit]

Documentary Two[edit]

Telling our stories... the way it is...

Video coverage of International World Women's day 2017 covered by Blackface radio[edit]


Celebration of International World Women's Day 2017 in Nigeria hosted by Goethe Institut[edit]

Press coverage[edit]


Photo Gallery[edit]