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Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania[edit]

The Wiki Loves Women project is a content aggregation project that is being implemented in six sub-Saharan Africa countries: Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania. It started at the beginning of 2016.

Core Team[edit]

Project Participants[edit]

First name Last name Username
Mwanafuraha Adinani Mwanafuraha
Anael Kisanga Anaeli Kisanga
Invioleta Mwakiwene Invioleta
Fredrick Musalika Fredrick Musalika
Julius Hatibu Julius Hatibu
Obadia Deonathus Obadia Deonathus
Mwanaharusi Selemani Mwanaharusi Selemani
Godfrey Ndyanabo Godfrey Ndyanabo
Danford David Danford David
Michael Ditrick Michael Ditrick
Matinde John Matinde John
Digna Gasper Digna Gasper
Elizabeth Mandele Elizabeth Mandele
Habibu Mrisho Habibu Mrisho
Patience Abraham Patience Abraham
Hadija Shabani Hadija Shabani
Dennis Kibahila Dennis Kibahila
Nsajigwa Ephraim Nsajigwa Ephraim
Robert Kamunde Robert Kamunde
Ally Hashimu Ally Hashimu
David Nanage David Nanage
Jema Ngajilo Jema Ngajilo
Partick Simon Partick Simon
Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth Joseph
Mwinuka Stella Mwinuka Stella
Emmanuel Mangu Emmanuel Mangu
Upendo Peter Upendo Peter
Blessings Rweikiza Blessings Rweikiza
Paul Emmanuel Paul Emmanuel
Annabel Itadi Annabel Itadi
Aneth David Anneth David
Lucas Sammuel Lucas Sammuel
Aika Masawe Aika Masawe
Ebenezer Mlay Ebenezer Mlay
Lulu Sameer Lulu Sameer
Edwin Bakalemwa Edwin Bakalemwa

Accounts created[edit]


The Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania would not be possible without several key partners. These partners include;

Upcoming and past events[edit]

12nd January 2019:Sixth Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Wikicommons Editathon)[edit]

Wiki Loves Women 6th Event-Tanzania

15th December 2018:Fifth Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Wiki Loves Women Workshop and Editathon-Tanzania)[edit]

01st December 2018:Fourth Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema-I)[edit]

17th November 2018:Third Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema)[edit]

20th October 2018:Second Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Women in Politics)[edit]

8th September 2018: Launching of the Wiki Loves Women project[edit]


  • Seventh Wiki Loves Women event in Tanzania.

On going

  • Preparations of 7th Wiki Loves Women event.


  1. Wikicommons Editathon
  2. Wiki Loves Women Workshop and Editathon-Tanzania
  3. Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema-I
  4. Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema
  5. Second Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Women in Politics)
  6. Launching of the Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania

Key project focus areas and links[edit]

The activities are organized around ediathons open to all for the general presentation of the project, the writing of articles and the uploading of the sources.

Press coverage[edit]