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Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania[edit]

The Wiki Loves Women project is a content aggregation project that is being implemented in six sub-Saharan Africa countries: Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania. It started at the beginning of 2016.

Core Team[edit]

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Project Participants[edit]

First name Last name Username
Mwanafuraha Adinani Mwanafuraha
Anael Kisanga Anaeli Kisanga
Invioleta Mwakiwene Invioleta
Fredrick Musalika Fredrick Musalika
Julius Hatibu Julius Hatibu
Obadia Deonathus Obadia Deonathus
Mwanaharusi Selemani Mwanaharusi Selemani
Godfrey Ndyanabo Godfrey Ndyanabo
Danford David Danford David
Michael Ditrick Michael Ditrick
Matinde John Matinde John
Digna Gasper Digna Gasper
Elizabeth Mandele Elizabeth Mandele
Habibu Mrisho Habibu Mrisho
Patience Abraham Patience Abraham
Hadija Shabani Hadija Shabani
Dennis Kibahila Dennis Kibahila
Nsajigwa Ephraim Nsajigwa Ephraim
Robert Kamunde Robert Kamunde
Ally Hashimu Ally Hashimu
David Nanage David Nanage
Jema Ngajilo Jema Ngajilo
Partick Simon Partick Simon
Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth Joseph
Mwinuka Stella Mwinuka Stella
Emmanuel Mangu Emmanuel Mangu
Upendo Peter Upendo Peter
Blessings Rweikiza Blessings Rweikiza
Paul Emmanuel Paul Emmanuel
Annabel Itadi Annabel Itadi
Aneth David Aneth David
Lucas Sammuel Lucas Sammuel
Aika Masawe Aika Masawe
Ebenezer Mlay Ebenezer Mlay
Lulu Sameer Lulu Sameer
Edwin Bakalemwa Edwin Bakalemwa

Accounts created[edit]


The Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania would not be possible without several key partners. These partners include;

April 2019[edit]

Wiki Loves Women The FINALE (10th Event 30th April 2019)[edit]

Some of the Wiki Loves Women Tanzania Finale Participants

Finally we are here!
We are both excited happy and sad that we have closed one of the cool project ever done in Tanzania as we got used to host and have fun in writing, collaborating and facilitating Wiki Loves Women. We are happy that many volunteers who participated from the beginning, partners and without forgetting notable women did show up. We had a great time concluding the project as we had a chance to reflect and look back where we came from since the first event on September 2018 to the finale (10th) event on April 2019. One of the inspiring moments was listening to the Wiki Loves Women project founders (Isla and Florence) VIDEO they send us, on that Video they explained on how did they come up with the idea of Wiki Loves Women Project. Participants were given a chance to listen to the video, then a number of follow up questions about Wiki Loves Women was asked and the respondents to the questions who was given some gifts.
At the end we had the cool individual and group photos as well as short video clips featuring what the participant had to say about Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania. You can find more of the info such as cool photos and timeline events and sessions on our facebook page Here or you can listen to what they had to say Here, Here and Here also

Finally We would like to use this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to both the project directors (Isla and Florence) for their endless support and mentor ship and the Wikimedia Foundation for supporting this project to happen in Tanzania.

Wiki Loves Women Her 2 Her Chat (9th Event, April 6th 2019)[edit]

This was our 9th event before the last one which will happen on last weekend of this month of April 2019. We asked ourself, why seating down and write only ? How can we make sure there is a room for women to be part of this journey, by inviting them. Her2Her event was designed for a positive purpose, connecting women with other women from different experiences and background, hear out loud their story and their views. Wiki Loves Women is also platform that cares and gives a community a form of investment in the project (Wiki Loves Women ), and how women are viewed and their voices are heard within the society.

We managed to invite six powerful, notable women who are successful within their fields, in many ways, and their impact within the society is seen everyday within Tanzania and beyond.

Over 50 people showed up with rate of 72% number of women.

Towards International Women's Day: 07th March 2019 (8th Event)[edit]

Some Tanzanian Wikimedians group photo (Briefing Wiki Loves Women Project to Swedish Ambassador in Tanzania)
Event summary[edit]

This was the 8th Wiki Loves Women event in Tanzania since its Launching in August 2018. With the collaboration between Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania and WikiWomenTz (WikiGap) organized by the Swedish Embassy in Tanzania.

The event was held at the residence of the ambassador for Swedish Embassy in Tanzania and with focus on getting some insights, views ,suggestions on possible ways on how to overcome the Challenge of lack of enough reliable sources to write about Tanzanian women as well as uploading some women bios into Wikipedia.

Over 20 notable women living in Dar es Salaam will were invited to attend, and share the journey, success, failure and how they overcome challenges, this also built a good interaction between them and local Tanzania Wikimedians editors.

The exciting part[edit]

At least 15 articles were successful created and published, picture of notable women and videos were taken for a future use.

Event details[edit]
  • Hosted Dates: 07th March 2019
  • Hosting partner: Residence of the ambassador for Swedish Embassy in Tanzania
  • Event purpose: Hearing from Notable women as learning experience
  • Registration here (event closed):'s_Day

Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Wikieditors vs Notable Women): 26th January 2019[edit]

Event summary[edit]

The event brought together Tanzanian Wikimedians and some of the Tanzanian notable women from different fields to have a discussion on trending matters that relates to Women such as the content gender bias existing online.These notable women will be given some time to give brief presentation on the pressing issues for women from their respective fields (arts, technology, politics).After that there will be some for the editors to interact with the notable women to have some discussion to come up with ways on how we can overcome the challenge"Lack reliable referencing materials to write about Women in Tanzania"

The exciting part[edit]

Five notable women showed up and they gave their story, this also included number of 20 participants.

Event details[edit]

WLW - Wikicommons Editathon Training: 12nd January 2019:[edit]

Event summary[edit]

The event will focus on training of Wiki-commons project by sharing knowledge on how to contribute to it especially photo uploading as one of the capacity building towards upcoming Wiki Loves Africa project in Tanzania. Also the event will focus on sharing knowledge on how to use the uploaded photos in info boxes as preparation of next upcoming event which will specifically focus on photo addition to the already written Women articles in Tanzania.

The exciting part[edit]

Over 43 editors participated on this training.

Wiki Loves Women 6th Event-Tanzania
Event details[edit]

Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania - Training 15th December 2018[edit]

Event summary[edit]

The event was designed to have two parts / phase, with a main focus of running a workshop focused on training volunteers and editors both new and past, by adding value to their editing skills. The second phase was focusing on keeping writing about notable women, where by we looked into past published women articles on Wikipedia under Wiki Loves Women and refining them. This is our fifth and last event for 2018 in Tanzania, due to coming holidays, other event will start from second week of January.

The exciting part[edit]

On this event about 8 new articles were made, and 13 old articles were edited with a total of 70 edits from 35 participants, this event was held at Buni Innovation Space, Dar es salaam Tanzania.

Event details[edit]

Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema-I[edit]

Event Summary[edit]

This was the fourth Wiki Loves Women event in Tanzania as continuation of the previous third event which focused on writing about Women Swahili Wikipedia biographies related to Tanzanian cinema with its corresponding updation of cinema roles labels in wikidata.

The exciting part[edit]

On this event we repeated the quick explanations of how Wikidata works, we assisted new comers through account creation then later we focused on creating Women Swahili Wikipedia biographies relating to Cinema.In this event we were excited to participate in AfroCine project 2018 by doing some improvement of WikiData occupation labels by translating the wikidata cinema related labels from english to Swahili.This event was able to pull out a total number of 40 people including organisers and volunteers.This event was able to pull out a total number of 40 people including organisers and volunteers.In this event at least 33 women articles were created, and 47 articles were edited with total edits of 220.


On part of organizing this event it was difficulty to get names as well as contents of women relating to Cinema.Also the technical it was a bit challenge to get the exact swahili vocabularies which fit the english cinema occupational roles to be feed in wikidata.

Event details[edit]

17th November 2018:Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema[edit]

Event Summary[edit]

Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema was a third Wiki Loves Womenevent in Tanzania. The event was focusing on training and sharing knowledge on what is Wikidata, how Wikidata works and how it can be used in line with swahili articles.Also during this event we introduced ongoing Afrocine project whereby some of the wikidata english labels related to Cinema was translated into Swahili.

The exciting part[edit]

In this event we started with introduction of what Wikimedia projects are and how are all interlinked to wikidata.The few attended editors was excited to learn the basics of how wikidata works.It was interesting event due to inclusive discussion on the names of the occupations related to cinema.The editing of these women occupation labels into wikidata was interesting and quite easy to the editors.


Some of the challenges was the low level of attendance of volunteers due to multiple events that were happening on the same date “(including a popular Google developers festival [GDG]) which led to some of the Wiki Loves Women volunteers and editors to attend.Also there was some other technical challenges we had which were:

  • In some occupations there were no male editing section on wikidata which led us to skip the swahili label for the particular section.
  • Lack of single exact Swahili vocabularies to meet the mentioned english labels except by shor explanatory words.
Event details[edit]
  • When: 17th of November 2018. 7:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Partner in Hosting: Seed Space
  • What: Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema

Click here for more info about this event

Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Women in Politics) 20th October 2018[edit]

Event summary[edit]

This was the second Wiki Loves Women event in Tanzania. This event was focusing on writing all about women in politics in Tanzania, the event was done on 20th of October and about 15 editors participated.

The exciting part[edit]

22 new articles of women were created, and 24 articles were edited with total edits of 71. The event was again held at Seed Space and this time we used a Seed Space at free of charge, due to a relationship we have started building between our team and Seed Space managers.


On this event the case of missing of enough references on women were listed on the database of editors was mentioned, this includes images and data that can be used to write articles. Another challenge raised was the accessibility of templates that can be helpful to new editors to write acceptable articles.

Suggestions from volunteers[edit]

Training and editors should work on designing best templates and guidelines that could lead on how articles could be written on Wikipedia.
Having a periodical time dedicated on capacity building on technical issues and how to search for reliable informations to write about.
List of more women with enough references

Event details[edit]

8th September 2018: Launching of the Wiki Loves Women project[edit]

Event Summary[edit]

Wiki Loves Women 2018 Launch was the first event which was done on 08th September 2018. This event awareness was early been announced though Wiki Tanzania Community User group social media channels including WhatsApp group where most of members are active.

The duty was to explain to the audience and volunteers participated about Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania and its goals and what will be done on each event.

The exciting part[edit]

After the power blackout we had to find an alternative option for hosting, Seed Space responded and accepted us, even though we had to pay for the space but it was worth it, facility and all other support. This event was able to pull out a total number of 40 people including organizers and volunteers. About 33 articles of women were created, and 47 articles were edited with total edits of 220.

What went wrong[edit]

The event was to be held at Buni innovation hub which we had to change the spot due to power cut, Buni hub is one of our partner in hosting, but at sometimes they might have power cut cases during weekends.

Event details[edit]

PROJECT ANNUAL SUMMARY (2018 - 2019)[edit]

This part describes events, articles and activities that has been conducted with the Wiki Loves Women Team in Tanzania since the launch of the project in 8th September 2018 to the end of project, which is expected to be somewhereApril 2019.

Event Covered[edit]

For over 7 months series of events have been conducted with number of volunteers and organisers for Wiki Loves Women Tanzania chapter, this included having few partners precipitating and even inviting notable Women to speak and share their view on how project could be improved and even inspire women volunteers editors within WLW as we understand some of volunteers are also running different activities off WLW or Wikipedia projects.

Articles published[edit]

Over 50+ articles have been published, since started.


Working on editing and building lis of women to write it has been a challenge in many ways, finding supportive content such as references, as well free lincese images for articles has been a challenge our end. For the case of partnership, proposal of partnership were suppose to be sent early to organization we were focusing to reach, as most of organization year starts on July here in Tanzania, and all proposal suggested from that time they'll be applicable on the new year of operation. Which mostly reached out partners

Remaining Events[edit]
  1. Wiki Loves Women Notable (Expected: April 2019)
  2. Wiki Loves Women Final closing Event (Expected: April 2019)

Completed events[edit]
  1. Launching of the Wiki Loves Women project in Tanzania
  2. Second Wiki Loves Women in Tanzania (Women in Politics)
  3. Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema
  4. Tanzanian Women in Wikidata and Cinema-I
  5. Wiki Loves Women Workshop and Editathon-Tanzania
  6. Wikicommons Editathon
  7. Wiki Loves Women - Notable chats
  8. Wiki Loves Women - International Women Day

Key project focus areas and links[edit]

The activities are organized around ediathons open to all for the general presentation of the project, the writing of articles and the uploading of the sources.

Press coverage[edit]