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Let's improve the representation of Africa's sports women on Wikimedia projects ![edit]

From the 1st - 15th June 2019 Wiki Loves Women wants to celebrate all of Africa's sports women across several language Wikipedias (English and French), WikiData and Wikimedia Commons. Through this drive you can upload images, translate existing articles, add WikiData items or create new articles on your favourite female sportswoman. The existing list of sports women being covered on Wikimedia projects is listed below.

Celebrate a sport you love and the people who play it in your country!

What is this Women in Sport Drive about ?[edit]

Help improve articles on Africa's Sports Women

Below ... you will find a list of all the women who live on the African continent who are recorded on WikiData as a sports woman. The list shows you:

  • which country she lives in,
  • what sports discipline she excels at,
  • what articles exist for her in English, French, Portuguese or Arabic Wikipedia and
  • if there is an image for her.

Please note: these are the women who are currently listed. If they are not listed here, they need to be!

How to be part of the drive[edit]

There are many ways to be part of this drive. Some are very easy (adding WikiData items, or a description to an image), some are more complicated (translating or adding all team members to Wikidata, or uploading an image), while others might take a bit of time (like writing an article). You decide how involved you want to be. Perhaps a few thing today, and more involved stuff on the weekend ...? Every little edit helps!

1. Make sure you are logged in. If you are not yet registered, you can register here:

2. Add your name in the participants' section below!

  • Add your name by signing with ~~~~

3. Review the table. Look at the entries for your country or a sport you are very excited by.
4. Are there any obvious entries missing (for example, Ghanian national football team)? If so, add the WikiData items for any sportswomen who are not mentioned on this list (and should be).

  • If Sports women are missing from your list, you can add new people to WikiData by creating a new item.

5. Improve or translate existing articles

  • Look at the article and see if it needs improvement (citations, more up-to-date information). Perhaps check if there is a corresponding article in another language you contribute to - if not, please feel free to create a new article in this language.

6 Add more information to each of the WikiData entries listed below

  • Click on the number that starts with a Q that is next to the sportswoman whose information you wish to edit. This will take you to Click on the Edit / pencil icons to start editing.

7. Upload images of sportswomen who do not yet have one

  • Use the upload wizard on Commons in order to add images to the Wikimedia projects. Be sure to add the name of the person featured in the image to the description and the caption. You can use the new depiction function to link them to any of the sports women listed below.

8. Link the images of sportswomen to their Wikidata item number

  • There are many images on Commons that have not yet been linked to the relevant WikiData item. You might find some images that need more detailed descriptions here:
  • Some images on Wiki Loves Africa 2019 covered Sport in different countries.
  • Category covering female sports people by country and might have images that need linking to their WikiData item. To do this, click on the link to the image. When on the image page, under the image itself, click on the Structured Data tab (next to the File Image tab). Enter the name of the person featured in the image (even if the image is named after the person in the photo, it might not be linked to the corresponding item in WikiData.

I am participating!![edit]

List of Africa's Women in Sport as listed on WikiData[edit]

See the query here: (epic thanks to User:Spinster for her invaluable assistance with the query)

Automatically update the list now | SPARQL |Find images

This list is automatically generated from data in Wikidata and is periodically updated by Listeriabot.
Edits made within the list area will be removed on the next update!


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q233870 Hassiba Boulmerka Algeria athletics
Q234986 Nouria Mérah-Benida Algeria athletics
Q378248 Tassadit Aïssou Algeria
Tassadit Aissou.JPG
Q467303 Souad Aït Salem Algeria
Hannover Marathon 2015 Ait Salem.jpg
athletics Souad Aït Salem
Q534747 Baya Rahouli Algeria athletics
Q593317 Soraya Haddad Algeria judo
Q1618243 Leila Lassouani Algeria
Leila Lassouani.jpg
Q1657510 Anissa Khelfaoui Algeria
Anissa Khelfaoui St Maur 2015 prelims t154037.jpg
fencing Anissa Khelfaoui
Q2362785 Chanez Ayadi Algeria volleyball
Q2372460 Sonia Asselah Algeria judo
Q2412377 Nahida Touhami Algeria athletics
Q2438598 Faïza Tsabet Algeria volleyball
Q2626414 Sehryne Hanaoui Algeria
Sehryne Hennaoui.jpg
Q2695023 Nasria Azaïdj Algeria athletics
Q2712406 Lydia Oulmou Algeria
Lydia Oulmou 1.jpg
Q2827765 Aicha Mezemate Algeria volleyball
Q2842640 Amel Charrouf Algeria volleyball
Q2842646 Amel Khamtache Algeria
Amel Khamtache.JPG
Q2943969 Celia Bourihane Algeria
Celia Bourihane 2012 Summer Olympics.jpg
Q3012441 Dallal Merwa Achour Algeria
Dallal Merwa Achour 2012 Summer Olympics.jpg
Q3030092 Fatma-Zohra Oukazi Algeria volleyball
Q3030103 Yasmine Oudni Algeria volleyball
Q3030111 Nassima Ben Hamouda Algeria volleyball
Q3030119 Narimène Madani Algeria volleyball
Q3055954 Fatima Zahra Djouad Algeria volleyball
Q3056304 Sylia Magnana Algeria volleyball
Q3067235 Fatima Zohra Cherif Algeria volleyball
Q3112943 Mouni Abderrahim Algeria
Mouni Abderrahim.jpg
Q3112950 Nawal Mansouri Algeria
Nawal Mansouri.jpg
Q3112972 Salima Hammouche Algeria volleyball
Q3112983 Zohra Bensalem Algeria
Zohra Bensalem.JPG
Q3132991 Sarra Belhocine Algeria
Sarra Belhocine.jpg
Q3180825 Safia Boukhima Algeria
Safia Boukhima.jpg
Q3191887 Kahina Bounab Algeria volleyball
Q3191889 Kahina Messaoudene Algeria volleyball
Q3269955 Lætitia Agab Algeria
association football
Q3285645 Manel Yaakoubi Algeria volleyball
Q3329269 Zahra Gamir Algeria fencing
Q3343453 Nora Hamou Maamar Algeria association football
Q3460498 Sabbah Meftah Saoues Algeria association football
Q3469800 Salima Souakri Algeria
Salima Souakri.jpg
judo Salima Souakri
Q3473314 Sarah Akroun Algeria volleyball
Q3574610 Zahra Bouras Algeria athletics
Q3575693 Zohra Zahia Hanous Algeria association football
Q4119205 Raouia Rouabhia Algeria volleyball
Q4746351 Amina Rouba Algeria rowing
Q5028825 Camélia Sahnoune Algeria athletics
Q5210902 Dalia Djebbar Algeria volleyball
Q5444301 Ferial Salhi Algeria fencing
Q5637852 Hadia Bentaleb Algeria fencing
Q6480236 Laldja Bendahmane Algeria volleyball
Q6508210 Lea Moutoussamy Algeria
Q6685834 Louadjeda Benoumessad Algeria paralympic athletics
Q6689584 Louiza Bayou Algeria volleyball
Q6707659 Lydia Miraoui Algeria association football
Q6819417 Meriem Moussa Algeria judo
Q6957710 Nadia Medjemedj Algeria
Meeting d'Athlétisme Paralympique de Paris - Nadia Medjemedj 02.jpg
paralympic athletics Nadia Medjemedj
Q6957857 Nadira Ait Oumghar Algeria volleyball
Q6997632 Nesrine Merouane Algeria volleyball
Q7279516 Rachida Ouerdane Algeria judo
Q7553622 Sofia Djelal Algeria paralympic athletics
Q7972768 Wassila Rédouane-Saïd-Guerni Algeria fencing
Q8027724 Wissem Dali Algeria volleyball
Q8049838 Yasmina Azzizi-Kettab Algeria athletics
Q8049842 Yasmine Abderrahim Algeria volleyball
Q9312145 Tahani Romaissa Belabiod Algeria athletics
Q9339537 Sonia Halliche Algeria athletics
Q11756919 Linda Chellakh Algeria athletics
Q11756924 Linda Méziani Algeria athletics
Q12015314 Lila Latrous Algeria judo
Q12248946 Nihad Hihat Algeria volleyball
Q15241339 Amina Bettiche Algeria athletics
Q15838562 Samia Djémaa Algeria athletics
Q16145905 Souhila Abdelkader Algeria handball
Q16150854 Amel Ait Ahmed Algeria handball
Q16161648 Kahina Arbouche Algeria volleyball
Q16198790 Souhila Benaicha Algeria handball
Q16199898 Fatima Boussora Algeria handball
Q16205633 Sabria Dahane Algeria swimming
Q16205667 Kenza Dahmani Algeria
Kenza Dahmani Rio2016.jpg
Kenza Dahmani
Q16207385 Nassima Dob Algeria handball
Q16208687 Bahia Boussad Algeria athletics
Q16208955 Nadia Belakhdar Algeria
Nadia Bellakhdar 20181010.jpg
Q16209022 Kenza Bennaceur Algeria swimming
Q16211096 Widad Mendil Algeria athletics
Q16220965 Lamia Izem Algeria handball
Q16221571 Samia Sehabi Algeria handball
Q16223416 Kahina Saidi Algeria judo
Q16223499 Nabila Tizi Algeria
Brest Bretagne Handball match 16 novembre 2016 Nabila Tizi.jpg
handball Nabila Tizi
Q16223664 Sihem Hemissi Algeria handball
Q16225834 Sarah Khouiled Algeria
Q16231329 Fatiha Iberaken Algeria handball
Q16231579 Souad Titou Algeria handball
Q16231636 Rekia Ziadi Algeria handball
Q16231697 Ratiba Hassnaoui Algeria handball
Q16232681 Rima Khelil Algeria handball
Q16528254 Amina Saoud Algeria volleyball
Q16562360 Jassika Hellala Algeria athletics
Q16585001 Yasmine Ousalah Algeria volleyball
Q16675670 Sara Bouaoudia Algeria athletics
Q17466497 Fatima Mokhtari Algeria artistic gymnastics
Q18214866 Leïla Hadi Algeria handball
Q18225792 Nawel Hammouche Algeria volleyball
Q18398348 Lahna Khasrani Algeria athletics
Q19571825 Khadidja Latreche Algeria chess
Q19580593 Amina Mezioud Algeria chess
Q19958152 Inès Ibbou Algeria tennis
Q20666384 Redouani Amina Algeria volleyball
Q20824111 Bariza Ghazlani Algeria racewalking
Q20851212 Samia Balistrou Algeria
Q20853555 Souheir Bouali Algeria athletics
Q20988046 Barkahoum Drici Algeria
Drici Barkahoum during Prague International Marathon 2015 (1).JPG
Q22003128 Ahlam Amrani Algeria volleyball
Q22004078 Lilya Djenaoui Algeria volleyball
Q22004077 Malek Djari Algeria volleyball
Q22344510 Naïma Laouadi Algeria
Q22815246 Sakina Boutamine Algeria
Q22948409 Chahla Benmokhtar Algeria volleyball
Q22948511 Ryma Mebarki Algeria volleyball
Q22948550 Rayhana Miloud Hocine Algeria volleyball
Q22948632 Amira Sadi Algeria volleyball
Q22948727 Chettout Kahina Algeria volleyball
Q22948734 Melissa Kasri Algeria volleyball
Q22948764 Zaidi Amel Algeria volleyball
Q22948820 Fatma Zahra Djouad Algeria volleyball
Q22948972 Nour El Houda Bouregua Algeria volleyball
Q22949302 Bekhta Rabah-Mazari Algeria volleyball
Q22956853 Safia Imadali Algeria volleyball
Q23888418 Farah Boufadene Algeria
artistic gymnastics
Q24284198 Ilham Eldjou Algeria karate
Q24287455 Lydia Besbes Algeria karate
Q24956226 Hanene Salaouandji Algeria
Q24956224 Tassadit Amer Algeria
Q24956225 Amina Benabderrahmane Algeria
Q26251718 Nacera Boukamoum Algeria alpine skiing
Q26255174 Lynda Mekzine Algeria judo
Q26689627 Lynda Hamri Algeria
Lynda Hamri – Women's long jump 13 (cropped).jpg
paralympic athletics Lynda Hamri
Q26705134 Bouchra Fatima Zohra Hirech Algeria
Hirech Rio 2016b.jpg
weightlifting Bouchra Fatima Zohra Hirech
Q26775169 Mounia Gasmi Algeria paralympic athletics
Q26844464 Nassima Saifi Algeria paralympic athletics
Q26923874 Imène Cherif-Sahraoui Algeria
Q26923872 Katia Belabas Algeria
Q27107020 Sabrina Latreche Algeria chess
Q27119327 Kahina Hadid Algeria judo
Q27119361 Souhir Madani Algeria judo
Q27119516 Sabrina Saidi Algeria judo
Q27119566 Amina Temmar Algeria judo
Q27119590 Rabia Lamalsa Algeria
Q27119627 Dyazia Hadad Algeria judo
Q27119629 Ratiba Tariket Algeria judo Ratiba Tariket
Q27119633 Souad Belakhal Algeria judo
Q27119636 Aicha Ben Abderahman Algeria judo
Q27119649 Kaoutar Oualal Algeria judo
Q27244454 Samia Medjahdi Algeria tennis
Q27244517 Horiya Affak Algeria association football
Q27430326 Meriem Adjmi Algeria judo
Q27536230 Salima Lalili Algeria judo
Q27538268 Feriel Esseghir Algeria tennis
Q27562798 Fatima Sekouane Algeria association football
Q27562846 Kahina Takenint Algeria association football
Q27598316 Farida Arouche Algeria chess
Q27598394 Wissam Toubal Algeria chess
Q27598392 Hayat Toubal Algeria chess
Q27636864 Amira Kouza Algeria swimming
Q27783223 Anya Boudaoui Algeria badminton
Q27786395 Zoubida Bouyacoub Algeria judo
Q27786574 Aida Mezerna Algeria judo
Q27827541 Ikram Cherara Algeria weightlifting
Q27906257 Halla Bouksani Algeria badminton
Q27906406 Linda Mazri Algeria badminton
Q27906610 Sirine Ibrahim Algeria badminton
Q27916809 Amina Belkadi Algeria judo
Q27916831 Faiza Aisahin Algeria judo
Q28501409 Chahla Atailia Algeria judo
Q28502044 Oukid Ourida Algeria judo
Q28502067 Leila Zitun Algeria judo
Q28502065 Zineb Ghezal Algeria judo
Q28502186 Zohra Zemamta Algeria judo
Q28502273 Radia Boubrioua Algeria judo
Q28502309 Sabrina Asselah Algeria judo
Q28672248 Houria Boukrif Algeria
Q29830810 Kheira Yahiaouchi Algeria
Q33324617 Souad Cherouati Algeria swimming
Q42017814 Imen Aguar Algeria judo
Q42718597 Asmahan Boudjadar Algeria paralympic athletics
Q42965501 Zoubida Bouazoug Algeria judo
Q47491827 Samia Hireche Algeria rowing
Q50347833 Linda Azzedine Algeria taekwondo
Q50768396 Katia Bourdjah Algeria athletics
Q50768405 May Massika Mezioud Algeria athletics
Q51161877 Dounia Kara Algeria athletics
Q52005759 Hadjer Mecerem Algeria judo
Q52161408 Amel Melih Algeria swimming
Q54242017 Djida Nawel Ialloulène Algeria athletics
Q54259755 Nacéra Zaaboub-Achir Algeria athletics
Q54293368 Sabiha Mansouri Algeria athletics
Q54438046 Hind Mokhtari Algeria taekwondo
Q55314929 Siham-Soumeya Ben Nacer Algeria tennis
Q55314940 Amira Benaissa Algeria tennis
Q55956277 Zouina Bouzebra Algeria athletics
Q56426215 Imane Taleb Algeria
Imane Taleb (cropped).jpg
karate Imane Taleb
Q56629982 Nesrine Medjahed Algeria swimming
Q56630584 Hamida Rania Nefsi Algeria swimming
Q56634479 Majda Chebaraka Algeria swimming
Q56640156 Imène Kawthar Zitouni Algeria swimming
Q56692594 Nabila Chibani Algeria handball
Q56692709 Feriel Choukri Algeria handball
Q56842568 Manal Kamilia Hadj Saïd Algeria
Manal Kamilia Hadj Saïd.jpg
Q59199227 Inès Boutaleb Algeria
association football
Q59520403 Asma Houli Algeria chess
Q60054894 Abik Boungab Algeria fencing
Q62594190 Lamia Chemlal Algeria
Q62899416 Yasmine Oussalah Algeria volleyball
Q62971781 Fatima Zohra Laghouati Algeria
Q62973905 Maghnia Hammadi Algeria
Q62975672 Nour El Houda Sabri Algeria
Q63136994 Zineb Mama Ayad Algeria
Q63137058 Lahna Salem Algeria
Q63137136 Chama Temmami Algeria
Q63137291 Meriem Menighed Algeria
Q63137354 Celia Haroune Algeria
Q63138702 Khadidja Salmi Algeria
Q63244085 Nesrine Magroune Algeria
Q63244117 Rania Benali Khoudja Algeria
Q63244133 Serour Mediouni Algeria
Q63244151 Siham Mansouri Algeria
Q63348312 Yamina Halata Algeria
Q63438677 Meriem Nada Benmiloud Algeria
Q63886184 Mahdia Bella Algeria
Q64019414 Abla Hali Algeria


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q463073 Antonia Moreira Angola judo
Q508138 Angela Cardoso Angola basketball
Q536192 Luisa Tomas Angola
Luisa Tomas 2012.jpg
Q580497 Ana Gonçalves Angola basketball
Q654440 Madalena Felix Angola basketball
Q798402 Nassecela Mauricio Angola basketball
Q2079565 Fineza Eusébio Angola
Q2080188 Ngiendula Filipe Angola basketball
Q2080201 Nadir Manuel Angola basketball
Q2080211 Sónia Ndoniema Angola basketball
Q2080240 Astrida Vicente Angola basketball
Q2210606 Rosa Saul Angola athletics
Q2493654 Ungudi Quiawacana Angola
Q2514348 Titica Angola
Q2757212 Catarina Camufal Angola basketball
Q2757411 Felizarda Jorge Angola basketball
Q2844964 Ana Clara Guerra Marques Angola
Ana Clara Guerra Marques, VOA Português.jpg
Q3359430 Isabel Guialo Angola handball
Q3359429 Azenaide Carlos Angola
Russia vs Angola 2.jpg
Q3374949 Elzira Tavares Angola handball
Q3374978 Cristina Branco Angola
Cristina Direito (cropped).jpg
handball Christina Branco
Q3374999 Natalia Bernardo Angola handball
Q3375166 Joelma Viegas Angola handball
Q3375250 Isabel Fernandes Angola handball
Q3375313 Neyde Barbosa Angola handball
Q3375330 Carolina Morais Angola handball
Q3375654 Ilda Bengue Angola handball
Q3375954 Maria Odeth Tavares Angola handball
Q3493825 Marcelina Kiala Angola
Marcelina Kiala.jpg
handball Marcelina Kiala
Q3499453 Luisa Kiala Angola handball
Q3500869 Nair Almeida Angola
Nair Almeida.jpg
Q4750315 Ana Barros Angola handball
Q4750340 Ana Crysna da Silva Romero Angola swimming
Q4940755 Bombo Calandula Angola handball
Q5442103 Felismina Cavela Angola athletics
Q6762050 Mariana Henriques Angola
Wikipedia MHenriques.JPG
swimming Mariana Henriques
Q6774171 Marta Santos Angola handball
Q6787541 Matilde André Angola handball
Q7369744 Rossana Quitongo Angola handball
Q9374756 Magda Cazanga Angola handball
Q9709244 Catarina Sousa Angola swimming
Q11756564 Lidia Nicole Alberto Angola
Q11885005 Nádia Cruz Angola swimming
Q13563286 Anica Neto Angola handball
Q13563290 Elisa Webba Angola handball
Q13563291 Cristina Matiquite Angola basketball
Q13563288 Palmira Barbosa Angola handball
Q13563289 Filomena Trindade Angola handball
Q14323060 Luzia Simão Angola basketball
Q15303087 Teresa Almeida Angola handball
Q15303113 Anastácia Sibo Angola handball
Q16211572 Rosa Gala Angola basketball
Q16221973 Maria Pedro Angola handball
Q16223296 Lurdes Monteiro Angola handball
Q16224031 Elizabeth Viegas Angola handball
Q16232336 Liliana Paixão Angola handball
Q16233537 Lisandra Salvador Angola handball
Q16234181 Iracelma Silva Angola handball
Q16239598 Albertina Kassoma Angola handball
Q16647686 Justina Lopes Praça Angola handball
Q20898757 Adriana Alves Angola athletics
Q21872447 Elizabeth Cailo Angola handball
Q21872489 Wuta Dombaxe Angola handball
Q22004099 Janete dos Santos Angola handball
Q22006478 Juliana Machado Angola handball
Q22030578 Liliana Venâncio Angola handball
Q22095355 Luzia María Bizerra Angola handball
Q22095841 Mária Eduardo Angola handball
Q22096040 Domingas Cordeiro Angola handball
Q22096144 Maura Faial Angola handball
Q22096292 Lia Paulo Angola handball
Q22096457 Elisa Peres Angola handball
Q22097235 Maria Gonçalves Angola handball
Q22097459 Aña Bela Joaquim Angola handball
Q22121081 Regina Camumbila Angola handball
Q22121104 Maria Inês Jololo Angola handball
Q22121121 Ivone Mufuca Angola handball
Q22121131 Dionisia Pio Angola handball
Q22276794 Rosa Amaral Angola handball
Q22278784 Belina Larica Angola handball
Q23417219 Teresa Ulundo Angola handball
Q24548914 Edith Mbunga Angola handball
Q25915854 Vilma Nenganga Angola
2016 Women's Junior World Handball Championship - Group A - UZB vs ANG - Vilma Nenganga.jpg
Q26260131 Ana Sofia Nóbrega Angola swimming
Q26267509 Liliana Neto Angola athletics
Q27927779 Dalva Peres Angola
2016 Women's Junior World Handball Championship - Group A - UZB vs ANG - (09).jpg
Q28717997 Esperança Gicaso Angola athletics
Q28810242 Michele Pessoa Angola swimming
Q29043202 Elsa Freire Angola swimming
Q29046831 Carla Fernandes Angola swimming
Q30125858 Diassonema Mucungui Angola judo
Q32148792 Guilhermina da Cruz Angola athletics
Q42304615 Delfina Cassinda Angola athletics
Q42611323 Ana Isabel Elias Angola athletics
Q44460026 Manuela Paulino Angola handball
Q44461466 Vilma Silva Angola handball
Q44462173 Natália Kamalandua Angola handball
Q44462183 Helena Paulo Angola handball
Q44462876 Marta Alberto Angola handball
Q44462882 Ríssia Oliveira Angola handball
Q45762729 Acilene Sebastião Angola handball
Q45826783 Maria Raimundo Angola handball
Q50347823 Sandra Antonio Angola taekwondo
Q55872263 Elsa Eduardo Angola basketball
Q55872963 Helena Viegas Angola basketball
Q55873059 Artémis Afonso Angola basketball
Q55873099 Ângelina Golome Angola basketball


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q5367725 Elspeth Denning Australia
South Africa
Q6812658 Melissa Carlton Australia
South Africa
34 ACPS Atlanta 1996 Swimming Melissa Carlton.jpg
swimming Melissa Carlton


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q3314599 Mimi Belete Bahrain
Irene Cheptai, Mimi Belete 2015.jpg
Q7695237 Tejitu Daba Bahrain
Q16209255 Ruth Jebet Bahrain
athletics Ruth Jebet
Q16855061 Oluwakemi Adekoya Bahrain
468 finale 400m dames (25490329314).jpg
athletics Oluwakemi Adekoya


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q1656036 Ibtissam Bouharat Belgium
association football
Q2939896 Carole Karemera Belgium
Carole Karemera 07762.JPG
Q20747945 Mounia Aboulahcen Belgium
Q27949164 Ferahiwat Gamachu Tulu Belgium


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q328631 Odile Ahouanwanou Benin athletics Odile Ahouanwanou
Q2787337 Fabienne Feraez Benin athletics
Q4349619 Gloria Koussihouede Benin swimming
Q9251328 Edwige Bancole Benin athletics
Q9339615 Sonya Agbessi Benin athletics
Q17612528 Laure Kuetey Benin athletics
Q20899202 Noélie Yarigo Benin
Noélie Yarigo Rio2016.jpg
athletics Noélie Yarigo
Q26251727 Félicite Bada Benin athletics
Q26605685 Laraïba Seibou Benin
Laraïba Seibou Rio2016.jpg
swimming Laraïba Seibou
Q54294543 Pascaline Adanhouegbe Benin athletics


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q859812 Tshotlego Morama Botswana athletics
Q1710040 Joyce Malebogo Arone Botswana badminton
Q1821580 Leungo Tshweneetsile Botswana badminton
Q2943593 Samantha Paxinos Botswana swimming
Q21285534 Goitseone Seleka Botswana athletics
Q21621577 Lydia Jele Botswana
P1210209 Meeting Stanislas 2017 Tomblaine Stade R.PETIT (35603778366).jpg
athletics Lydia Jele
Q25374204 Christine Botlogetswe Botswana athletics
Q26263150 Naomi Ruele Botswana swimming
Q27503310 Jennifer Seitshiro Botswana badminton
Q27503311 Tjiyapo Mokobi Botswana badminton
Q27503312 Tlamelo Sono Botswana badminton
Q27503313 Tebogo Modisane Botswana badminton
Q27560146 Tuduetso Sabure Botswana chess
Q27580684 Refiloe Tshambani Botswana association football
Q27913507 Botho Makubate Botswana badminton
Q27913505 Bonolo Amos Botswana badminton
Q36306997 Galefele Moroko Botswana
Galefele Moroko 2016.jpg
athletics Galefele Moroko
Q52442274 Loungo Matlhaku Botswana athletics
Q32478 Amantle Montsho Botswana
2011-06-09 Amantle Montsho.jpg
400 metres
Amantle Montsho

Burkina Faso[edit]

item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q2224518 Sarah Tondé Burkina Faso athletics
Q2373594 Séverine Nébié Burkina Faso
Q3379142 Aïssata Soulama Burkina Faso athletics
Q4762712 Angelika Ouedraogo Burkina Faso swimming
Q5494974 Hanatou Ouelogo Burkina Faso judo
Q6774651 Marthe Koala Burkina Faso
Marthe Koala 2016.jpg
athletics Marthe Koala
Q11690242 Christophele Ouattara Burkina Faso athletics
Q11764435 Lynda Ouédraogo Burkina Faso athletics
Q16210234 Béatrice Kamboulé Burkina Faso athletics
Q16216795 Irène Tiéndrebeogo Burkina Faso athletics
Q16221942 Elisabeth Nikiema Burkina Faso swimming
Q16890255 Stella Ilboudo Burkina Faso association football
Q17580018 Laetitia Bambara Burkina Faso
Q21010990 Chantal Ouoba Burkina Faso athletics
Q21010995 Mariama Ouiminga Burkina Faso athletics
Q21285619 Pon-Karidjatou Traoré Burkina Faso
Pon-Karidjatou Traoré Women 200 m French Athletics Championships 2013 t153456 (cropped).jpg
athletics Pon-Karidjatou Traoré
Q51880681 Worokia Sanou Burkina Faso athletics


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q452213 Francine Niyonsaba Burundi
Francine Niyonsaba Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Francine Niyonsaba
Q512115 Diane Nukuri Burundi
Diane Nukuri - 2012 Olympic Womens Marathon (cropped).jpg
athletics Diane Nukuri
Q515337 Elsie Uwamahoro Burundi swimming
Q1376573 Odette Ntahonvukiye Burundi judo
Q4490997 Francine Niyonizigiye Burundi athletics
Q11004749 Laetitia Berthier Burundi athletics
Q16212717 Larissa Inangorore Burundi swimming
Q21063232 Justine Nahimana Burundi athletics
Q26233734 Antoinette Gasongo Burundi judo
Q52424784 Sada Nahimana Burundi
Sada Nahimana at YOG Buenos Aires 2018 02.jpg
tennis Sada Nahimana


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q185379 Téclaire Bille Cameroon association football
Q263068 Gabrielle Onguene Cameroon
Gabrielle Onguene Cameroon cropped.jpg
association football Gabrielle Onguéné
Q377479 Adrienne Iven Cameroon association football
Q377531 Adrienne Ndongo Fouda Cameroon association football
Q412052 Ajara Nchout Cameroon
association football Ajara Nchout
Q455463 Antoinette Guedia Cameroon swimming
Q467244 Anksa Kara Cameroon
Anksa Kara.jpg
Anksa Kara
Q768250 Augustine Ejangue Cameroon association football
Q1036242 Carine Mbuh Ndoum Yoh Cameroon association football
Q1083695 Christine Manie Cameroon
Manie Christine.jpg
association football Christine Manie
Q1097958 Claudine Meffometou Cameroon
association football Claudine Meffometou
Q1112904 Madeleine Ngono Mani Cameroon
Ngono Mani.jpg
association football Madeleine Ngono Mani
Q1142426 Crystelle-Ida Ngnipoho-Pokam Cameroon association football
Q1261432 Drusille Ngako Cameroon association football
Q1441338 Francine Zouga Cameroon association football
Q1451273 Françoise Bella Cameroon association football
Q1490683 Gabrielle Ngaska Cameroon association football
Q1496708 Gaëlle Enganamouit Cameroon
association football Gaëlle Enganamouit
Q1661568 Laetitia Chapeh Cameroon
Equatorial Guinea
association football
Q1686057 Jeannette Yango Cameroon
association football Jeannette Yango
Q1902168 Marlyse Bernadett Ngo Ndoumbouk Cameroon
Marlyse Ngo Ndoumbouk.jpg
association football Marlyse Ngo Ndoumbouk
Q2070790 Perial Ndengue Cameroon association football
Q2395984 Rebecca Ngo Nkot Cameroon volleyball
Q2602405 Yvonne Leuko Cameroon association football
Q2826469 Agathe N'Nindjem-Yolemp Cameroon basketball
Q2850646 Annabelle Ali Cameroon freestyle wrestling
Q3050247 Myriam Léonie Mani Cameroon athletics
Q3265759 Lucienne Berthieu Cameroon
Q3431945 Rigoberte M'Bah Cameroon
Rigoberte M'Bah.JPG
association football Rigoberte M'Bah
Q3473348 Sarah Etonge Cameroon athletics
Q5044689 Carole Kaboud Mebam Cameroon
Q5129306 Claudine Komgang Cameroon athletics
Q5202441 Cécile Ngambi Cameroon athletics
Q5254423 Delphine Atangana Cameroon
Delphine Atangana 2009 (cropped).jpg
Q5493501 Françoise Nguele Cameroon judo
Q5547083 Georgette Nkoma Cameroon athletics
Q5548306 Georgina Toth Cameroon athletics
Q5906677 Hortense Béwouda Cameroon athletics
Q6294415 Joséphine Mbarga-Bikié Cameroon athletics
Q6727691 Madias Nzesso Cameroon weightlifting
Q6873118 Mireille Nguimgo Cameroon athletics
Q7422363 Sarah Hanffou Cameroon table tennis
Q7927411 Victorine Agum Fomum Cameroon table tennis
Q8059779 Ysis Sonkeng Cameroon
association football Isis Sonkeng
Q8883677 Ruth Enang Cameroon athletics
Q10836290 Amina Njonkou Cameroon basketball
Q15616896 Félicité Marie Mbala Ntsama Cameroon judo
Q15616916 Dechantal Fokou Ntolack Cameroon judo
Q15616923 Hélène Wezeu Dombeu Cameroon judo
Q15617101 Christelle Okodombe Cameroon judo
Q15617106 Ngandeu Weyinjam Cameroon judo
Q15617109 Philomène Bata Cameroon judo
Q15783571 Annette Ngo Ndom Cameroon
association football Annette Ngo Ndom
Q15815140 Henriette Akaba Cameroon
association football Henriette Akaba
Q15825016 Laetitia Moma Bassoko Cameroon volleyball
Q16172020 Auriel Dogmo Cameroon athletics
Q16211244 Raissa Feudjio Cameroon
association football Raissa Feudjio
Q16226478 Bibi Medoua Cameroon
association football Bibi Medoua
Q16269620 Agnès Tchuinté Cameroon athletics
Q16636426 Florence Djépé Cameroon athletics
Q16645645 Jeanne Ngo Minyemeck Cameroon athletics
Q16657741 Lolita Nack Cameroon athletics
Q16663602 Mary Dolly Zé Oyono Cameroon athletics
Q16665086 Monique Djikada Cameroon athletics
Q16666033 Nadège Essama Foé Cameroon athletics
Q16682313 Vanessa Mballa Atangana Cameroon judo
Q17485944 Marie Fegue Cameroon weightlifting
Q18172830 Bebey Beyene Cameroon association football
Q18331273 Rebecca Muambo Cameroon wrestling
Q18331859 Angele Tomo Cameroon wrestling
Q18402395 Joëlle Mbumi Nkouindjin Cameroon athletics
Q18758727 Reine Sosso Cameroon association football
Q20090326 Cathy Bou Ndjouh Cameroon association football
Q20164422 Genevieve Ngo Cameroon
association football Geneviève Ngo Mbeleck
Q20630453 Ninon Abena Cameroon association football
Q20630530 Aurelle Awona Cameroon
association football Marie-Aurelle Awona
Q20641225 Agathe Ngani Cameroon
association football Agathe Ngani
Q21282973 Annette Jacky Messomo Cameroon association football
Q21284542 Fawziya Abdoulkarim Cameroon volleyball
Q21284945 Stéphanie Fotso Mogoung Cameroon volleyball
Q21285330 Victoire L'or Ngon Ntame Cameroon volleyball
Q21285410 Christelle Nana Tchoudjang Cameroon volleyball
Q21285421 Audrey Nkamsao Cameroon athletics
Q21620878 Berthrade Bikatal Cameroon volleyball
Q21621731 Henriette Koulla Cameroon volleyball
Q22236588 Pilar Bakam Tzuche Cameroon weightlifting
Q24013546 Joseph Essombe Cameroon wrestling
Q24405294 Blandine Angama Cameroon karate
Q24689401 Ramses Lonlack Cameroon basketball
Q24954164 Blandine Metala Cameroon wrestling
Q24954189 Edwige Ngono Eyia Cameroon wrestling
Q26270957 Arcangeline Fouodji Cameroon weightlifting
Q26923879 Théorine Aboa Mbeza Cameroon volleyball
Q26923877 Raïssa Nasser Cameroon volleyball
Q26923883 Yolande Amana Guigolo Cameroon volleyball
Q26923880 Madeleine Bodo Essissima Cameroon volleyball
Q26923884 Emelda Piata Zessi Cameroon volleyball
Q27119584 Berthe Etane Ngolle Cameroon wrestling
Q27119656 Nadine Wetie Diodjo Cameroon judo
Q27430298 Louise Stephanie Zeh Cameroon judo
Q27463998 Clementine Meukeugni Noumbissi Cameroon weightlifting
Q27536247 Judith Esseng Abolo Cameroon judo
Q27916808 Fabiola Ndanga Nana Cameroon judo
Q27955280 Paule Sitcheping Cameroon judo
Q28143500 Catherine Mbengono Cameroon association football
Q28501385 Geneviève Nga Onana Cameroon judo
Q28501392 Sanama Agoume Cameroon
Sanama Agoume (cropped).jpg
Q28501739 Grace Deutcho Cameroon judo
Q28501771 Honorine Mafeguim Cameroon judo
Q28502030 Augustine Ndzouli Ndoumbe Cameroon judo
Q28502046 Ngo Batang Donna Cameroon judo
Q28502080 Marcelline Mkegne Cameroon judo
Q28502110 Pauline Ngo Tepka Cameroon judo
Q28502187 Mafeguim Honori Cameroon judo
Q28502219 Hildegarde Asse Cameroon judo
Q29830433 Gertrude Prombove Cameroon wrestling
Q29830443 Danielle Sino Cameroon wrestling
Q30126209 Audrey Njepang Cameroon judo
Q30230607 Michelle Tong Mam Cameroon wrestling
Q32293072 Monique Kengné Cameroon athletics
Q35003715 Assumpta Achuo-Bei Cameroon athletics
Q35122594 Susie Tanéfo Cameroon athletics
Q37772594 Marie Gisèle Eleme Asse Cameroon
Q37882052 Louisette Thobi Cameroon athletics
Q37983087 Edwige Abéna Fouda Cameroon athletics
Q38087676 Esther Mvondo Cameroon athletics
Q38087973 Carine Eyenga Cameroon athletics
Q38087979 Anne-Marie Mouri-Nkeng Cameroon athletics
Q39284484 Muriel Noah Ahanda Cameroon athletics
Q40144790 Germaine Abessolo Bivina Cameroon athletics
Q45199300 Noelle Mben Cameroon handball
Q45201585 Anne Ngo Cameroon handball
Q45217232 Pasma Nchouapouognigni Cameroon handball
Q45217701 Genny Mahala Cameroon handball
Q45261441 Yvette Yuoh Cameroon handball
Q45261572 Jacqueline Mossy Cameroon handball
Q45263557 Vanessa Djiepmou Cameroon handball
Q45263984 Morgane Ndongo Cameroon handball
Q45266404 Yolande Touba Cameroon handball
Q45267796 Berthe Abiabakon Cameroon handball
Q45272211 Jasmine Yotchoum Cameroon handball
Q45273898 Anne Essam Cameroon handball
Q45274544 Linda Awu Cameroon handball
Q45275212 Jacky Baniomo Cameroon handball
Q45275998 Aubiège Njampou Cameroon handball
Q45276802 Lisa Atangana Cameroon handball
Q48847346 Marie Ange Mfoula Cameroon
Q50293079 Marie Louise Ngo Ebem Cameroon taekwondo
Q50676723 Josseline Eyenga Cameroon taekwondo
Q51687740 Fanny Appes Ekanga Cameroon
Q51880798 Marlyne Sarah Ngongoa Cameroon athletics
Q53363127 Stella Ngadjui Cameroon badminton
Q53912276 Chrystelle Naami Yang Cameroon taekwondo
Q54730474 Ornella Elsa Ngassa Sokeng Cameroon taekwondo
Q54805505 Adeline Madi Cameroon taekwondo
Q54805511 Marcelle Edith Omgba Cameroon taekwondo
Q55391196 Gaelle Alakame Anzong Cameroon
Q55956200 Michaela Abam Cameroon
United States of America
association football
Q57087562 Estelle Adiana Cameroon volleyball
Q57087597 Honorine Djakao Gamkoua Cameroon volleyball
Q57087658 Reine Ngameni Mbopda Davina Cameroon volleyball
Q57087669 Ruth Manuela Marie Bibinbe Cameroon volleyball
Q59578907 Charlène Menene Cameroon association football
Q59610078 Diane Bayegla Ndeme Cameroon association football
Q62936367 Hélène Laure Miyenga Cameroon
Q63348326 Ayuk Otay Arrey Sophina Cameroon
Q64233672 Alexandra Takounda Cameroon
Q64624947 Isabelle Mambingo Cameroon
Q64625009 Marthe Ongmahan Cameroon

Cape Verde[edit]

item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q1963953 Adysângela Moniz Cape Verde judo
Q3378897 Wania Monteiro Cape Verde rhythmic gymnastics
Q6543680 Lidiane Lopes Cape Verde athletics
Q9184599 Carla Sousa Cape Verde basketball
Q9193224 Cleisa Tavares Cape Verde athletics
Q9322926 Rosângela Lopes Cape Verde basketball
Q11691650 Crispina Correia Cape Verde basketball
Q11865163 Isménia do Frederico Cape Verde athletics
Q16210681 Sonia Lopes Cape Verde athletics
Q16211930 Eva Pereira Cape Verde athletics
Q16212571 Lenira Santos Cape Verde athletics
Q18857087 Rosângela Lagos Cape Verde basketball
Q24835133 Maria Andrade Cape Verde taekwondo

Central African Republic[edit]

item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q1050991 Catherine Kang Central African Republic taekwondo
Q1420688 Maria-Joëlle Conjungo Central African Republic athletics
Q4111829 Elisabeth Mandaba Central African Republic athletics
Q6873104 Mireille Derebona Central African Republic
Q7661045 Sylvie Datty Central African Republic
Q9188798 Chancela Moundo Central African Republic athletics
Q11854616 Brigitte Nganaye Central African Republic athletics
Q11855981 Denise Ouabangui Central African Republic athletics
Q11862302 Henriette Youanga Central African Republic
Q18637111 Bertille Ali Central African Republic judo
Q26459660 Chloe Sauvourel Central African Republic
Chloé sauvourel (2017 - Budapest Championnat du monde).jpg


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q2370633 Carine Ngarlemdana Chad judo
Q3048179 Hinikissia Albertine Ndikert Chad athletics
Q3140830 Horta Sivly Aliba Chad handball
Q9150043 Amina Mahamat Chad athletics
Q9285647 Kaltouma Nadjina Chad athletics
Q21964709 Rosalie Gangué Chad athletics
Q26459671 Bibiro Ali Taher Chad
Bibiro Ali Taher Rio2016.jpg
athletics Bibiro Ali Taher
Q63348330 Demos Memneloum Chad


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q369779 Feta Ahamada Comoros
Feta Ahamada 2012 Olympics.jpg
Q4353026 Salhate Djamalidine Comoros
Q4831601 Ayouba Ali Sihame Comoros swimming
Q16240075 Nazlati Mohamed Andhumdine Comoros swimming
Q19871166 Sandjema Batouli Comoros athletics
Q19880165 Ahamada Haoulata Comoros athletics

Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q2021459 Mwadi Mabika Democratic Republic of the Congo
United States of America
Q2897378 Bernadette Ngoyisa Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q3372702 Pauline Akonga Democratic Republic of the Congo
20131006 - Open LFB - Hainaut-Nantes 068.jpg
basketball Pauline Akonga
Q3379521 Franka Magali Democratic Republic of the Congo athletics
Q3855025 Chancel Ilunga Sankuru Democratic Republic of the Congo athletics
Q5071536 Chanel Mokango Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q5249759 Dedeline Mibamba Kimbata Democratic Republic of the Congo paralympic athletics
Q9191074 Christine Bakombo Democratic Republic of the Congo athletics
Q11879758 Lukengu Ngalula Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q15401899 Christianne Mwasesa Democratic Republic of the Congo
Christianne Mwasesa.png
Q15615705 Celestin Mpoua Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q15615711 Julie Betu Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q15615708 Sandrine Kabamba Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q15615719 Nicole Mbole Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q15615724 Clémence Matutu Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q15615731 Consolate Feza Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q15615735 Grace Shokkos Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16145886 Carole Babala Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16213079 Bibiche Kabamba Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16217497 Parisel Mpemba Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16221416 Constance Louoba Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16223285 Olga Milemba Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16223330 Jumelle Okoko Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16226343 Louise Makubanza Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16226700 Lydia Musonda Kasangala Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q16988299 Muyegbe Mubala Democratic Republic of the Congo athletics
Q18637592 Armelie Lumanu Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q21872600 Patricia Mayoulou Democratic Republic of the Congo handball
Q25433483 Rosa Keleku Democratic Republic of the Congo
Rosa tenant le drapeau congolais aux j.o de rio 2016.png
Q27119243 Elsa Honorine Oyama Enye Democratic Republic of the Congo judo
Q27786576 Monica Bwanga Misenga Democratic Republic of the Congo judo
Q52493813 Ambassa Mimani Democratic Republic of the Congo
Q52494142 Jolie Ngemi Democratic Republic of the Congo
Q55098250 Patricia N'Goy Benga Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55098282 Mukendi Mbuyi Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55098308 Kasala Kamanga Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760132 Muene Tshijuka Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760139 Kakengwa Pikinini Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760147 Zaina Kapepula Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760154 Kongolo Amba Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760161 Lileko Bonzali Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760168 Kaninga Mbambi Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q55760173 Natalie Lobela Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56064087 Ana Kano Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56064625 Osudu Okako Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56086933 Mokaleba Manteka Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56086954 Albio Dally Nzuanda Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56086967 Balota Bompindji Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56086971 Ngudi Nathalie Nzongo Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56087006 Ngunda Mbuli Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56087038 Mawela Kanasi Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56087070 Rukonkish Kamin Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56087119 Mwa Lukoji Kapinga Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56087180 Sebowa Namuanza Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q56191457 Mboli Alele Democratic Republic of the Congo basketball
Q62384122 Niclette Yamani Mbele Democratic Republic of the Congo
Q64173892 Longanza Kamimbaya Democratic Republic of the Congo


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q118657 Zourah Ali Djibouti athletics
Q2370576 Sally Raguib Djibouti judo
Q3379584 Fathia Ali Bourrale Djibouti athletics
Q8049829 Yasmin Farah Djibouti table tennis
Q16596853 Roda Ali Wais Djibouti athletics
Q33510409 Aïcha Garad Ali Djibouti


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q459838 Hadia Hosny Egypt
badminton Hadia Hosny
Q464944 Marwa El-Sherbini Egypt handball Marwa el-Sherbini
Q1400134 Hedaya Malak Egypt
Hedaya Malak Rio2016b.jpg
taekwondo Hedaya Malak
Q1438531 Nelly Karim Egypt
Nelly Karim.jpg
Q1441606 Mona Hassanein Egypt fencing
Q1546940 Marwa Hussein Egypt athletics
Q1656963 Eman Gaber Egypt fencing
Q1657259 Eman El Gammal Egypt fencing
Q1657554 Shaimaa El-Gammal Egypt fencing
Q1756038 Nada Kamel Egypt archery
Q1943925 Mona Khaled Egypt
Mona Khaled.jpg
chess Mona Khaled
Q1963694 Nahla Ramadan Egypt weightlifting
Q2266295 Seham El-Sawalhy Egypt taekwondo
Q2347005 Sally Mursi Egypt
Q2874837 Aya Medany Egypt modern pentathlon
Q2918967 Taheyya Kariokka Egypt
Tahiya Karioka
Q3180118 Samia Gamal Egypt
Samia Gamal.jpg
Samia Gamal
Q3660925 Omneya Abdel Kawy Egypt
Omneya Abdel Kawy cropped.jpg
squash Omneya Abdel Kawy
Q3882267 Omnia Fakhry Egypt modern pentathlon
Q3917202 Raneem El Weleily Egypt squash
Q4115225 Fifi Abdou Egypt
Q4116131 Princess Fawzia Farouk of Egypt Egypt
Q4120351 Nagwa Fouad Egypt
Najoua Foued Esperance.png
Q4165402 Dina Talaat Egypt
Q4327715 Noha Abd Rabo Egypt taekwondo
Q4355286 Nour El Sherbini Egypt
Nour El Sherbini 2012.jpg
squash Nour El Sherbini
Q4666488 Abeer Abdelrahman Egypt
Abeer Abdelrahman 2012.jpg
weightlifting Abeer Abdelrahman
Q4668035 Abla Khairy Egypt swimming
Q4739980 Amany Rashad Egypt association football
Q4830762 Aya El-Sayed Egypt fencing
Q4832701 Aziza Abdelfattah Egypt swimming
Q4832704 Aziza Hussein Egypt athletics
Q5210903 Dalia El-Gebaly Egypt swimming
Q5277851 Dina Meshreef Egypt table tennis
Q5378759 Engy Kheirallah Egypt
Engy Kheirallah cropped.jpg
squash Engy Kheirallah
Q5398484 Esmat Mansour Egypt weightlifting
Q5435278 Farida Osman Egypt
Farida mauritius 003.jpg
swimming Farida Osman
Q5638544 Hagar Badran Egypt swimming
Q5638960 Haiat Farag Egypt
Q5646897 Hanan Ahmed Khaled Egypt athletics
Q5646909 Hanan Turk Egypt
Hanan Turk.jpg
Q5695314 Heba El Torky Egypt
Heba El Torky.jpg
squash Heba El Torky
Q6365965 Kanzy El Defrawy Egypt
Kanzy Emad El Defrawy 2016.jpg
squash Kanzy Emad El Defrawy
Q6441548 Kuchuk Hanem Egypt
Q6450395 Nadine Ashraf Egypt badminton
Q6481834 Lamia Bahnasawy Egypt
Q6550160 Lina El Tannir Egypt squash
Q6732570 Magy Aziz Egypt tennis
Q6735159 Mai Mohamed Egypt swimming
Q6796551 May Mansour Egypt
Q6796569 May Moustafa Egypt fencing
Q6897660 Mona El-Hawary Egypt shooting sport
Q6957693 Nadia Gamal Egypt
Nadia Gamal.jpg
Nadia Gamel
Q7047550 Noha Yossry Egypt table tennis
Q7063881 Nour El Tayeb Egypt squash
Q7063887 Noura Elsayed Egypt athletics
Q7063895 Nouran Saleh Egypt swimming
Q7063906 Nourhan Amer Egypt shooting sport
Q7278473 Rabab Eid Egypt
Q7293008 Rania Elwani Egypt swimming
Q7306911 Reem Abdalazem Egypt swimming
Q7405362 Salma Mahran Egypt fencing
Q7405365 Salma Shabana Egypt squash
Q7408464 Samah Ramadan Egypt judo
Q7421555 Sara Badr Egypt squash
Q7461596 Shahenga Osama Egypt squash
Q7462475 Shaimaa Abdul-Aziz Egypt table tennis
Q7491729 Shaza El-Sayed Egypt swimming
Q7554584 Soha Abed Elaal Egypt
Q7959411 Wafaa Ismail Baghdadi Egypt athletics
Q8049848 Yasmine Rostom Egypt rhythmic gymnastics
Q8050232 Yathreb Adel Egypt squash
Q8057788 Youmna Khallaf Egypt swimming
Q8239618 Badia Masabni Egypt
بديعة مصابني يوم زفافها.jpg
Badia Masabni
Q9142748 Ahmad Rida Egypt athletics
Q9285858 Hana Ramadan Umar Egypt athletics
Q9339616 Sonya Ahmed Egypt athletics
Q10998410 Beba Ezz Eddine Egypt
Q11030134 Zizi Moustafa Egypt
Q11035903 هياتم Egypt
Q11047529 سحر حمدي Egypt
Q11209845 Nadeen El-Dawlatly Egypt table tennis
Q11790704 Nesrine Ahmed Imam Egypt athletics
Q11997069 Rana El Husseiny Egypt fencing
Q12217154 Soheir Zaky Egypt
Q12237577 لوسي Egypt
Q13411134 Sandra Samir Egypt
Sandra Samir at the 2013 US Open 1.jpg
tennis Sandra Samir
Q13474581 Nouran El Torky Egypt
Nouran El Torky.jpg
squash Nouran El Torky
Q15728951 Szajma Afifi Egypt taekwondo
Q15838609 Doha Hany Egypt badminton
Q15838616 Naja Mohamed Egypt badminton
Q16210038 Shimaa Hashad Egypt shooting sport
Q16212777 Salama Ismail Egypt swimming
Q16239555 Salma Hany Ibrahim Ahmed Egypt squash
Q16239670 Mariam Ibrahim Metwally Egypt squash
Q16240132 Nouran Gohar Egypt squash
Q16240328 Habiba Mohamed Ahmed Alymohmed Egypt squash
Q17103271 Raghd Magdy Egypt
Q17103389 Salma Mohamed Egypt artistic gymnastics
Q17466535 Nada Ayman Ibrahim Egypt artistic gymnastics
Q18085283 Sara Baraka Egypt rowing
Q18101122 Fatma Rashed Egypt rowing
Q18241658 Aya Darwish Egypt swimming
Q18289545 Nour El-Afandi Egypt swimming
Q18342342 Samar Hassounah Egypt swimming
Q18342408 Mariam Omar Egypt swimming
Q18345012 Lamyaa Badawi Egypt swimming
Q18355689 Ayah Moaataz Egypt chess
Q18638154 Shrook Wafa Egypt chess
Q18763778 Ola Abou Zekry Egypt tennis
Q18808509 Jermin Anwar Egypt taekwondo
Q18808583 Abeer Essawy Egypt taekwondo
Q19577829 Mayar Sherif Egypt tennis
Q19949625 Azaa Adel Egypt taekwondo
Q19949654 Inas El-Said Anis Egypt taekwondo
Q19950054 Eman Helmy Egypt taekwondo
Q20397369 Inas Hakki Egypt swimming
Q20606822 Soraya Salem Egypt
Q20890324 Karima Meskin Saad Egypt athletics
Q20949585 Dina Hosny Egypt shooting sport
Q21004699 Maha Abdelsalam Egypt diving
Q21004881 Habiba Ashraf Egypt diving
Q21066880 Amira Mansour Egypt archery
Q21094185 Menna El-Tanany Egypt badminton
Q21197900 Basant Mosaad Mohamed Hassan Egypt athletics
Q21511762 Nagwa Ibrahim Saleh Ali Egypt athletics
Q21642175 Marwa Abd El Razek Egypt volleyball
Q21642173 Sherihan Sameh Egypt volleyball
Q21642458 Rasha Elsayed Egypt volleyball
Q21642456 Nouran Elmagghauri Egypt volleyball
Q21642484 Amina Fouad Egypt volleyball
Q21642537 Ingy Hamdy Egypt volleyball
Q21642917 Heba Rabie Egypt volleyball
Q21872859 Dina Youssef Egypt volleyball
Q22006825 Hadir Mekhimar Egypt shooting sport
Q22006964 Afaf El-Hodhod Egypt shooting sport
Q22246713 Heba Ahmed Egypt rowing
Q22936025 Sherihan Abdelfattah Egypt volleyball
Q22936145 Neamat Badawy Egypt volleyball
Q22936249 Noha Eid Egypt volleyball
Q22936259 Farida El Askalany Egypt volleyball
Q22936266 Dina El Bitar Egypt volleyball
Q22936275 Aya El Shamy Egypt volleyball
Q22936282 Nagwa El-Masry Egypt volleyball
Q22936287 Eman El-Nossiry Egypt volleyball
Q22936297 Ingy El-Shamy Egypt volleyball
Q22936362 Tahani Toson Egypt volleyball
Q22936379 Nouran Sharaf Egypt volleyball
Q23059645 Ebtissam Mohamed Egypt
2018 2019 UCI Track World Cup Berlin 136.jpg
cycle sport Ebtisam Zayed
Q23661768 Amnah El Trabolsy Egypt squash
Q23807466 Samar Amer Egypt
Q23807489 Noura Khalil Hamid Egypt
Q23907299 Nadia Antar Egypt
Q23907300 Mona Samir Mahmoud Egypt
Q23926964 Nadine Shahin Egypt
Nadine Shahin 2016.jpg
Q24053835 Alia Yassin Elkatib Egypt rhythmic gymnastics
Q24061878 Enas Mostafa Egypt
Q24262923 Giana Mohamed Farouk Egypt karate
Q24283817 Yassmin Attia Egypt
Yassmin Hamdy 2017.jpg
karate Yassmin Hamdy
Q24287443 Yasmeen Rashed Egypt karate
Q24299878 Heba Abd Elhamid Egypt karate
Q24481399 Shymaa Abouel Yazed Egypt karate
Q24679489 Farah Khalil Egypt trampolining
Q24956241 Selim Samia Egypt
Q24956244 Ataf Abdelradi Egypt
Q24956245 Sara Ahmed Maher Egypt
Q24956254 Doaa Ahmed Maher Egypt
Q25430284 Lina Ahmed Egypt athletics
Q25451865 Sherwite Hafez Egypt swimming
Q25451870 Nevine Hafez Egypt swimming
Q25451871 Sahar Youssef Egypt swimming
Q25451873 Dahlia Mokbel Egypt swimming
Q25451894 Rim Hassan Egypt diving
Q25451893 Sahar Helal Egypt synchronized swimming
Q25454030 Nihal Meshref Egypt table tennis
Q25454039 Heba Hefny Egypt judo
Q25454122 Sherin Taama Egypt rhythmic gymnastics
Q25454185 Marwa Sultan Egypt shooting sport
Q25454188 Hebatallah El-Wazan Egypt shooting sport
Q25454192 Sara Abdel Gawad Egypt synchronized swimming
Q25454193 Yasmine Helmi Egypt shooting sport
Q26132275 Reem Mansour Egypt
Q26207574 Doaa el-Ghobashy Egypt beach volleyball
Q26207577 Nada Meawad Egypt beach volleyball
Q26207593 Haydy Morsy Egypt modern pentathlon
Q26253912 Sara Ahmed Egypt weightlifting
Q26267502 Noura Mohamed Egypt fencing
Q26276687 Reem Kaseem Egypt swimming
Q26384474 Nada Hafez Egypt fencing
Q26406063 Menatalla Karim Egypt canoeing and kayaking
Q26459683 Samia Ahmed Egypt swimming
Q26459685 Dara Hassanien Egypt swimming
Q26664055 Maha Amer Egypt diving
Q26705113 Shaimaa Khalaf Egypt weightlifting
Q26705117 Esraa El-Sayed Egypt weightlifting
Q26789879 Yousra Abdel Razek Egypt table tennis
Q26837182 Fatma Omar Egypt
Q26838046 Fatma El Sharnouby Egypt athletics
Q26838674 Nariman Aly Egypt swimming
Q26838675 Nour Elayoubi Egypt swimming
Q26838672 Leila Abdelmoez Egypt swimming
Q26838678 Salma Negmeldin Egypt swimming
Q26838676 Jomana Elmaghrabi Egypt synchronized swimming
Q26884230 Randa Mahmoud Egypt
Randa Mahmoud Rio2016.jpg
Randa Mahmoud
Q26924532 Sayed Enga Mohamed Egypt weightlifting
Q26924642 Nada Saafan Egypt swimming
Q26924643 Nehal Saafan Egypt swimming
Q26929720 Ehsan Abdelmalek Egypt
Ehsan Abdelmalek 2016.jpg
handball Ehsan Abdelmalek
Q27049242 Nadia Negm Egypt rowing
Q27063911 Yomna Farid Egypt tennis
Q27119577 Habiba Tarek Fathi Attia Egypt
Q27535127 Alaa Youssef Egypt badminton
Q27581162 Hala El-Mohammady Egypt association football
Q27581172 Mehira Ali Egypt association football
Q27581601 Salma Tarik Egypt association football
Q27597636 Yosra Alaa El Din Egypt chess
Q27597663 Farid Basta-Sohair Egypt chess
Q27597752 Shahenda Wafa Egypt chess
Q27786366 Amira Badr Mahmoud Egypt freestyle wrestling
Q27786367 Amina Kamal Elsebaee Egypt freestyle wrestling
Q27786519 Nada Ashraf Gabala Egypt judo
Q27817631 Dina Nagy Egypt badminton
Q27889834 Nouran Khaled Egypt badminton
Q27906211 Farida Mostafa Egypt badminton
Q27906258 Hana Tarek Mohamed Egypt badminton
Q27916818 Hend Abdelmeguid Egypt judo
Q27916823 Aya Khaled Egypt judo
Q27916828 Nada El-Fadli Egypt judo
Q28501393 Yasmeen Afify Egypt judo
Q28501407 Nora Abdelhamid Egypt judo
Q28502066 Iman El-Banna Egypt judo
Q28502068 Khalifa Magda Egypt judo
Q28502081 Amani Ismail Egypt judo
Q28502127 Mariam Hossam Eldin Egypt judo
Q28502128 Hanem Esayed Jater Egypt judo
Q28502145 Yasmin Sabra Egypt judo
Q28502306 Haidi Hafez Egypt judo
Q28502307 Mira Nabil Nasif Egypt judo
Q28502367 Sarra Wahid Egypt judo
Q28502368 Samar Salah Egypt judo
Q28502403 Amal Fawzi Egypt judo
Q28502415 Nada Tarek Egypt judo
Q28502480 Nada Ibrahim Egypt judo
Q28715307 Shahira El-Alfy Egypt table tennis
Q28715309 Bacent Othman Egypt table tennis
Q28715339 Nagwan El-Zawawi Egypt weightlifting
Q28715341 Doaa Moussa Egypt rowing
Q28715947 مها شحاتة Egypt association football
Q28715950 سامية آدم Egypt association football
Q28715951 سارة محمد Egypt association football
Q28715949 رنا حمدي Egypt association football
Q28715954 أمنية محمود Egypt association football
Q28715955 نادين غازي Egypt association football
Q28715953 ميرفت رشوان Egypt association football
Q28715958 علياء الزنوكي Egypt association football
Q28715959 Suzanne Arafa Egypt association football
Q28715956 أماني محمد Egypt association football
Q28715957 فايزة رحيم Egypt association football
Q28715962 ميرنا يوسف Egypt association football
Q28715963 نهى طارق Egypt association football
Q28715960 شروق فرحان Egypt association football
Q28715961 إلهام عبد النعيم Egypt association football
Q28715966 رحاب عيد Egypt association football
Q28715964 إسراء عوض Egypt association football
Q28715968 فرح حسن Egypt association football
Q28813452 Donia Rashwan Egypt cycle sport
Q29177794 Betsy Venter Egypt tennis
Q29419674 Kariman Shafik Egypt judo
Q29577886 Mai El Kamash Egypt tennis
Q29586670 Rana Sherif Ahmed Egypt tennis
Q29798461 Hania El Hammamy Egypt squash
Q32751341 Hana Ramadan Egypt squash
Q33323454 Hania Moro Egypt
Q41596601 Sara Talaat Aly Egypt
Q42710686 Amal Mahmoud Osman Egypt
Q43038883 Rowan Elaraby Egypt squash
Q45043231 Zeina Mickawy Egypt squash
Q45454288 Mayar Hany Egypt
Mayar Hany 2018.jpg
Q46604318 Magda Izz Egypt
Q47001540 Maha Shehata Egypt
MahaShehata (2).jpg
association football Maha Shehata
Q47004326 Sara Mohamed Egypt
SaraMohamed (2).jpg
association football Sara Mohamed
Q47005787 Engy Sayed Egypt
EngySayed (12).jpg
association football Engy Sayed
Q47491902 Heba Hassan Egypt rowing
Q48791317 Aya Ali Roubi Egypt taekwondo
Q48870142 Sara al-Aszram Egypt
Q48870145 Abir Abd al-Wahhab Egypt
Q48870152 Sahar Salim Egypt
Q49232467 Radwa Reda Egypt taekwondo
Q49836558 Nada Abbas Egypt squash
Q50043150 Menna Hamed Egypt
Menna Hamed 2018.jpg
Q50089680 Samiha Naili Egypt table tennis
Q50096719 Amina Yousry Egypt
Q50201714 Hana Moataz Egypt
Q50674810 Rewan Refaei Egypt taekwondo
Q50675406 Nour Abdelsalam Egypt taekwondo
Q50675501 Maisoun Tolba Egypt taekwondo
Q50676865 Menatalá Abdelaal Egypt taekwondo
Q50737168 Mannar Youssef Egypt basketball
Q50737836 Reem Awad Egypt basketball
Q50946678 Salma Youssef Egypt
Q51874967 Menna Nasser Egypt squash
Q52005856 Alaa Hamed Egypt judo
Q52063092 Lamis Alhussein Abdel Aziz Egypt tennis
Q52768229 Caroline Maher Yousry Egypt taekwondo
Q54217102 Hanaa Salah El Melegi Egypt athletics
Q54438049 Samira Abd El Azim Saadalla Egypt taekwondo
Q54805433 Sali Abubakr Tarek Egypt taekwondo
Q54805506 Hend Saleh Egypt taekwondo
Q54805510 Noran Mohamed Egypt taekwondo
Q54805530 Hend Mohamed Mosa Egypt taekwondo
Q54805537 Heba Mahmud Jamis Egypt taekwondo
Q54805562 Nur Ahmed Husin Egypt taekwondo
Q54805565 Nada Reda Egypt taekwondo
Q54849042 Lamia Alzenan Egypt judo
Q54960991 Nardin Ehab Egypt fencing
Q55721577 Maha Zein Egypt squash
Q56065181 Farida Mohamed Egypt squash
Q56632752 Samiha Mohsen Egypt swimming
Q56843170 Sarah Sayed Egypt karate
Q58915989 Shrouk El-Attar Egypt
Shrouk El Attar holding a Printed Circuit Board that she designed.png
Q58948219 Noha Tarek Egypt
NohaTarek (9).jpg
association football
Q61996970 Dina Eltabaa Egypt
Q63349360 Hoda Hagras Egypt athletics
Q64235058 Yaël Zarca Egypt
Fanny Ardant & Yaël Zarca.jpg

Equatorial Guinea[edit]

item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q432020 Genoveva Añonma Equatorial Guinea
Genoveva Añonma 2012 2.jpg
association football Genoveva Añonma
Q1283800 Emilia Mikue Ondo Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q2019947 Olive Christelle Ngo Nyepel Equatorial Guinea association football
Q4903038 Bibiana Olama Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q5297858 Dorine Chuigoué Equatorial Guinea association football
Q5371672 Emiliana Mangue Equatorial Guinea association football
Q7154636 Paula Barila Bolopa Equatorial Guinea swimming
Q9324192 Ruth Mangue Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q20873441 Marlene Mevong Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q21170666 Jumária Barbosa de Santana Equatorial Guinea association football
Q27494295 Sinforosa Nguema Equatorial Guinea association football
Q32298943 Magdalena Ansue Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q32318024 Juliana Obiong Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q32373588 Mari Paz Mosana Motanga Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q33110139 Rosa Mbuamangongo Equatorial Guinea athletics
Q60605593 Pachu Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64491759 Dolores Hernández Mansogo Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493051 Diana Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493055 Cecilia Akeng Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493052 Lucrecia Bobuiche Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493053 Avelina Abang Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493058 Fadimatou Nsongone Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493056 Leocadia Nchama Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493063 Eugenia Bokoka Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493060 Ramona Mibuy Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493061 Elena Obono Equatorial Guinea association football
Q64493069 Nove Equatorial Guinea association football


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q196923 Zeudi Araya Eritrea
Zeudi Araya (Bolzano, 1975).jpg
Zeudi Araya
Q4937707 Meraf Bahta Eritrea
Podium 5000m women Zurich 2014.jpg
athletics Meraf Bahta
Q5509779 Furtuna Zegergish Eritrea athletics
Q6984584 Nebiat Habtemariam Eritrea athletics
Q7309783 Rehaset Mehari Eritrea
Mehari en Romero.jpg
Q7521203 Simret Sultan Eritrea athletics
Q19757597 Wehazit Kidane Eritrea cycle sport
Q20962339 Nazret Weldu Eritrea athletics
Q25426372 Mossana Debesai Eritrea cycle sport
Q27457324 Wahazit Kidane Eritrea cycle sport
Q27458317 Wogahta Gebrehiwet Eritrea cycle sport
Q49590857 Bisrat Ghebremeskel Eritrea cycle sport
Q61674131 Weini Kelati Eritrea
2019 Millrose Games (46130118885).jpg
athletics Weini Kelati
Q63761214 Desiet Kidane Eritrea
Q64168895 Zinab Fitsum Eritrea
Q64168966 Tighisti Ghebrihiwet Eritrea


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q196281 Temalangeni Dlamini Eswatini athletics
Q7188346 Phumlile Ndzinisa Eswatini athletics
Q7245613 Priscilla Mamba Eswatini athletics
Q7450494 Senele Dlamini Eswatini swimming
Q16206301 Lisa de la Motte Eswatini swimming
Q16211333 Gcinile Moyane Eswatini athletics
Q50347821 Sanele Ginindza Eswatini taekwondo
Q50347835 Sithandile Dlamini Eswatini taekwondo
Q55979419 Erika Nonhlanhla Seyama Eswatini athletics


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q182525 Ejegayehu Dibaba Ethiopia athletics
Q187290 Zekiros Adanech Ethiopia
Zekiros Adenach.jpg
Q234377 Elvan Abeylegesse Ethiopia
Elvan Abeylegesse 2010 European Team Championships.jpg
athletics Elvan Abeylegesse
Q239208 Fatuma Ethiopia athletics
Q258401 Gete Wami Ethiopia
Paula Radcliffe NYC Marathon 2008.jpg
athletics Gete Wami
Q258564 Aselefech Mergia Ethiopia
Aselefech Mergia 6618.jpg
athletics Aselefech Mergia
Q258831 Meselech Melkamu Ethiopia
20090815 Meselech Melkamu.jpg
athletics Meselech Melkamu
Q260978 Berhane Adere Ethiopia
Adereberhane cropped.jpg
10,000 metres
Berhane Adere
Q264123 Wude Ayalew Ethiopia
YimerWudeAyalew (cropped).jpg
Q270241 Gelete Burka Ethiopia
Gelete Burka 2 Hengelo 2009.jpg
athletics Gelete Burka
Q271154 Dire Tune Ethiopia
Dire tune.jpg
Q276222 Asha Gigi Ethiopia
Q290793 Kutre Dulecha Ethiopia athletics
Q299888 Mamitu Daska Ethiopia
Mamitu Daska Boston Marathon 2013.jpg
athletics Mamitu Daska
Q299896 Atsede Habtamu Ethiopia athletics
Q301970 Robe Guta Ethiopia athletics
Q318213 Abeba Tolla Ethiopia athletics
Q402544 Senbere Teferi Ethiopia
Senbere Teferi Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Senbere Teferi
Q427193 Mulu Seboka Ethiopia athletics
Q429888 Werknesh Kidane Ethiopia
Werknesh Kidane.jpg
athletics Werknesh Kidane
Q433879 Aberu Kebede Ethiopia
Berlin marathon 2012 buelowstrasse between kilometers 36 and 37 30.09.2012 11-05-046.jpg
athletics Aberu Kebede
Q433947 Teyba Erkesso Ethiopia
athletics Teyba Erkesso
Q434623 Ayelech Worku Ethiopia athletics
Q436502 Sule Utura Ethiopia athletics
Q443605 Kalkidan Gezahegne Ethiopia
Kalkidan Gezahegn Birmingham indoor 2010.jpg
Q450511 Bezunesh Bekele Ethiopia
Bezunesh Bekele Boston 2009.jpg
athletics Bezunesh Bekele
Q454359 Amane Gobena Ethiopia athletics
Q454360 Amane Seid Ethiopia athletics
Q457099 Genzebe Dibaba Ethiopia
Recepció a l'atleta Genzebe Dibaba (cropped).jpg
athletics Genzebe Dibaba
Q457384 Sentayehu Ejigu Ethiopia
Shalane Flanagan 2009 Boston.jpg
athletics Sentayehu Ejigu
Q459432 Mestawet Tufa Ethiopia athletics
Q466315 Derartu Tulu Ethiopia athletics
Q510094 Etenesh Diro Ethiopia
2012 Olympic steeplechase start-Diro, Jelizarova, Dominguez.JPG
athletics Etenesh Diro
Q510508 Eyerusalem Kuma Ethiopia
20091018 Eyerusalem Kuma Amsterdam Marathon.jpg
athletics Eyerusalem Kuma
Q515146 Merima Denboba Ethiopia athletics
Q519190 Feyse Tadese Ethiopia
2014 London Marathon - Feyse Tadese.jpg
athletics Feyse Tadese
Q520085 Shitaye Gemechu Ethiopia athletics
Q520308 Belaynesh Fikadu Ethiopia athletics
Q520879 Gishu Mindaye Ethiopia athletics
Q523067 Bizunesh Urgesa Ethiopia athletics
Q523132 Deriba Alemu Ethiopia athletics
Q523257 Genet Getaneh Ethiopia
20121021 Amsterdam Marathon Genet Getaneh.jpg
Q523768 Tereza Yohannes Ethiopia athletics
Q524013 Atsede Baysa Ethiopia
Atsede Baysa Tesema (cropped).jpg
Q530238 Leila Aman Ethiopia athletics
Q532976 Askale Tafa Ethiopia
Tafa, London Marathon 2011.jpg
athletics Askale Tafa
Q536793 Elfenesh Alemu Ethiopia athletics
Q687586 Abeba Aregawi Ethiopia
Abeba Aregawi Moscow 2013.jpg
athletics Abeba Aregawi
Q726405 Ashu Kasim Ethiopia
Ashu Kasim 2009.jpg
athletics Ashu Kasim
Q733512 Asnakech Mengitsu Ethiopia athletics
Q738254 Asrat Kebede Ethiopia athletics
Q815307 Belaynesh Zemedkun Ethiopia athletics
Q879279 Bizunesh Deba Ethiopia
Bizunesh Deba.png
athletics Bizunesh Deba
Q1181534 Debola Wudnesh Ethiopia athletics
Q1199985 Derebe Godana Ethiopia athletics
Q1227680 Diribe Hunde Ethiopia athletics
Q1268577 Mare Dibaba Ethiopia
Mare Dibaba.jpg
athletics Mare Dibaba
Q1328477 Elfenesh Melaku Ethiopia athletics
Q1335269 Emebet Bacha Ethiopia athletics
Q1335278 Emebet Abossa Ethiopia athletics
Q1374205 Radiya Roba Ethiopia athletics
Q1397987 Fate Tola Ethiopia
Berlin marathon 2012 buelowstrasse between kilometers 36 and 37 30.09.2012 11-09-01.jpg
athletics Fate Tola
Q1398315 Fatuma Sado Ethiopia
Fatuma Sado at post race media session - LA Marathon 2012 (6995270955).jpg
Q1406892 Seada Kedir Ethiopia athletics
Q1418951 Firehiwot Dado Ethiopia
Firehiwot Dado.png
athletics Firehiwot Dado
Q1430932 Workenesh Tola Ethiopia athletics
Q1534435 Goitetom Haftu Ethiopia athletics
Q1648585 Meseret Mengistu Ethiopia athletics
Q1672312 Yeshimebet Tadesse Ethiopia athletics
Q1686325 Makda Harun Ethiopia athletics
Q1702595 Yeshi Esayias Ethiopia athletics
Q1737663 Kebebush Haile Ethiopia athletics
Q1784368 Koren Jelela Ethiopia athletics
Q1919450 Melkam Gisaw Ethiopia athletics
Q1921727 Merima Mohammed Ethiopia
Merima Mohammed (cropped).jpg
athletics Merima Mohammed
Q1938806 Misikir Mekonnin Ethiopia athletics
Q1978650 Netsanet Achamo Ethiopia athletics
Q2152518 Woynishet Girma Ethiopia
20091018 Woinshet Girma Amsterdam Marathon.jpg
Q2197796 Tadelesh Birra Ethiopia athletics
Q2290233 Sisay Measo Ethiopia athletics
Q2374751 Yanet Seyoum Ethiopia swimming
Q2436183 Tirfi Tsegaye Ethiopia
Berlin marathon 2012 buelowstrasse between kilometers 36 and 37 30.09.2012 11-05-054.jpg
athletics Tirfi Tsegaye
Q2452632 Etalemahu Kidane Ethiopia athletics
Q2458238 Tsege Worku Ethiopia
Tsege Worku 2008.jpg
Q2539019 Waganesh Mekasha Ethiopia athletics
Q2584408 Girma Tadesse Ethiopia athletics
Q2640910 Alemitu Abera Ethiopia
Alemitu Abera Boston Marathon 2013.jpg
athletics Alemitu Abera
Q2640921 Alemu Zinash Ethiopia athletics
Q2649631 Almaz Alemu Ethiopia athletics
Q2675261 Desta Girma Tadesse Ethiopia
Q2699346 Fantu Magiso Ethiopia
Fantu Magiso.jpg
Q2839100 Almaz Ayana Ethiopia
Almaz Ayana Beijing 2015.jpg
athletics Almaz Ayana
Q2904566 Birtukan Adamu Ethiopia athletics
Q2929041 Buze Diriba Ethiopia athletics
Q3138716 Hiwot Ayalew Ethiopia
Hiwot Ayalew (17248862114).jpg
athletics Hiwot Ayalew
Q3265147 Luchia Yishak Ethiopia athletics
Q3306851 Meskerem Assefa Ethiopia
Meskerem Assefa.jpg
athletics Meskerem Assefa
Q3517216 Tejinesh Gebisa Ethiopia athletics
Q3529998 Tizita Bogale Ethiopia athletics
Q3575181 Zemzem Ahmed Ethiopia
Zemzem Ahmed 2014 Paris Marathon t111532.jpg
athletics Zemzem Ahmed
Q4291258 Meseret Hailu Ethiopia
Месерет Хайлу.jpg
Q4666462 Abebech Afework Ethiopia
20140413 Abebech Afework Rotterdam 2014.jpg
athletics Abebech Afework Bekele
Q4666460 Abebech Negussie Ethiopia athletics
Q4695082 Aheza Kiros Ethiopia athletics
Q4882017 Belaynesh Oljira Ethiopia
2013 World Championships in Athletics (August, 12)- Belaynesh Oljira.JPG
athletics Belaynesh Oljira
Q5370303 Emebt Etea Ethiopia athletics
Q5501327 Frehiwat Goshu Ethiopia athletics
Q5532855 Genet Gebregiorgis Ethiopia athletics
Q5554427 Getenesh Urge Ethiopia athletics
Q6810556 Mekdes Bekele Ethiopia
2012-06-07 Bislett Games Mekdes Bekele.jpg
athletics Mekdes Bekele
Q6819444 Merima Hashim Ethiopia athletics
Q6822054 Mestawat Tadesse Ethiopia
Mestawat Tadesse (cropped).jpg
Q8035015 Workitu Ayanu Ethiopia athletics
Q8052109 Yemenashu Taye Ethiopia athletics
Q9138154 Abebu Gelan Ethiopia athletics
Q9141659 Afera Godfay Ethiopia athletics
Q9146992 Alem Gereziher Ethiopia athletics
Q9146999 Alemitu Heroye Ethiopia athletics
Q9161208 Asnakech Ararsa Ethiopia athletics
Q9163160 Aynalem Eshetu Ethiopia athletics
Q9163216 Aziza Aliyu Ethiopia athletics
Q9265243 Gadisse Edato Ethiopia athletics
Q9266894 Genet Yalew Ethiopia
20130901 Genet Yalew Tilburg.jpg
Q9274895 Gotytom Gebreslase Ethiopia athletics
Q9285299 Halima Hassen Ethiopia athletics
Q9324197 Ruti Aga Ethiopia athletics
Q9362532 Tsega Gelaw Ethiopia athletics
Q11687124 Azemra Gebru Ethiopia athletics
Q11695315 Sara Idao Ethiopia athletics
Q11696799 Emebet Anteneh Ethiopia athletics
Q11743590 Korahubish Itaa Ethiopia athletics
Q14083983 Meskerem Legesse Ethiopia
Meskerem Legesse (cropped).jpg
Q15911985 Axumawit Embaye Ethiopia athletics
Q16224285 Gudaf Tsegay Ethiopia
Women 1500m podium Portland 2016.jpg
athletics Gudaf Tsegay
Q16539176 Dawit Seyaum Ethiopia
Dawit Seyaum.jpg
athletics Dawit Seyaum
Q16610724 Tigist Gashaw Ethiopia
Q16616401 Weynshet Ansa Ethiopia athletics
Q17353101 Birhane Dibaba Ethiopia athletics
Q17544216 Alemitu Hawi Ethiopia athletics
Q18021995 Kelem Mulugeta Mamuyé Ethiopia association football
Q18649846 Shewarge Amare Alene Ethiopia
Q19281534 Ababel Yeshaneh Ethiopia
Ababel Yeshaneh Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Ababel Yeshaneh
Q19661957 Eyerusalem Kelil Ethiopia cycle sport
Q19693312 Netsanet Gudeta Ethiopia
ValenciaChampion (cropped).jpg
athletics Netsanet Gudeta
Q19788845 Tefera Adhena Ethiopia athletics
Q19788889 Etagegn Woldu Ethiopia athletics
Q19788895 Dera Dida Ethiopia athletics
Q19799209 Betelhem Moges Ethiopia
Betelhem Moges
Q19832521 Tigist Tufa Ethiopia
Tigist Tufa Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Tigist Tufa
Q19839236 Shure Demise Ethiopia athletics
Q20028924 Letesenbet Gidey Ethiopia
Letesenbet Gidey 2016 FBK-Games.jpg
Q20894844 Tadelech Bekele Ethiopia
Berlin-Marathon 2015 Runners 49.jpg
athletics Tadelech Bekele
Q20902044 Habitam Alemu Ethiopia
Habitam Alemu Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Habitam Alemu
Q20902369 Besu Sado Ethiopia athletics
Q20967865 Birtukan Fente Ethiopia
Birtukan Fente Alemu 2012.jpg
athletics Birtukan Fente
Q21120753 Abiyot Eshetu Ethiopia athletics
Q21173820 Tigist Assefa Ethiopia athletics
Q21334168 Yebrgual Melese Ethiopia
Yebrugal Melese - Paris Half Marathon 2014 - 5208.jpg
athletics Yebrgual Melese
Q21403384 Gulume Tollesa Ethiopia
Frankfurt Marathon 2015 - Gulume.jpg
athletics Gulume Tollesa
Q21405771 Meseret Kitata Ethiopia
athletics Meseret Kitata
Q21421093 Worknesh Degefa Ethiopia
athletics Worknesh Degefa
Q21436491 Amane Beriso Ethiopia athletics
Q22070228 Worknesh Edesa Ethiopia athletics
Q22102078 Letebrhan Haylay Gebreslasea Ethiopia athletics
Q22132001 Hadnet Kidane Ethiopia cycle sport
Q24633047 Haftamnesh Tesfay Ethiopia
Q24951698 Adanech Anbesa Ethiopia athletics
Q24956451 Shuru Bulo Ethiopia athletics
Q25429668 Tegest Tamangnu Yuma Ethiopia athletics
Q25429848 Shume Chaltu Regasa Ethiopia athletics
Q25429893 Kore Tola Ethiopia athletics
Q26431492 Askale Tiksa Ethiopia athletics
Q26431496 Yehualeye Beletew Ethiopia
Yehualeye Beletew 2016.jpg
Q26584074 Kumesci Sichala Ethiopia athletics
Q26721323 Zewde Hailemariam Ethiopia athletics
Q27259945 Firehiwot Getachew Ethiopia badminton
Q27456512 Tsega Gebre Beyene Ethiopia cycle sport
Q27756985 Beyenu Degefa Ethiopia athletics
Q27756993 Kalkidan Fentie Ethiopia athletics
Q27826018 Shiru Deriba Ethiopia athletics
Q28024712 Yerusksew Tura Ethiopia badminton
Q28036959 Ayelech Yakob Ethiopia badminton
Q34856862 Fantu Worku Ethiopia athletics
Q36332137 Mahlet Mulugeta Ethiopia athletics
Q42534006 Amsale Woldegibriel Ethiopia athletics
Q42663486 Hareg Sidelil Ethiopia athletics
Q43290699 Tigist Moreda Ethiopia athletics
Q45190883 Zenash Gezmu Ethiopia athletics
Q47504486 Roza Dereje Ethiopia athletics
Q48817121 Dihininet Demsew Jara Ethiopia athletics
road running
Q50063346 Selam Amha Ethiopia cycle sport
Q50063425 Eyeru Tesfoam Gebru Ethiopia
Eyeru Gebru.jpg
cycle sport
Q50676300 Netsanet Fekadu Begashaw Ethiopia taekwondo
Q50676307 Mareshet Zeudu Weldehana Ethiopia taekwondo
Q50676310 Yemata Meiat Getachew Ethiopia taekwondo
Q50676704 Nardos Chifra Ethiopia taekwondo
Q51885236 Zeineba Yimer Ethiopia
Q51885399 Meseret Belete Ethiopia
Q52159323 Mahlet Melese Ethiopia track and field
road running
Q55702253 Girmawit Gebrzihair Ethiopia
Girmawit Gebrzihair Tampere 2018 (cropped).jpg
Q56051942 Meskerem Mamo Ethiopia athletics
Q57314559 Agrie Belachew Ethiopia athletics Agrie Belachew
Q64168783 Eyeru Haftu Reda Ethiopia
Q5877 Meseret Defar Ethiopia
Meseret Defar Doha 2010.jpg
athletics Meseret Defar
Q6003 Tirunesh Dibaba Ethiopia
Tirunesh Dibaba Bislett Games 2008.jpg
athletics Tirunesh Dibaba
Q6021 Sofia Assefa Ethiopia
Sofia Assefa Beijing 2015.jpg
athletics Sofia Assefa
Q6260 Tiki Gelana Ethiopia
Mary Keitany, Tiki Gelana and Priscah Jeptoo - 2012 Olympic Womens Marathon-2.jpg
athletics Tiki Gelana


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q238191 Eunice Barber France
Sierra Leone
Osaka07 D3M Eunice Barber.jpg
athletics Eunice Barber
Q258777 Sofia Boutella France
Sofia Boutella (34704819071).jpg
Sofia Boutella
Q510001 Siga Tandia France
association football
Q614904 Isabelle Yacoubou France
Isabelle Yacoubou 36.JPG
basketball Isabelle Yacoubou
Q748616 Maakan Tounkara France
Maakan Tounkara 20140514 2.jpg
Q867176 Leïla Maknoun France
association football
Q1114001 Melinda Hanaoui France
Mélinda Hennaoui 1.jpg
Q2799257 Salma Amani France
association football
Q2858509 Apopie Lusamba France
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Q2903921 Bineta Diouf France
Q2929806 Bélinda M’Boma France
Q2964967 Christelle Laura Douibi France
Torino 2006 DOUIBI.jpg
alpine skiing Christelle Laura Douibi
Q3067259 Fatou Dieng France
Q3123694 Géraldine Robert France
Géraldine Robert.jpg
basketball Géraldine Robert
Q3193230 Karima Benameur France
Karima Benameur.jpg
association football Karima Benameur
Q3284953 Mame-Marie Sy-Diop France
20131006 - Open LFB - Arras-Lyon 021.jpg
basketball Mame-Marie Sy-Diop
Q3334083 Ndèye Ndiaye France
Q3335785 Nantenin Keïta France
Nantenin Keïta.jpg
athletics Nantenin Keïta
Q3358325 Oumou Touré France
Arras Pays d'Artois-Toulouse Métropole Basket (16-09-2017) 39.jpg
Q3428968 Reïna-Flor Okori France
Equatorial Guinea
Reïna-Flor Okori Women 100 m hurdles French Athletics Championships 2013 t150042 (cropped).jpg
athletics Reïna-Flor Okori
Q3461278 Safia Benguedoudj France
association football
Q3535897 Touty Gandega France
20131005 - Open LFB - Toulouse-Mondeville 37.jpg
basketball Touty Gandega
Q4833257 Aïda Fall France
Q5271161 Diana Gandega France
Q5437940 Fatou N'Diaye France
Q7661054 Sylvie Mballa Éloundou France
Sylvie Mballa Women 100 m French Athletics Championships 2013 t151422 (cropped) (cropped).jpg
athletics Sylvie Mballa Éloundou
Q16654660 Leila Meflah France
Leila Meflah.jpg
association football
Q17177193 Mariame Dia France
Q19958445 Gaëlle Nayo-Ketchanke France
Q21208897 Nadia Peruch France
Q24298163 Lamya Matoub France
Q25435269 Carolle Zahi France
Ivory Coast
Carolle Zahi 2018 (cropped).jpg
athletics Carolle Zahi
Q26844452 Madeleine Yamechi France
Q32572495 Fatiha Klilech-Fauvel France
Q42297819 Soraya Hamiti France


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q432444 Ruddy Zang Milama Gabon
Ruddy Zang Milama 2012 Olympics.jpg
athletics Ruddy Zang Milama
Q610389 Odette Mistoul Gabon athletics
track and field
Q2371741 Audrey Koumba Gabon judo
Q7416825 Sandrine Ilendou Gabon judo
Q11851296 Anaïs Oyembo Gabon athletics
Q11881216 Marlyse Nsourou Gabon athletics
Q12886343 Gisèle Ongollo Gabon athletics
Q16198866 Mélanie Engoang Gabon judo
Q27119532 Raisa Lebomie Gabon judo
Q50347810 Urgence Mouega Gabon taekwondo
Q52005854 Karene Agono Wora Gabon judo
Q53912327 Graciella Mouranbou Gabon taekwondo
Q54222777 Fernande Agnentchoué Gabon athletics
Q54805411 Cynthia Olago Gabon taekwondo
Q54805412 Berenice Aworet Gabon taekwondo
Q54805504 Sandra N'nang Gabon taekwondo
Q54805513 Laetitia Koumba Gabon taekwondo
Q54805558 Marie Prudence Mbia Gabon taekwondo


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q351440 Adama Njie Gambia athletics
Q470913 Amie Ndow Gambia athletics
Q532702 Fatou Tiyana Gambia athletics
Q1509330 Georgiana Freeman Gambia athletics
Q1620941 Jabou Jawo Gambia athletics
Q2522720 Victoria Decka Gambia athletics
Q7424698 Saruba Colley Gambia
Saruba Colley 2012.jpg
athletics Saruba Colley
Q11708349 Hadja Fanta Sidibeh Jambo Gambia athletics
Q24951757 Gina Bass Gambia
Gina Bass Meeting Stanislas 2017 Tomblaine Stade R.PETIT (35474889032) (cropped).jpg
athletics Gina Bass
Q24955740 Mama Gassama Gambia athletics
Q27683833 Fatim Jawara Gambia association football
Q61781238 Penda Bah Gambia association football
Q62089179 Sona Saho Gambia athletics
Q62089184 Mam Touray Gambia athletics
Q62089191 Jay Secka Gambia athletics
Q62089194 Adama Manneh Gambia athletics
Q62089198 Fanny Shonobi Gambia athletics
Q62089200 Mariama T. Jallow Gambia athletics
Q62089211 Jankey Sowe Dem Gambia athletics
Q62089209 Nusrat Ceesay Gambia athletics
Q62089214 Fatou Ceesay Gambia athletics
Q62089215 Hawa Sawaneh Gambia athletics
Q62089213 Mariama Conteh Gambia athletics
Q62089216 Rohey Singhateh Gambia athletics
Q62549180 Sainey Sissohore Gambia
Q62630807 Choro Mbenga Gambia
Q62911981 Awa Tamba Gambia association football
Q62911996 Adama Tamba Gambia association football
Q63066273 Mariama Sowe Gambia association football
Q63088457 Veronic Malack Gambia association football
Q63109233 Ruggy Joof Gambia association football
Q63126212 Metta Sanneh Gambia association football
Q63168400 Mariama Ceesay Gambia association football
Q63169363 Mbassey Darboe Gambia association football
Q63182654 Mariama Bojang Gambia association football
Q63198064 Isatou Jallow Gambia association football
Q63205685 Mamie Sylva Gambia association football
Q63213658 Mama Saidy Gambia association football
Q63213751 Mam Drammeh Gambia association football
Q63213936 Fanta Jarju Gambia association football
Q63226215 Clarra Gomez Gambia association football
Q63226689 Binta Colley Gambia association football
Q63244204 Ajara Samba Gambia association football
Q63257927 Amie Jarju Gambia association football
Q63257933 Aminata Camara Gambia association football
Q63268453 Aminata Gaye Gambia association football
Q63283342 Awa Jawo Gambia association football
Q63283348 Awa Demba Gambia association football
Q63284846 Jabou Jobarteh Gambia association football
Q63302243 Neneh Jallow Gambia association football
Q63945236 Ola Buwaro Gambia


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q65678 Florence Ekpo-Umoh Germany
Q1711011 Judith Augoustides Germany
South Africa
Judith Augoustides.jpg
beach volleyball
Q1806666 Sarah Chahed Germany
Q1963277 Nadia Chahed Germany
Q2211502 Safi Nyembo Germany
Democratic Republic of the Congo
association football
Q33184084 Melat Yisak Kejeta Germany
Melat Yisak Kejeta (cropped).jpg
athletics Melat Yisak Kejeta


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q420587 Akosua Serwaa Ghana athletics
Q433750 Vida Anim Ghana
Vida Anim Berlin 2009.jpg
athletics Vida Anim
Q450933 Margaret Simpson Ghana athletics
Q609583 Diana Yankey Ghana athletics
Q773532 Adjoa Bayor Ghana association football
Q1148038 Cynthia Amuzu Ghana badminton
Q1297454 Elizabeth Amolofo Ghana athletics
Q1315957 Mercy Tagoe Ghana association football
Q2639211 Alberta Ampomah Ghana weightlifting
Q3381173 Philomena Mensah Ghana athletics
Q4725715 Alice Annum Ghana athletics
Q5460597 Florence Dadson Ghana association football
Q5560094 Gifty Addy Ghana athletics
Q5648778 Hannah Afriyie Ghana athletics
Q6153657 Janet Yawson Ghana athletics
Q6818711 Mercy Addy Ghana athletics
Q6900105 Monica Twum Ghana athletics
Q7367749 Rose Hart Ghana athletics
Q7927643 Vida Nsiah Ghana athletics
Q11719739 Janet Amponsah Ghana
Janet Amponsah Rio2016.jpg
athletics Janet Amponsah
Q11756916 Linda Benin Ghana athletics
Q15077446 Akua Anokyewaa Ghana association football
Q15631297 Theresa Tetteh Ghana badminton
Q15990470 Edem Atovor Ghana association football
Q15992011 Florence Okoe Ghana association football
Q16020986 Rosina Amenebede Ghana athletics
Q16127324 Mercy Myles Ghana association football
Q16208983 Esther Dankwah Ghana athletics
Q16226948 Flings Owusu-Agyapong Ghana
Flings Owusu-Agyapong D8 3 4x100m reeksen dames (37236390310) (cropped).jpg
athletics Flings Owusu-Agyapong
Q16890277 Alima Moro Ghana association football
Q17576177 Janet Owusu Ghana association football
Q17599206 Martha Bissah Ghana athletics Martha Bissah
Q18001547 Augustine Okrah Ghana association football
Q18015324 Nelly Akainyah Ghana badminton
Q18710988 Evelyn Botwe Ghana badminton
Q20641423 Alberta Sackey Ghana association football
Q20717425 Beatrice Gyaman Ghana athletics
Q20744491 Patience Kpobi Ghana association football
Q20991594 Nadia Eke Ghana
IAAF World Challenge - Meeting Madrid 2017 - 170714 214441.jpg
Q21005117 Portia Boakye Ghana association football
Q21167168 Zuta Mary Nartey Ghana athletics
Q21620658 Gemma Acheampong Ghana
Gemma Acheampong D8 3 4x100m reeksen dames (37236390310) (cropped).jpg
track and field
Gemma Acheampong
Q21622983 Samira Suleman Ghana association football
Q21936281 Martha Appiah Ghana athletics
Q21936290 Grace Armah Ghana athletics
Q21936515 Mary Mensah Ghana athletics
Q21936539 Cynthia Quartey Ghana athletics
Q21936574 Doris Wiredu Ghana athletics
Q22162717 Faiza Ibrahim Ghana association football
Q23759615 Grace Bakari Ghana athletics
Q25916726 Linda Eshun Ghana association football
Q25916724 Janet Egyir Ghana association football
Q26235919 Dorcas Gyimah Ghana athletics
Q26235920 Kaya Forson Ghana
Q26236489 Szandra Szögedi Ghana
Q26251339 Elizabeth Addo Ghana association football
Q26874529 Christiana Boateng Ghana athletics
Q26923437 Vida Bruce Ghana athletics
Q27031211 Linda Osei Hammond Ghana badminton
Q27031213 Stella Amasah Ghana badminton
Q27031517 Diana Archer Ghana badminton
Q27267836 Mary Ennoo Ghana badminton
Q27493933 Aminatu Ibrahim Ghana association football
Q27494002 Basilea Amoa-Tetteh Ghana association football
Q27494018 Belinda Kanda Ghana association football
Q27494175 Elizabeth Baidu Ghana association football
Q27494178 Fati Mohammed Ghana association football
Q27494182 Genevive Clottey Ghana association football
Q27494186 Gloria Foriwa Ghana association football
Q27494187 Hamdya Abass Ghana association football
Q27494185 Gladys Enti Ghana association football
Q27494204 Lydia Ankrah Ghana association football
Q27494214 Mavis Danso Ghana association football
Q27494219 Memunatu Sulemana Ghana association football
Q27494223 Myralyn Osei Agyemang Ghana association football
Q27494244 Patience Sackey Ghana association football
Q27494291 Safia Rahman Ghana association football
Q27494293 Sheila Okai Ghana association football
Q27494540 Yaa Avoe Ghana association football
Q27514698 Rita Yeboah Ghana association football
Q27514701 Regina Ansah Ghana association football
Q27514710 Mavis Djangmah Ghana association football
Q27514708 Juliana Kakraba Ghana association football
Q27514717 Nana Amma Gyamfuah Ghana association football
Q27514723 Priscilla Mensah Ghana association football
Q27514726 Stella Quartey Ghana association football
Q27517039 Barikisu Tettey-Quao Ghana association football
Q27517091 Kulu Yahaya Ghana association football
Q27517206 Vivan Mensah Ghana association football
Q27576071 Agnes Aduako Ghana association football
Q27576077 Agnes Quaye Ghana association football
Q27576154 Cynthia Adobea Ghana association football
Q27576194 Diana Ankomah Ghana association football
Q27576198 Fafali Dumehasi Ghana association football
Q27576196 Elizabeth Cudjoe Ghana association football
Q27576203 Grace Asare Ghana association football
Q27576206 Juliet Acheampong Ghana association football
Q27576205 Hillia Kobblah Ghana association football
Q27576209 Leticia Zikpi Ghana association football
Q27576214 Nana Asantewaa Ghana association football
Q27576212 Mary Berko Ghana association football
Q27576213 Mary Essiful Ghana association football
Q27576216 Patricia Mantey Ghana association football
Q27576220 Rosemary Ampem Ghana association football
Q27861887 Christiana Boateng Ghana association football
Q27916353 Lydia Mato Ghana athletics
Q27917036 Rasheda Abdul-Rahman Ghana association football
Q27947829 Gifty Mensah Ghana badminton
Q31213386 Ernestina Abambila Ghana
Enerstina Abambila.jpg
association football
Q33131252 Hellena Wrappah Ghana athletics
Q36303524 Akua Obeng-Akrofi Ghana athletics
Q37764376 Veronica Bawuah Ghana athletics
Q38086411 Mavis Akoto Ghana athletics
Q38890138 Faustina Ampah Ghana
Faustina Ampah.jpg
association football
Q40418857 Julia Agawu Ghana athletics
Q48642628 Gifty Acheampong Ghana association football
Q51876347 Halutie Hor Ghana
Q52266710 Elizabeth Dadzie Ghana
Q52530159 Eyram Migbodzi Ghana badminton
Q52570336 Grace Atipaka Ghana badminton
Q52890525 Linear Addy Ghana
Q54805430 Anita Neequaye Ghana taekwondo
Q54805428 Estelle Uroom Ghana taekwondo
Q54805437 Cynthia Dotsey Ghana taekwondo
Q58980616 Mukarama Abdulai Ghana
Mukarama Abdulai.jpg
association football
Q60741046 Jane Ayiyem Ghana association football
Q61745958 Helen Amankwah Ghana


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q3377733 Fatmata Fofanah Guinea athletics
Q4699218 Aissata Toure Guinea athletics
Q5249735 Dede Camara Guinea swimming
Q5285286 Djene Barry Guinea swimming
Q15623172 Fatoumata Baldé Guinea association football
Q15814531 Hawa Conté Guinea association football
Q16204846 Aissatou Barry Guinea swimming
Q16233849 Mariama Dalanda Barry Guinea taekwondo
Q18637917 M'mah Soumah Guinea judo
Q26267510 Makoura Keita Guinea athletics
Q26431504 Mamadama Bangoura Guinea judo
Q27536245 Mariam Bangoura Guinea judo
Q32379591 Sylla M'Mah Touré Guinea athletics
Q33120822 Oumou Sow Guinea athletics


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q3360640 Domingas Togna Guinea-Bissau athletics
Q5591572 Graciela Martins Guinea-Bissau athletics
Q6110821 Jacira Mendonca Guinea-Bissau
Q11819251 Placida Mirolho Guinea-Bissau athletics
Q16216050 Leopoldina Ross Guinea-Bissau
Q16529045 Anhel Cape Guinea-Bissau athletics
Q17279885 Nenè Nhaga Bissoli Guinea-Bissau
Bissoli prepartita finale Coppa Italia femminile 2015 02.JPG
association football Nenè Nhaga Bissoli
Q26263626 Jessica Inchude Guinea-Bissau


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q2275579 Zahra Bani Italy
Zahra Bani.jpg
javelin throw
Q15712846 Alessia Dipol Italy
alpine skiing
Q51382833 Sara Tounesi Italy
rugby union
Q52834869 Awa Coulibaly Italy
Awa Coulibaly 2014 cropped.jpg
rugby union Awa Coulibaly

Ivory Coast[edit]

item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q514649 Christine Adjouablé Ivory Coast handball
Q584587 Alimata Dosso Ivory Coast handball
Q1522558 Ruth Gbagbi Ivory Coast
Ruth Gbagbi (cropped).jpg
taekwondo athlete
Ruth Gbagbi
Q1756137 Nadege Essoh Ivory Coast association football
Q1778945 Ange N'Guessan Ivory Coast association football
Q1878796 Lynda Marlene Gauze Ivory Coast association football
Q2431002 Ines Nrehy Ivory Coast
InesNrehy (5).jpg
association football Ines Nrehy
Q2736857 Josée Nahi Ivory Coast association football
Q2777914 Murielle Ahouré Ivory Coast
2012-06-07 Bislett Games Ahore01.jpg
athletics Murielle Ahouré
Q2824508 Adjheï Abbady Ivory Coast basketball
Q2827764 Aïchata Diomande Ivory Coast basketball
Q2831720 Albertine Koutouan Ivory Coast athletics
Q2841068 Amandine Allou Affoue Ivory Coast athletics
Q2868337 Assétou Kolga Ivory Coast basketball
Q2906102 Blandine N’Goran Ivory Coast basketball
Q2936291 Candide Zanzan Ivory Coast handball
Q2965769 Yohou Christiane Guede Ivory Coast handball
Q2965937 Christine Koffi Ivory Coast handball
Q3010156 Céline Dongo Ivory Coast handball
Q3021832 Delphine Gbogboua Ivory Coast handball
Q3033027 Djiré Massourata Ivory Coast basketball
Q3048748 Edwige Djedjemel Ivory Coast basketball
Q3048758 Edwige Zady Ivory Coast handball
Q3052452 Emma Djédjé Ivory Coast handball
Q3052974 Emmanuelle Mouké Ivory Coast basketball
Q3058894 Estelle Brou Ivory Coast athletics
Q3060340 N'Cho Elodie Mambo Ivory Coast handball
Q3067269 Fatoumata Koné Ivory Coast basketball
Q3180282 Joellie Baflan Ivory Coast athletics
Q3189279 Likane Julie Toualy Ivory Coast handball
Q3192642 Kanga Gladys Ivory Coast handball
Q3192666 Kani Kouyaté Ivory Coast basketball
Q3198812 Koné Oumar Ivory Coast athletics
Q3265778 Lucienne N'Da Ivory Coast athletics
Q3280671 Makaridja Sakanogo Ivory Coast athletics
Q3291198 Mariame Gbané Ivory Coast basketball
Q3291197 Mariame Kolga Ivory Coast basketball
Q3291200 Mariam Traore Ivory Coast handball
Q3291201 Mariame Sylla Ivory Coast basketball
Q3292855 Marie Womplou Ivory Coast athletics
Q3303404 Maïmouna Samaké Ivory Coast handball
Q3336621 Nathalie Kregbo Ivory Coast handball
Q3369155 Patricia Soman Ivory Coast athletics
Q3372560 Paula Gondo-Bredou Ivory Coast handball
Q3416133 Rachelle Kouyo Ivory Coast handball
Q3434333 Robeace Abogny Ivory Coast handball
Q3506910 Sylva Née Ivory Coast handball
Q3536112 Tra Lou Edwige Ivory Coast handball
Q3587691 Éliane Droubry Ivory Coast
Droubly a treichville.JPG
Q3675602 Christelle N'Garsanet Ivory Coast
Denaimou Ngarsanet01.JPG
Q4809092 Assita Toure Ivory Coast swimming
Q5200132 Cynthia Niako Ivory Coast athletics
Q5202474 Célestine N'Drin Ivory Coast athletics
Q6688626 Louise Ayétotché Ivory Coast athletics
Q6738786 Makaridja Sanganoko Ivory Coast athletics
Q6761779 Mariam Bah Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q7683722 Tanoh Benie Ivory Coast
Q9148273 Alima Ouattara Ivory Coast athletics
Q15622704 Rita Akaffou Ivory Coast association football
Q15623168 Ange Atsé Ivory Coast association football
Q15623176 Rachel Bancouly Ivory Coast association football
Q15782955 Rebecca Elloh Ivory Coast association football
Q15791988 Anne Somené Ivory Coast association football
Q15792735 Binta Diakité Ivory Coast association football
Q15794297 Christine Yeblé Ivory Coast association football
Q15804148 Cynthia Djohoré Ivory Coast volleyball
Q15806171 Djelika Coulibaly Ivory Coast association football
Q15806299 Dominique Thiamale Ivory Coast association football
Q15809340 Fatou Coulibaly Ivory Coast association football
Q15809545 Fernande Tchetche Ivory Coast association football
Q15819863 Ida Guehai Ivory Coast
Ida Guehai.jpg
association football
Q15820920 Jeanne Gnago Ivory Coast association football
Q15823995 Raymonde Kacou Ivory Coast association football
Q15833067 Lydie Saki Ivory Coast association football
Q15833899 Mariam Sanogo Ivory Coast association football
Q15843820 Salimata Dosso Ivory Coast association football
Q15867399 Nadège N’Guessan Ivory Coast association football
Q16209420 Patricia Foufoué Ziga Ivory Coast athletics
Q16210398 Kazai Suzanne Kragbé Ivory Coast athletics
Q17046446 Vanessa Blé Ivory Coast basketball
Q17497076 Marie-Josée Ta Lou Ivory Coast
Marie Josée Ta Lou 2015.jpg
athletics Marie-Josée Ta Lou
Q17558575 Hortense Konan Ivory Coast handball
Q18619972 Cecile Esmei Ivory Coast association football
Q18628986 Marie Yassi Ivory Coast association football
Q20090054 Jessica Aby Ivory Coast association football
Q20090067 Sophie Aguie Ivory Coast association football
Q20090456 Nadège Cissé Ivory Coast association football
Q20090582 Mariam Diakité Ivory Coast association football
Q20090598 Cynthia Djohore Ivory Coast association football
Q20090848 Aminata Haidara Ivory Coast association football
Q20641090 Nina Kpaho Ivory Coast association football
Q20641127 Christine Lohoues Ivory Coast association football
Q20641228 Sandrine Niamien Ivory Coast association football
Q21621392 Adeline Gouenon Ivory Coast athletics
Q23540976 Carla Frangilli Ivory Coast
Q24852366 Assetou Bamba Ivory Coast athletics
Q25433572 Mamina Koné Ivory Coast
Mamina Kone.jpg
Q26221638 Gbahi Gwladys Sakoa Ivory Coast fencing
Q26255176 Rose Marie Kouaho Ivory Coast judo
Q26255220 Lea Zahoui Blavo Ivory Coast judo
Q26255280 Zouleiha Abzetta Dabonne Ivory Coast judo
Q26692007 Marguerita Goua Lou Ivory Coast judo
Q26692009 Deza Elie Gbate Ivory Coast judo
Q26923408 Matagari Diazasouba Ivory Coast athletics
Q27119628 Salimata Fofana Ivory Coast judo
Q27430327 Akissi Monney Ivory Coast judo
Q27786516 Clarisse Ebrottie Nda Ivory Coast judo
Q28502129 Sylvie Lago Ivory Coast judo
Q28502143 Nathalie Oguielou Ivory Coast judo
Q28872529 Clémentine Touré Ivory Coast association football
Q33082809 Nadia Beugré Ivory Coast
Q33120827 Olga Mutanda Ivory Coast athletics
Q35304802 Alimata Koné Ivory Coast athletics
Q38010187 Mireille Parfaite Gaha Ivory Coast athletics
Q38086738 Marie Gnahoré Ivory Coast athletics
Q41711164 Kariata Diaby Ivory Coast basketball
Q42730351 Fatimata Diasso Ivory Coast paralympic athletics
Q50675398 Bouma Ferimata Coulibaly Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q50675435 Nadège N’dri Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q50675465 Hadja Djabate Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q50676653 Sanogo Affoue Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q51880902 Karel Elodie Ziketh Ivory Coast
Karel Elodie Ziketh Women 100 m French Athletics Championships 2013 t151420 (cropped).jpg
athletics Karel Elodie Ziketh
Q53911875 Marie-Laure Ndraman Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q53912225 Banassa Diomandé Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q53912264 Sita Sanogo Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q54215658 Ténin Camara Ivory Coast athletics
Q54805509 Carole Toh Irika Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q54805514 Abiba Djibo Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q54805529 Djaliha Kone Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q54805566 Awa Ouattara Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q54805564 Cynthia Kragbe Valle Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q54805569 Larissa Konan Amoin Ivory Coast taekwondo
Q55956204 Gabriela Kouassi Ivory Coast athletics
Q62601749 Amy Youin Ivory Coast


item label country of citizenship image sport Commons category
Q110586 Sarah Chepchirchir Kenya
Sarah Chepchirchir - Paris Half Marathon - 5245.jpg
athletics Sarah Chepchirchir
Q117239 Milcah Chemos Cheywa Kenya
Commonwealth Games 2014 - Athletics Day 4 (14614835700) (cropped).jpg
athletics Milcah Chemos Cheywa
Q178437 Catherine Kirui Kenya athletics
Q180483 Joyce Chepkirui Kenya
Joyce Chepkirui during 2013 London Marathon (2).JPG
athletics Joyce Chepkirui
Q180629 Edna Kiplagat Kenya
Edna Kiplagat Moscow 2013.jpg
athletics Edna Ngeringwony Kiplagat
Q198508 Viola Kibiwot Kenya
2012 Olympics - Womens 5000m Dibaba leading (cropped).jpg
athletics Viola Kibiwot
Q200874 Jeruto Kiptum Kenya athletics
Q230950 Catherine Ndereba Kenya
Osaka07 D9M WMarathon Ndereba running.jpg
athletics Catherine Ndereba
Q233714 Nancy Langat Kenya
1500 m women Berlin 2009 2.JPG
athletics Nancy Jebet Langat
Q235801 Eunice Jepkorir Kenya
Eunice Jepkorir.jpg
athletics Eunice Jepkorir
Q239164 Linet Masai Kenya
20090815 Linet Masai.jpg
athletics Linet Masai
Q239970 Janeth Jepkosgei Kenya
Janeth Jepkosgei 2010 Memorial Van damme.jpg
athletics Janeth Jepkosgei
Q241062 Tegla Loroupe Kenya
Rio 2016 Refugees 1033404-29072016- dsc0893.jpg
athletics Tegla Loroupe
Q258576 Sylvia Jebiwott Kibet Kenya
Mercy Cherono Daegu 2011.jpg
athletics Sylvia Jebiwott Kibet
Q265297 Priscah Jepleting Cherono Kenya
Osaka07 D8A W5000M VC.jpg
athletics Priscah Jepleting Cherono
Q270684 Pamela Jelimo Kenya
Pamela Jelimo Bislett Games 2008 cropped.jpg
athletics Pamela Jelimo
Q271166 Mary Jepkosgei Keitany Kenya
Mary Keitany nyc (cropped).jpg
athletics Mary Jepkosgei Keitany
Q271593 Sally Barsosio Kenya athletics
Q273109 Rita Jeptoo Kenya
Rita Jeptoo at the 2007 Boston Marathon.jpg
athletics Rita Jeptoo
Q273392 Joyce Chepchumba Kenya
Chepchumba, Joyce.jpg
Q274099 Salina Kosgei Kenya
Salina Kosgei.jpg
athletics Salina Kosgei
Q274110 Magdaline Chemjor Kenya athletics
Q274438 Isabella Ochichi Kenya athletics
Q274701 Pamela Chepchumba Kenya athletics
Q276053 Delilah Asiago Kenya athletics
Q366988 Susan Sirma Kenya athletics
Q386515 Iness Chepkesis Chenonge Kenya athletics
Q389885 Naomi Mugo Kenya athletics
Q394559 Agnes Jeruto Barsosio Kenya athletics
Q394561 Agnes Kiprop Kenya athletics
Q430031 Gladys Kipkemoi Kenya athletics
Q433832 Mercy Cherono Kenya
Mercy Cherono Daegu 2011.jpg
athletics Mercy Cherono
Q434093 Caroline Kilel Kenya
athletics Caroline Kilel
Q434988 Grace Wanjiru Kenya athletics
Q435494 Alice Timbilil Kenya athletics
Q438827 Hellen Obiri Kenya
Hellen Obiri Istanbul 2012.jpg
athletics Hellen Onsando Obiri
Q439474 Mercy Wanjiku Kenya
Mercy Wanjiku Njoroge (2012).JPG
athletics Mercy Wanjiku Njoroge
Q441768 Florence Kiplagat Kenya
Florence Jebet Kiplagat winning the Berlin Marathon 2011.jpg
athletics Florence Kiplagat
Q442315 Lydia Cheromei Kenya
Lydia Cheromei.jpg
athletics Lydia Cheromei
Q447468 Susan Chepkemei Kenya
Susan Chepkemei London 2005.jpg
athletics Susan Chepkemei
Q452568 Pauline Konga Kenya athletics
Q455200 Margaret Okayo Kenya
Margaret Okayo London 2005.jpg
athletics Margaret Okayo
Q455273 Edith Masai Kenya athletics
Q455318 Ruth Bosibori Kenya
Ruth Bisibori Nyangau.jpg
athletics Ruth Bosibori
Q456420 Philes Ongori Kenya
20110410-Philes Ongori-Rotterdam (cropped).jpg
athletics Philes Ongori
Q457005 Emily Chebet Kenya athletics
Q457807 Jackline Maranga Kenya athletics
Q459245 Sharon Cherop Kenya
Sharon Cherop winner of 2012 Boston Marathon.jpg
athletics Sharon Cherop
Q459391 Grace Momanyi Kenya
Grace Momanyi.jpg
athletics Grace Momanyi
Q459402 Lucy Wangui Kenya
IAAF World Championships Moscow 2013 marathon women 23 AZ (9483617107).jpg
Q486646 Anastasia Ndereba Kenya athletics
Q499696 Selina Chirchir Kenya athletics
Q499781 Pauline Njeri Kahenya Kenya athletics
Q510629 Jemima Sumgong Kenya
athletics Jemima Sumgong
Q519250 Margaret Wangari Muriuki Kenya
Margaret Wangari Muriuki 2013.jpg
Q520815 Joan Jepkorir Aiyabei Kenya athletics
Q522392 Lineth Chepkurui Kenya athletics
Q522800 Hellen Chepngeno Kenya athletics
Q523165 Doris Changeywo Kenya
Doris Changeywo, Frankfurt.jpg
athletics Doris Changeywo
Q523629 Hellen Kimaiyo Kenya athletics
Q523909 Lydia Kurgat Kenya athletics
Q523989 Leah Malot Kenya athletics
Q525828 Paskalia Chepkorir Kipkoech Kenya athletics
Q530121 Helena Kirop Kenya
Helena Loshanyang Kirop 2008.jpg
Q533020 Angelina Kanana Kenya athletics
Q533542 Beatrice Omwanza Kenya
Beatrice Omwanza in Berlin 2008.jpg
athletics Beatrice Omwanza
Q533551 Peninah Arusei Kenya
Peninah Arusei 2007.jpg
athletics Peninah Arusei
Q533736 Florence Barsosio Kenya athletics
Q533775 Rose Cheruiyot Kenya athletics
Q536251 Hellen Jemaiyo Kimutai Kenya
2005 WC Marathon Women 450 Helen Kimutai.jpg
Q550940 Anitha Jepchumba Kiptum Kenya athletics
Q558453 Ann Karindi Mwangi Kenya athletics
Q562688 Anna Ng'ang'a Kenya badminton
Q565153 Anne Cheptanui Bererwe Kenya athletics
Q565456 Anne Jelagat Kibor Kenya athletics
Q565462 Anne Kosgei Kenya athletics
Q609494 Lydia Rotich Kenya
2012-06-07 Bislett Games Lydia Rotich.jpg
athletics Lydia Rotich
Q955864 Dorcas Nakhomicha Ndasaba Kenya beach volleyball
Q1044470 Caroline Kwambai Kenya athletics
Q1044472 Caroline Chepkwony Kenya
Caroline Chepkwony.jpg
athletics Caroline Chepkwony
Q1044548 Caroline Rotich Kenya
Caroline Rotich.jpg
Q1116545 Pauline Wangui Ngigi Kenya athletics
Q1208887 Diana Sigei Chepkemoi Kenya
Diana Sigei Boston Marathon 2013.jpg
athletics Diana Sigei
Q1238468 Ruth Wanjiru Kenya
Ruth Wanjiru.jpg
Q1243863 Doreen Nabwire Kenya association football
Q1281936 Ecler Loywapet Kenya athletics
Q1292568 Jennifer Chesinon Lingakwiang Kenya athletics
Q1323252 Georgina Rono Kenya
Gorgina Rono - Paris Half Marathon 2014 - 5218.jpg
Q1337586 Emily Chepar Kimuria Kenya athletics
Q1337588 Emily Chepkomi Samoei Kenya athletics
Q1369884 Ester Barmasai Kenya athletics
Q1370133 Esther Wanjiru Kenya athletics
Q1375803 Nguriatukei Rael Kiyara Kenya
Nguriatukei Rael Kiyara (2007).jpg
Q1395761 Julia Mombi Kenya athletics
Q1418237 Judy Kiplimo Kenya athletics
Q1500313 Rose Kosgei Kenya
X3085 Rose Jerotich Kosgei, Schortens 2014.jpeg
Q1588667 Gladys Cherono Kenya
Gladys Cherono Hervis Half Marathon 2012.jpg
athletics Gladys Cherono
Q1601661 Helah Kiprop Kenya
athletics Helah Kiprop
Q1602744 Hellen Mugo Kenya athletics
Q1603432 Valentine Jepkorir Kipketer Kenya athletics
Q1606960 Henry Kosgei Cherono Kenya athletics
Q1650822 Rose Kerubo Nyangacha Kenya athletics
Q1672494 Irene Cherop Loritareng Kenya athletics
Q1672525 Irene Jerotich Kosgei Kenya athletics
Q1672535 Irene Kwambai Kenya athletics
Q1677303 Jackline Jerotich Chebor Kenya athletics
Q1677301 Jackline Torori Kenya athletics
Q1682567 Jane Auro Ekimat Kenya athletics
Q1682614 Jane Ngotho Kenya athletics
Q1682750 Selina Chemunge Chelimo Kenya athletics
Q1710038 Joyce Kandie Kenya athletics
Q1772030 Rose Chelimo Kenya
Rose Chelimo Rio 2016b.jpg
athletics Rose Chelimo
Q1806304 Mercy Obiero Kenya athletics
Q1817376 Lenah Cheruiyot Kenya athletics
Q1873221 Lucia Subano Kenya athletics
Q1906369 Mary Ptikany Kenya athletics
Q1921564 Mercy Jerotich Kibarus Kenya athletics
Q1921719 Meriem Wangari Kenya athletics
Q1944532 Monica Jepkoech Kenya athletics
Q1951930 Margaret Karie Kenya athletics
Q1952595 Margaret Atodonyang Kenya athletics
Q2107219 Elizabeth Andiego Kenya boxing
Q2154817 Risper Jemeli Kimaiyo Kenya athletics
Q2166747 Rose Jepkemboi Chesire Kenya athletics
Q2177672 Ruth Kutol Kenya athletics
Q2299399 Florence Chepkurui Kenya athletics
Q2368903 Susan Kirui Kenya athletics
Q2527365 Viola Bor Chepketing Kenya athletics
Q2584736 Winnie Jepkemoi Kenya athletics
Q2646864 Alice Chelangat Kenya
Alice Chelangat at the 2007 Boston Marathon.jpg
Q2993345 Conjestina Achieng Kenya boxing
Q3012197 Daisy Jepkemei Kenya athletics
Q3064656 Faith Kipyegon Kenya
Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon Barcelona 2012.jpg
athletics Faith Kipyegon
Q3108450 Gladys Wamuyu Kenya athletics
Q3154318 Irene Jelagat Kenya
Burka Jelagat Doha 2010.jpg
Q3372732 Pauline Korikwiang Kenya athletics
Q3410965 Purity Cherotich Kirui Kenya
Purity Cherotich Kirui Commonwealth Games 2014 - Athletics Day 4 (14614835700) (cropped).jpg
athletics Purity Cherotich Kirui
Q4666983 Aberdeen Shikoyi Kenya
Q4877164 Beatrice Jepchumba Kenya athletics
Q4958884 Jane Kiptoo Kenya athletics
track and field
road running
cross country running
Q4988066 Salome Chepchumba Kenya athletics
Q5092243 Cherono Koech Kenya athletics
Q5363253 Elizabeth Muthuka Kenya athletics
Q5363451 Elizabeth Rumokol Kenya athletics
Q5409760 Eunice Jepkoech Sum Kenya
Eunice Jepkoech Sum 2010 ISTAF Berlin.jpg
athletics Eunice Jepkoech Sum
Q5416487 Evelyne Nganga Kenya athletics
Q5431163 Faith Chemutai Kenya athletics
Q5431209 Faith Macharia Kenya athletics
Q5459996 Flomena Chepchirchir Kenya
Berlin marathon 2012 am kleistpark between kilometers 21 and 22 30.09.2012 10-15-043.jpg
athletics Flomena Chepchirchir
Q6069149 Irene Mogaka Kenya athletics
Q6152898 Jane Wanjiku Kenya athletics
Q6153638 Janet Wanja Kenya beach volleyball
Q6288422 Josephine Owino Kenya basketball
Q6306543 Julia Longorkaye Kenya athletics
Q6698233 Lucy Chege Kenya volleyball
Q6780405 Mary Nakhumicha Zakayo Kenya paralympic athletics
Q6792698 Maureen Jelagat Maiyo Kenya athletics
Q6850928 Mildred Alango Kenya taekwondo
Q6960624 Nakhumicha Zakayo Kenya paralympic athletics
Q7162903 Peninah Jepchumba Kenya athletics
Q7367813 Rose Jepchumba Kenya athletics
Q7367944 Rose Tata-Muya Kenya athletics
Q7383252 Ruth Waithera Kenya athletics
Q7695410 Tekla Chemabwai Kenya athletics
Q7933218 Violet Barasa Kenya beach volleyball
Q8565331 Fran Marshall Kenya squash
Q9142183 Agnes Jebet Tirop Kenya athletics
Q9184828 Caroline Chepkoech Kipkirui Kenya track and field
road running
cross country running
Q9191083 Christine Kambua Muyanga Kenya
Christine Kambua Muyanga.JPG
Q9252871 Elizabeth Mueni Kenya athletics
Q9255086 Esther Chemtai Kenya
20130901 Tilburg Ten Miles - Esther Chemtai.jpg
Q9275290 Grace Chelagat Kenya athletics
Q9341069 Stacey Chepkemboi Ndiwa Kenya athletics
Q9345634 Stella Jepkosgei Rutto Kenya
Q9357285 Teresa Flavious Kwamboka Kenya athletics
Q11713879 Irene Limika Kenya athletics
Q11719742 Janet Kisa Kenya athletics
Q11723729 Jebichi Yator Kenya athletics
Q11728677 Joy Nakhumicha Sakari Kenya athletics
Q11756796 Lilian Jepkorir Chemweno Kenya athletics
Q11789451 Nancy Chepkwemoi Kenya athletics
Q11790524 Nelly Ngeiywo Kenya athletics
Q11831849 Purity Cherotich Rionoripo Kenya athletics
Q11957687 Ambrose Bitok Kenya athletics
Q13384217 Lidya Chepkurui Kenya
2012-06-07 Bislett Games Lidya Chepkurui.jpg
athletics Lydiah Chepkurui
Q14475736 Winny Chebet Kenya
Chebet 2010-06-04 Bislett Games 800 m.jpg
athletics Winny Chebet
Q15141864 Pascaline Wangui Kenya athletics
Q15631305 Mercy Joseph Kenya badminton
Q15786498 Alice Ngii Kenya association football
Q15794291 Christine Chepkonga Kenya athletics
Q15820619 Jacqueline Nytepi Kiplimo Kenya athletics
Q15858844 Hyvon Ngetich Kenya athletics
Q16027755 Mary Wacera Ngugi Kenya athletics
Q16147123 Maria Awori Kenya swimming
Q16199351 Emily Biwott Kenya athletics
Q16203293 Sally Chepyego Kaptich Kenya athletics
Q16210812 Eva Donde Kenya swimming
Q16211606 Veronica Nyaruai Kenya
Verónica Nyaruai - Cross de Venta de Baños 2009.jpg
Q16212532 Betsy Saina Kenya
Betsy Saina in stadium August 2014.jpg
athletics Betsy Saina
Q16224346 Nancy Wambui Kenya athletics
Q16325355 Anitah Alube Kenya badminton
Q16558877 Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi Kenya
Hyvin Kiyeng Jepkemoi Beijing 2015.jpg
athletics Hyvin Jepkemoi
Q16572116 Lilian Kasait Rengeruk Kenya
1281 5000m dames rengeruk (34983869164).jpg
track and field
cross country running
Lilian Kasait Rengeruk
Q16636410 Flomena Cheyech Daniel Kenya
Vienna City Marathon 20130414 Flomena Cheyech 0305 GuentherZ.JPG
Q17176173 Sylvia Chesebe Kenya athletics
Q17497106 Margaret Wambui Kenya
Margaret Wambui Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Margaret Wambui
Q17505171 Joan Kipkemoi Rotich Kenya
Joan Kipkemoi Commonwealth Games 2014 - Athletics Day 4 (14614835700) (cropped).jpg
athletics Joan Kipkemoi
Q17558597 Margaret Northrop Kenya swimming
Q18217121 Joyce Wambui Njuguna Kenya
Q18249364 Sylvia Brunlehner Kenya swimming
Q18346495 Emily Ruto Kenya cricket
Q18352638 Margaret Ngotho Kenya athletics
Q19787933 Justina Chepchirchir Kenya athletics
Q19958458 Virginia Nyambura Kenya
Virginia Nyambura Nganga at ISTAF 2015.jpg
athletics Virginia Nyambura Nganga
Q20810642 Irene Chepet Cheptai Kenya
Irene Chepet Cheptai 2013.jpg
Q20866969 Rosefline Chepngetich Kenya
Rosefline Chepngetich Beijing 2015.jpg
athletics Rosefline Chepngetich
Q20895957 Jacinter Shikanda Kenya athletics
Q20898097 Visiline Jepkesho Kenya
Visiline Jepkesho Rio 2016.jpg
athletics Visiline Jepkesho
Q20902291 Viola Cheptoo Lagat Kenya athletics
middle-distance running
Q20965964 Francisca Koki Manunga Kenya athletics
Q20991559 Alice Aprot Kenya athletics Alice Aprot Nawowuna
Q20991580 Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi Kenya
Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi D9 7 finale 5000m hassan (37236383010) (cropped).jpg
athletics Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi
Q20993692 Eunice Kadogo Kenya athletics
Q21063818 Janet Rono Kenya athletics
Q21170486 Ednah Chepngeno Kenya volleyball
Q21170671 Leonidas Kamende Kenya beach volleyball
Q21170726 Jacqueline Makokha Kenya volleyball
Q21170838 Judith Serenge Kenya beach volleyball
Q21173868 Maria Kochwa Kenya volleyball
Q21174037 Margaret Indakala Kenya volleyball
Q21175279 Doris Wanjala Kenya volleyball
Q21285426 Nancy Nyongesa Kenya beach volleyball
Q21643013 Philister Jebet Kenya beach volleyball
Q21663370 Joan Mwandihi Kenya volleyball
Q21663382 Gladys Nasikanda Kenya beach volleyball
Q21663408 Roselidah Obunaga Kenya beach volleyball
Q21936570 Mary Wagaki Kenya athletics
Q22693058 Nancy Waswa Kenya volleyball
Q22910067 Agnetha Chelimo Kenya track and field
Q22957255 Catherine Wanjiru Kenya beach volleyball
Q22957260 Mercy Wesutila Kenya beach volleyball
Q22957261 Emily Wesutila Kenya volleyball
Q23597143 Peres Jepchirchir Kenya road running
Q23605534 Cynthia Jerotich Limo Kenya road running
Q23658024 Everline Kimwei Kenya track and field
road running
cross country running
Q23695484 Violah Jepchumba Kenya road running
Q23905001 Nancy Kiprop Kenya athletics
Q23905020 Maurine Kipchumba Kenya athletics
Q23906802 Sarah Jebet Kenya athletics
Q24301090 Beatrice Chepkoech Kenya
Beatrice Chepkoech 2016.jpg
athletics Beatrice Chepkoech
Q24951668 Sheila Chepkirui Kenya track and field
cross country running
Q24951756 Norah Jeruto Kenya athletics
track and field
Q25170417 Agnes Chesang Kenya athletics
Q25390758 Jackline Chepngeno Kenya athletics
Q25390759 Joyciline Jepkosgei Kenya
Joyciline Jepkosgei 2017 Prague Half Marathon.jpg
track and field
road running
Joyciline Jepkosgei
Q25430364 Ivine Chepkemoi Kenya athletics
Q26036597 Adut Bulgak Kenya
Q26132644 Shehzana Anwar Kenya
Q26775291 Selah Jepleting Busienei Kenya
Corrida 1500m feminino (21422716314).jpg
athletics Selah Jepleting Busienei
Q26780222 Jane Omoro Kenya track and field
road running
cross country running
Q26780471 Teresa Wanjiku Kenya road running
cross country running
Q26923428 Mary Chemweno Kenya athletics
Q27031508 Lavina Martins Kenya badminton
Q27031562 Sheila Muthoni Kenya badminton
Q27036222 Shamin Noormohamed Kenya badminton
Q27049936 Gladys Kipsoi Kenya athletics
Q27267461 Irene Kerimah Kenya badminton
Q27267680 Anjali Gudhka Kenya badminton
Q27757003 Celliphine Chespol Kenya
Celliphine Chespol Tampere 2018 (cropped).jpg
athletics Celliphine Chepteek Chespol
Q27768163 Ivy Kibet Kenya athletics
Q27817653 Monica Githii Kenya badminton
Q27817662 Jasmin Nzambu Kenya badminton
Q27824727 Edith Wamalwa Kenya badminton
Q27824728 Christine Joshi Kenya badminton
Q27824729 Fatma Juma Kenya badminton
Q27834759 Esther Ratugi Kenya judo
Q28123897 Lenah Serem Kenya athletics
Q28728053 Sabrina Simader Kenya
alpine skiing
Q28972956 Emily Kasyoka Kenya boxing
Q30231596 Sandra Tuei Kenya
Q30902689 Sheila Chelangat Kenya athletics
Q32150162 Joyce Odhiambo Kenya athletics
Q34949823 Judy Kiyeng Kenya athletics
Q35111464 Maximila Imali Kenya athletics
Q35489028 Joan Chelimo Melly Kenya athletics
Q36333247 Emily Cherotich Tuei Kenya athletics
Q42285673 Elizabeth Chesire Kenya athletics
Q42294869 Chereno Maiyo Kenya athletics
Q42308659 Lucy Wambui Murigi Kenya
Lucy Wambui Murigi Kitzbueheler Horn Berglauf 2017 podium-cropped.jpg
Q42944086 Esther Kiplagat Kenya athletics
Q43641735 Safina Madhani Kenya squash
Q43646778 Khaaliqa Nimji Kenya squash
Q46079320 Evelyne Khatsembula Kenya paralympic athletics
Q47546624 Susan Tanui Kenya
Spc Susan Tanui (35786499736).jpg
athletics Susan Tanui
Q48818275 Gladys Chesir Kiptagelai Kenya athletics
road running
track and field
Q50676642 Gladys Mwaniki Kenya taekwondo
Q50677021 Sarah Njoki Kenya taekwondo
Q50989209 Pauline Kaveke Kamulu Kenya athletics
Q51685427 Judy Mwihaki Kenya taekwondo
Q51685439 Rose Maria Nduta Kenya taekwondo
Q51685486 Consolata Oloo Kenya taekwondo
Q51685490 Nancy Karanja Kenya taekwondo
Q51685510 Caroline Wairumu Kenya taekwondo
Q51685522 Saida Wambui Kenya taekwondo
Q51685609 Beatrice Ngeso Kenya taekwondo
Q51685612 Rose Naunge Kenya taekwondo
Q51685628 Selina Njeri Wamaitha Kenya taekwondo
Q51685643 Dora Mwakio Kenya taekwondo
Q51685659 Jane Eragi Kenya taekwondo
Q51885429 Ruth Chepngetich Kenya
Q52129159 Brigid Kosgei Kenya
London Marathon 2018 (27765192508).jpg
Brigid Kosgei
Q52142103 Cynthia Kosgei Kenya athletics
Q52439510 Gladys Musyoki Kenya athletics
Q52450023 Millicent Ndoro Kenya athletics