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Lights Camera Wiki!
Video Initiative

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The Lights Camera Wiki! / Architecture video initiative is a part of WikiProject Lights Camera Wiki, in collaboration with Wikimedia New York City. Its purpose is to encourage broader public creation of video content exploring historic architectural sites.

Participants are encouraged to produce short videos that highlight the architectural features of prominent historic sites, with the videos being used to enhance the corresponding Wikipedia articles for these locations.

For more information, contact User:Pharos and User:Gabrielm199.

Prototype videos[edit]

Picking a location[edit]

Pick a building or structure at one of the National Park Service sites (national parks, national monuments, national historic sites, etc.—these are easiest as they require minimal prior planning to shoot on site; see for example the list of NPS sites in New York and the list of NPS sites in New Jersey), or pick a location of interest from the general historic site list (see List of U.S. National Historic Landmarks by state) and determine what sort of permission is required to shoot video on site.

When you have picked a site, please add it to the sign up list and also consider contacting either User:Pharos or User:Gabrielm199 to find out whether or not someone is already working on your site of interest.


The video should consist of a sequence of shots highlighting important aspects of the building and its architecture.

See the main Lights Camera Wiki page for general video workflow instructions.

Sign up[edit]

Please sign up here and give a list of sites you plan to shoot, to reserve them and avoid a duplication of efforts.

Remember that if you're in the US, you probably want to keep to National Parks Service sites (of which they are fortunately a great diversity), unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time in securing appropriate filming permissions.

And if you're not wiki-savvy, feel free to email us at the address listed at our Wikimedia New York City page.

Add yourself below:

Participant Historic site(s) you plan to cover
Gabrielm199—doing protoype videos Jefferson Market Library (done), Grand Central Terminal (done), Holland Tunnel (done), Fort Worth Water Gardens (done)