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Lights Camera Wiki!
Video Initiative

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The Lights Camera Wiki! / Government video initiative is a part of WikiProject Lights Camera Wiki, in collaboration with Wikimedia New York City. Its purpose is to encourage broader public creation of video content exploring politics and government.

Participants are encouraged to produce short videos that provide examples of government, including notable speeches and political events, with the videos being used to enhance the corresponding Wikipedia articles.

Prototype videos[edit]

Obama on the economic stimulus package. As used in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 article


Using Metavid to contribute legislative video[edit] is an archive of U.S. legislative video. Video on is U.S. government produced and is public domain[1] and great for use in Wikipedia articles and Wikimedia commons. Adding metavid video is fairly strait forward.

Locate the video[edit]

Searching is strait forward with helpful auto completes for categories, people, bills and interest groups are displayed.

Metavid is search able in many ways. For more info on searching vist [metavid search help]

Play and select your clip[edit]

Set the in and out points for a clip by clicking on the time in the stream title.

You can click through on search results. Once you find a clip you should set the in and out points to get the precise clip you want to include in an article.

Download the clip[edit]

download link for wikiProject lights camera wiki / Government

Once you have a clip selected you must download the portion you want to upload. Clicking the download link will list the files available. You should select the ogg theora web stream and save target as to save the file to disk.

Upload and insert[edit]

You can now upload and insert the clip. Be sure to use the "public domain" license. For an example of how to fill out the description fields see File:Obama senate 10 01 08.ogg

Good candidates for 'encyclopedic' video from Metavid would include examples of parliamentary procedures, speeches of notable interest by given legislators or for topics specific to the US Legislative system.

Articles that would be improved by video[edit]

Sign up[edit]

Please sign up here and give a list of events you plan to shoot, to reserve them and avoid a duplication of efforts.

Add yourself below:

Participant Bill, Issues, or Government page set to be covered.


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