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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ― H.E.

WikiProject Wikify's



What are they?

Our drives are month long efforts by WikiProject Wikify members to eliminate the backlog of articles that need to be wikified, which are tagged with {{wikify}} and {{Dead end}}. The drives are open to all, and you do not need to be a member of the WikiProject to participate. However, please consider joining.

Past and current drives[edit]

This graph compares participation in WikiProject Wikify's drives and those of the Guild of Copy Editors.

Normally, WikiProject Wikify coordinates a drive every other month. In March 2011, we attempted a special Mini drive, with the goal of clearing the 2008 backlog. We accomplished our mission. Our last Mini drive was held in March 2012.

Frequently asked questions[edit]

Who can participate in a WikiProject Wikify drive?
Anyone logged in can participate. You do not have to be a project member, but you are encouraged to join so you can stay connected with WikiProject Wikify.
When are drives held?
Drives are typically held once every other month.
Who updates the leaderboard?
The participants do. If you belong on the leaderboard, please update (edit) the leaderboard to reflect your score. The leaderboard is located on the drive's statistics page, and is also transcluded onto the log page.
Who coordinates the drives?
The drives are planned and coordinated under the leadership of the elected project coordinators, but anyone can help out—planning discussions usually take place at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Wikify 1–2 weeks before the drive is set to begin.
Can deleted articles be logged as part of my score?
If you wikify the article before it is deleted or tagged for deletion, it can be counted. However, in doing so, valuable time can be wasted, time that could be used to wikify articles that will be kept.
Do the drives use word count points or rollover points?
Word count and rollover points were used until April 2011, when it was decided that the word count system would be phased out for simplicity. Like Wikipedia policies and guidelines, drive rules can be changed through consensus. To bring a new proposal or issue to the project's attention, start a discussion at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Wikify.
A participant is not properly wikifying articles. What should I do?
Backlog elimination drives rely on the honesty and good faith of the participants. If you feel that a participant is not properly wikifying articles, please assume good faith and kindly explain to the editor what they can improve on. If you feel that a participant is purposely gaming the system and participant refuses to change his or her behavior, contact the coordinators at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Wikify.
My question is not listed here. Where can I get further help?
Ask your question either on the drive talk page or Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Wikify.


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