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This is the newly designed awards system for the Wikification drives.

Image Ribbon Name Who will get it? Template
Iron Wikification Barnstar.png Iron Wikification.png The Iron Wikification Barnstar 10–29 articles wikified {{The Iron Wikification Barnstar}}
Bronze Wikification Barnstar.png Bronze Wikification.png The Bronze Wikification Barnstar 30–59 articles wikified {{The Bronze Wikification Barnstar}}
Silver Wikification Barnstar.png Silver Wikification.png The Silver Wikification Barnstar 60–89 articles wikified {{The Silver Wikification Barnstar}}
Gold Wikification Barnstar.png Gold Wikification.png The Gold Wikification Barnstar 90 or more articles wikified {{The Gold Wikification Barnstar}}
Wikification Barnstar Platinum.png Wikification Ribbon Platinum.png The Platinum Wikification Barnstar 150 or more articles wikified {{The Platinum Wikification Barnstar}}
Wikification Barnstar Diamond.png Wikification Ribbon Diamond.png The Diamond Wikification Barnstar 200 or more articles wikified {{The Diamond Wikification Barnstar}}
The Working Wikifier's Barnstar.png Working Wikifier Ribbon.png The Working Wikifier's Barnstar 6th–10th place on leaderboard; runner up to largest amount of article wikified {{The Working Wikifier's Barnstar}}
The Greater Working Wikifier's Barnstar.png Greater Working Wikifier Ribbon.png The Greater Working Wikifier's Barnstar 2nd–5th place on leaderboard; largest amount of articles wikified {{The Greater Working Wikifier's Barnstar}}
The WikiProject Wikify Trophy.png Wikiproject Wikify Trophy.png The WikiProject Wikify Trophy First place on the leaderboard {{The WikiProject Wikify Trophy}}
Most Excellent Wikification Award.jpg Most Excellent Wikification Award Participation in every drive in a calendar year; most leaderboard appearances in a calendar year