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Episode 5: ArbCom, Wikipedia 0.5, and Saying "Wiki"
Released: 16 November, 2006

WikipediaWeekly episode 5.

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The Panel[edit]

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  1. Viruses found in Wikipedia
    Hackers in the German Wikipedia place links to a supposed fix for a worm. Instead, the site contains a virus.
  2. Arbitration Committee elections begin
    As of recording there are 26 candidates signed up. Former member Kelly Martin comes to talk with us.
  3. Growth slowing?
    David Cannon reports October the lowest number of new articles in a year. See Wikipedia:Announcements
  4. Growth rising in Chinese Wikipedia
    The rate of registering users in the Chinese wikipedia have more than doubled, since it was unblocked on November 9.
  5. Wikipedia 0.5
    The article review process has ended for this release of Wikipedia on CD. Martin Walker comes to talk about the upcoming release.
  6. How do you say "Wikipedia"?
    The pronunciation of the Hawaiian word "Wiki" is different compared to how most people say it. Local Hawaiian CableModem comes to talk about the proper pronunciation.

Feedback Discussion[edit]

  1. Long comment about Advertisements
    In response to Episode 4, "Isaac" leaves a long comment giving many ideas on how advertisements could possibly be placed into Wikipedia.
  2. Uploading the podcast to Wikimedia Commons
    Pfctdayelise suggests uploading the podcast to Commons, in Ogg form.
  3. Transcribing Wikipedia Weekly
    Many comments were put forward about transcribing Wikipedia for the deaf and translating them for non-english speakers.

The World According to Wikipedia[edit]

A quick, light-hearted discussion of any funny or unusual page-rankings currently seen on The Top 100 pages at Wikipedia.

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