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Episode 6: China, Search, Wikimedia board
Released: 20 November, 2006

WikipediaWeekly episode 6.

A partial transcript will be available here. Please help by copyediting or adding to it!

Wikipedia Weekly Episode 6 - recorded[edit]

The Panel[edit]

Currently, it's planned that we make a conference on Skype, which works up to five folks.

Those signing up should be experienced with previous episodes, and be regular listeners of other podcasts.

Main hosts
Guest hosts



This is the basic layout of how the episode is planned to move along.

Time of Recording[edit]

Introduce the panel[edit]

That'd be the speakers listed above. Each person says what they'd like to about themselves, and we move on.

See the script


Please note we need a "reponsible person" for researching each news item, and to be the default person to provide insight and details.

  • unblocking update (Fuzheado)
  • Search function faster, from Wikizine (?)
  • New WikiWorld cartoons - from Greg Williams of The Tampa Tribune (Fuzheado)
  • New IRC channel #wikimedia-admin from Wikizine, for Wikimedia sysops to discuss and coordinate administration. Not sure we should do much sysop only stuff in the podcast... (?)
    Not that much different from the existing channels....... we have plenty already :o
  • Board reorg - Anthere (Foundation chair) has provided more information in a long post to the Foundation mailing list about the proposed Board reorganisation, the board retreat outcome, and the Foundation and chapters. (Kelly)
    • New Board resolutions as reported by Signpost
  • Stewards - a new steward election will be held soon. The most likely date for the election to start is 25th of November. This date can still change. Like it is now all existing stewards will need to reapply if they wish to remain steward. The rules of this procedure are still under discussion. All existing and interested users for the function of steward can best apply as soon as possible. (Messedrocker)
    • Explain what is a steward actually
    • What does this mean?
  • Money - "The WMF received by means of PayPal $42,025 US dollars in the month of October. That is the highest amount ever when there is no fundraiser." (?)
  • Covering Wikipedia - The good, bad, ugly. (Fuzheado)
    • Generic "Wikipedia was vandalized..." news stories are popping up everywhere. Some are legit, most are documenting the same type of vandalism we see all the time - something changed for less than a few minutes. So what is the threshold for what is a legitimate story? Certainly Seigenthaler had a legit issue, but others?
    • What should be in the [[1]]? What are the common mistakes reporters and news outlets make?
    • Recommendations from the panel?

From the Signpost[edit]

  • New comScore numbers - Need someone to comb through and find the more interesting parts of the stats. [2] - ?

Lighter side[edit]


If anybody provides some particularly interesting feedback, or one of us has anything cool to say, we'd say it here. Who knows? It might be interesting, if we ever have anything to say. :)

  • Transcriptions - Props to our transcribers! User:Riana dzasta, User:JesseW and...

The World According to Wikipedia[edit]

This would be a quick, light-hearted discussion of any particularly funny page-rankings we see on The Top 100 pages at Wikipedia. There's at least two or three minutes' worth of humour in that. :)

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