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The Wine Project Inactive Participant list includes those originally signed up but has ceased activity with the wine project. The purpose of this page is to keep the Wikipedia:WikiProject Wine/Participants list current and up to date with active contributors. This allows the Participant list to be used as a reference by other editors when there is a wine related article question or issue that needs to be addressed.


The criteria for moving editors to this page include going inactive from all of Wikipedia for 2 months or has not contributed to a wine related article in 3 months. A "contribution" can have a broad and liberal definition to include things from article clean up, category tagging to fixing disambig links as long as the pages are wine related to some degree. If you move a participant here, make sure you leave a note on their talk page letting them know that they have been moved and invite them back to the project when they have more time for activity.

Sample talk page notice[edit]

Wine Project activity This is a friendly note to let you know that you have been moved to the Inactive members page of the Wine Project. Users are moved to this page when two months have passed without any Wikipedia activity or 3 months have passed without any contribution to a wine related article. The intent of the Participant list is to function as a resource for other editors wishing to get in contact with wine project members for comments or question on Wikipedia's wine article. The goal of this process is to try and maintain the Wikipedia:WikiProject Wine/Participants as current and up to date as possible with active and contributing members. Please note that this is not intended to be a negative reflection on your Wikipedia or wine related contributions and it is well known that sometimes outside life can take editors away from Wikipedia for some time. You will always be welcomed to rejoined the Wine Project should you feel that the time is right. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me on my talk or on the Wine Project talk page. Best wishes. ~~~~

The list[edit]

Inactive participants