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Nuvola mimetypes exec wine.png The current Wine Improvement Drive theme is Southern Hemisphere wine-Australian, New Zealand, Argentine, Chilean, South African, etc.
Feel free to contribute to any articles related to this month's theme.

The purpose of the Wikipedia:WikiProject Wine Wine Improvement Drive (or WP:WID) is to encourage editors to channel their efforts in improving and expanding Wikipedia's wine coverage. The 2011 WID will depart from the format of previous Wine Improvement Drives which focused on one large, but important article (such as French wine, Pinot gris, etc.) and instead focus on a broader category of articles that editors can then choose where they would like to contribute. For example, if the month's theme is Italian wine, an editor can work on any article relating to the wines, wine regions, grapes, people and history of the Italian wine industry rather than just narrowly focusing on the main Italian wine article.

The goal of each month's theme is to achieve a 5-5-5 as a project-5 new article creations related to the topic, 5 stub-kills that take any of the stubs related to the theme up to at least start class, and 5 clean-up/photo illustration that takes any related article which has either been tagged with a problem or in needed of clean up and bringing it up to standards or fully illustrate a previously barren article with photos. Of course editors are always free to go above and beyond these goals and anywhere else their interests lead them.

The flexibility of the 2011 WID allows editors to follow their interests but still allows the Wine Project to focus collaboratively on improving key areas in Wikipedia wine coverage. If an editor is good at article creation, they can focus on new article creation in whatever area interests them (wineries, wine biographies, wine regions, etc.) or focus on or simply expand an existing stub. If an editor feels more comfortable doing clean-up and wiki-gnometry, they can not only work on whatever theme-related articles are in the Category:Wine articles needing attention queue but they can also actively scan articles related to the topic and tag them with the relevant tags for attention. Similarly editors with more skills in photo illustration and finding free-use images can also tackle the Category:Wine articles needing images related to the topic.

Monthly themes[edit]

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Some suggestions on article ideas and areas to edit can be found here User:Agne27/Wine Improvement Drive 2011/Southern Hemisphere wines

Tracking our efforts[edit]

The WP:WINE and the Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Wine talk page will include a tracking box that will detail the month's success in achieving the 5-5-5 objectives. When an editor has accomplished one of the objectives, they will edit the box with their name and the article as well as which objective was finished.